The thing with coolers is that everybody loves the one that they have. Even if it has been around with them like a family heirloom passed on from one generation to the other, it is still the best! But that may not always be true.

With the change in times, the technology for making coolers has also evolved. Today, we have YETIs coolers to purchase that are superior in design and in performance.

Don’t believe us?

Here is a quick analysis of the high quality YETI cooler compiled based on reviews by customers and ratings.

YETI Coolers – Worth It?


Quality of Manufacturing

The first thing that we will talk about is the manufacturing.

A good cooler by YETI is prepared by using a process called rotational modeling wherein hot molten plastic is dropped into a hot mold while rotating it continuously. This process gives thick walls of plastic which help in improving the YETI insulation. The rotational model cooler also does not require seams which keeps the ambient heat at bay and keeps the insulation intact. It makes the ice chest one watertight enclosure where the heat cannot percolate through the seams.

The absence of seams has also made the ice chest of YETI container bigger and has increased its durability. Since there are no multiple pieces brought together, unlike the ones sold by YETI competitors, the chances of breakage and damage are reduced. This makes the cooler last longer – almost for a lifetime – in comparison with made in China coolers.

YETI Cooler Designs


Check Price On Amazon

Check Price On Amazon

Online customer reviews show that the manufacturing of YETI 350 coolers is of good quality, let us look at the design features. Here are the key features that you should know before buying:

Different Models:

The coolers are available in two models – the Roadie and Tundra. The dimensions, weight, and the price for these two models are different depending on the model variation. However, it means the customers have a pick and can choose the model that best meets their needs.

Thick Walls:

The YETI coolers have thick walls made of molten plastic which improves the quality of insulation. The thick walls also make the container sturdy reducing the chances of damages.

The Latches:

The affordable coolers of the best brands have T-shaped latches made from heavy duty rubber. These latches demand some effort to open or close the lid. This way the lid stays in place and keeps the insides cold. The thickness of the latches also ensures that they last longer and do not just break or come off easily.

Rubber Feet:

The YETI coolers come with rubber feet at the bottom that prevents them from slipping or skidding. So, no matter where you are, the cooler can stay put in its place. These rubber feet also give some much-required height to the cooler. This height keeps the ambient heat from the surface or the floor from seeping into the cooler.

Rubber Gasket:

The rubber gasket seals off the top-rated ice chest when you close the lid. This again prevents the heat from entering the cooler. The second benefit of this gasket is that it does not let water enter the cooler. So, it makes the cooler ideal for a boat or a yacht. The gasket also does not let any food odor out.

Polyester Rope Handles:

The high-quality polyester rope handles on the side of this brand can handle a lot of weight. This is a good option to have compared to the cheap plastic ones that can break and fall off. It also becomes easy to tie down the ice box on a boat with the help of these rope handles.

Drain Spout:

The leak-proof spout quickly drains out the excess water through vortex motion. The threaded spout can also be removed completely if needed.

Wireframe Basket:

This basket, especially available with Roadie lets you organize food into different sections.


Although this is not directly related to the design of the coolers, it does set it apart in the market. YETI has two types of policies in place:

  • 30-day return policy in which customers can simply return the product without having to answer any questions.
  • 60-day exchange policy where customers can get their product exchanged from the company.

YETI Coolers OutdoorsYETI Coolers in car

Performance of YETI Coolers

The real value of the cheap YETI cooler lies in its performance. Every single aspect of the cooler is designed to improve this. However, the performance of the cooler does not always depend on its design and manufacturing. It also depends on factors like:

  • The pre-cooling of the ice chest
  • The amount of ice and the size of ice cubes added
  • The number of times the lid is opened
  • The heat in the surrounding atmosphere

However, it would be safe to say that YETI products can retain ice for an entire weekend. And if you keep the cooler closed, then the duration of ice retention can increase up to 1 week. This is quite decent compared to the competition.

Negatives in YETI Products


This is one of the biggest drawbacks. The coolers are quite heavy making it difficult to haul them around, especially in absence of wheels at the bottom.


The YETI coolers come at a higher cost compared to other coolers, especially when you are not going to use it regularly. For occasional weekend trips, the best price is on the higher side but still within budget for most people.

Where are YETI coolers made:

Initially the ice chests were made in Austin Texas. However, now they are made in China, which not only adds to the price tag but also somehow puts a question mark on quality. Nevertheless, they are recommended by many users.


Anybody, who is fond of being outdoors, really knows what it means to be able to take a bite of their favorite burger or sip a chilled beer. So next time, whether you are planning to drive down into a remote area and camp over the weekend, or you decide to just sail away into the vastness of the blue ocean for a few days, you know you have a reliable companion in YETI coolers.

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