5 Best Vacuums without Beater Bar

ProTeam Commercial Canister
After test-running several mid-range vacuum cleaners for one month in order to learn which design is most durable, we believe ProTeam ProVac CN is the most sturdy you can get. It derives most of its durability from the absence of belts, brushes, and beater bars.

Another standout feature is its large capacity which is more than double of most of the vacuums without beater bars that we tested. With this model, you get more than clean surfaces and a large capacity bin.

Its ten-quart filters work with a 4-level advanced filtration system that cleans the surrounding air. This device’s capabilities make its units the best vacuums without beater bar.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Vacuums with No Beater Bar

ProTeam Commercial4070
Shark Navigator Lift-Away, NV35210090
WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum560
Bissell Zing 4122 - Corded10080

ProTeam Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner without Beater Bars or Brushes

ProTeam Commercial

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The simple utilitarian design of this canister vacuum may not seem like much, but it packs a lot of power. This may be a vacuum with no beater bar but it works well on carpets and other floor types.

It even has a Gold Rating Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. It’s powerful enough for commercial use and strong enough to pick up piles and pieces despite being brushless.

Versatility-wise, it does great on various surfaces and has attachments for different areas. You can use these attachments to clean ceiling fans, stairs, furniture, vents and other parts and fixtures.

Plus, with its built-in tool storage and 10-quart capacity, you can continuously clean with ease.

The bin capacity alone on this vac already makes it a winner over other upright vacuums. But more than that, it’s also durable, easy to maintain and offers good coverage with its 50-foot cord.

Moreover, it’s lightweight at only 12lbs making it easy to carry around as you clean the ceiling, walls and stairs.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with Brush On-Off Switch

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

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Rather than just an upright vacuum with no beater bar, this vac gives you more flexibility with a switch.

With a simple switch, you can easily change modes between carpet and bare floor cleaning. The roller brush shuts off with the switch so you can forget about worries of damaging your hard floor.

Weighing only 12.5 lbs. the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Additionally, many customers appreciate how easy it is to maneuver in all directions and corners. Plus, it features a lift-away feature to lift the canister so you can have better reach.

While it seems like a straightforward upright vacuum, its maneuverability and multiple attachments make it a versatile cleaning tool.

Moreover, pet owners find the vacuum effective against pet hair; it performs well on carpets too.

Finally, this vac is also Allergen safe. It’s designed with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and has a HEPA filter. This allows it to clean and trap 99.9% of allergens and dust in its canister.

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BLACK+DECKER BDH2400FH On/Off Beater Bar


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This vacuum from Black+Decker has an odd design but is quite reliable. At first glance, it looks more like a hand-vacuum with a stick extension. However, simple as it may look, it packs a lot of power with its 12-air cyclone system.

This suction system allows an optimal suction and runtime airflow throughout your cleaning. So you don’t lose suction even as you fill-up the canister.

Its unique stick design lets you glide easily on all floor types and get to hard-to-reach places. Customers appreciate how light it is to carry around and easy to maneuver.

The unit also comes with useful attachments for versatility, including a powered brush and dusting brush for blinds and upholstery.

It performs well on different floor types and pet owners say it provides an effective clean against pet hair and debris.

You could easily store and charge through its docking station. However, the only gripe with the unit is that battery life isn’t consistent.

So it gives max-performance all through-out but may be more fit for smaller spaces when it comes to continuous cleaning.

WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum with No Beater Bar

WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum

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If you want a hand vacuum powerful enough for both wet and dry spills, here’s one to consider.  This cordless vacuum by Welikera is powerful enough for liquid spills, pet hair and other debris.

Plus, being cordless means you can take that cleaning power anywhere, including your car.

This vacuum also features a HEPA filter designed for a lifelong use equivalent to about 20 individual filters.

You can wash it for up to 500 times so that in itself is big savings.  So that gives you a regular allergen free clean without having to spend so much on filter replacement.

Cleaning time tends to be limited though, but not bad for a hand vacuum. You get 20-25 minutes of continuous use from a 3-4 hour charge.

So this makes it ideal for quick clean-ups rather than a general cleaning of your space.

It doesn’t have a brush roll so you don’t have to worry about cleaning spills off your flooring but still powerful enough for cleaning carpets.

Overall, we love how the unit carries these great specs in a stylish body design along with a portable bag.  You can keep all its parts in one place and store them easily in style.

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

Bissell Zing

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This cute egg-shaped canister vacuum comes at an affordable price but delivers just as well as more expensive vacuum cleaners.

It has powerful suction effective on different areas, from bare floors to rugs and ceilings.  Plus, you can easily control the brush with its foot pedal on-off switch.

With an easy flip of a switch, you can turn the rotary brush off to work between hard flooring or carpets.

Plus, it comes with useful attachments for versatility that are easily stored on its onboard storage. You have adjustable reach with its telescoping wand and combination tools to work on different surfaces.

There’s less need for carrying the weight and if you ever need to carry it up the stairs it only weighs 8lbs.

This helps it make-up for its short 17foot power cord. Plus, keep watch of how full the bag is, as this would affect suction power.

Now, its powerful 10amp motor and attachments work well on multiple surfaces. However, this isn’t the best choice if your floor is mostly carpet.

Despite that, it does well overall. Plus, with its variable suction controls and air flow regulation features, it’s true value for money.

What is a Beater Bar Vacuum & How Does It Work?

Such vacuums are basically vacuums equipped with a rotary brush designed to loosen particles attached to carpets.

As it loosens the dirt or particles from the carpet, they are sucked into the vacuum effectively cleaning the carpeted area. The rotary brush roll is capable of completing up to 6500 rotations per minute (rpm).

Beater bars are often preferred by heavily carpeted areas like hotels and offices. However, it isn’t ideal for use in non-carpeted bare floors because they can scratch or damage flooring.

Additionally, carpets with softer fabric like Oriental, Persian and Berber can be damaged by the force of the beater bar.

Considering both carpet type and flooring it is important to choose the right vacuum. Whether to get a top vacuum without rotating brush and no beater bar or one with the option to switch depends on this.

Beater Bar vs No Beater Bar

The benefits of vacuums with or without beater bars depend on a number of factors.  Considering these will help you make the most of your vacuum and get the best value for your money.

  • Flooring/Carpet Material. A vacuum with a beater bar is a great choice for heavily carpeted areas. They clean carpets thoroughly and help keep them looking new. However, the brush can be too harsh on softer carpets, carpets with long looped piles and hard floors. So consider how much of your cleaning area is carpeted when deciding between the two. Better yet, choose a vacuum that has the option to switch off the beater bar. This would allow you to work on multiple surfaces without the worry of damage.
  • Cleaning Power. You’ll find that there isn’t much difference in suction power when it comes to comparing vacuums with and without beater bars. The only difference is the mechanism involved in cleaning. So as you choose a vacuum specifically for just power, you can single out this spec from the rest. Some may be worried about an effective clean without a beater bar. However, note that some non-beater bar vacuums have specs or attachments that make them effective on carpets in-spite of this.
  • Long-Term Costs. Beater Bars break down over time and would need to be replaced. So as you decide on your budget for your vacuum of choice, you can consider this too. Looking at your cleaning habits and needs, consider how much you would need to replace this part over time.
  • Pets and Allergies. Beater bars tend to have the advantage when it comes to cleaning up carpets off allergens, pet hair and fleas. They work well in loosening these particles from carpets and upholstery with the force from the rotation and the brush itself. This coupled with the strong suction power and good filtration from the vacuum itself provides the most effective clean. This is ideal, however, only after considering the flooring and carpet material. Also, note that there are vacuums designed to work well on pet hair and allergens despite having no beater bar.

Overall, considering there are benefits to both beater bar and non-beater bar vacuums, models that redesigned with a switch are best.

They allow you to enjoy the cleaning benefits of both while keeping your flooring safe from damages.

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