TP-Link Archer C7 vs Asus RT-AC66U vs Netgear AC1750: Which One to Choose?

Our lives without internet access…that’s an almost unfathomable idea. Everywhere you go you’ll find free Wi-Fi zones and it’s become a prerequisite in hotels & restaurants if you want to draw clients.

But what is the quality of the connection at your home? Do you often escape to the restaurant down the street just to do some browsing at a better speed? And let’s not get started on how important a router is for your business’ functioning.

So let’s help you pick a router to upgrade your current setup. Read reviews and then a comparison of TP-Link Archer C7 vs Asus RT-AC66U vs Netgear AC1750. It’s time your downloads happen faster.

TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7

TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7

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This unit is specifically designed for home use. Any connection plan you have should be compatible with this and you can handle its setup on your own easily.

The Archer C7 provides 1750Mbps connection and alternatively, you can use the Ethernet connections to link some devices such as gaming consoles directly with your router.

It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and it’s your decision which devices you allocate to which band. For making it part of a network or linking printers you have dual USB ports.


  • Aesthetics: It’s sleek in black so it won’t ruin your home’s aesthetics.
  • App: You can manage your router straight from your phone. Simply download the app and then you can manage guest privileges, updates & other settings.
  • Sharing: With the router acting as a hub you can share photos or videos between different connected devices.
  • Connections: It allows many connections as it has five Ethernet ports and 4 LAN connections.


  • Processor: This unit only has a single core processor.
  • Deteriorates over time: You may see that after a while your bandwidth changes and it also has a lower range than similar models on this review.



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You don’t want to pay an IT specialist to simply set if your home router and with this device, it won’t be necessary. The brand provides the ASUSWRT which enables fast and easy setup.

Take it one step further and manage your entire router’s network via your Smartphone. You simply need to download the app for the ASUS RT-AC66U.

It provides:

  • 4 LAN connections.
  • 2 x USB 2.0.
  • Dual band connection (5GHz and 2.4GHz).
  • 1750Mbps.


  • CPU: It has a dual CPU configuration which enhances its performance.
  • Setup: Customer reviews report about how easy the setup is.
  • Customized and safe usage: Nifty features allow you to quickly create new accounts and make people part of your network. Passwords keep everything secure.


  • Size: It’s bigger than similar models which can hamper your room’s look or clutter your desk.
  • Overheats: Some users have reported it becomes quite hot which can cause damage over time.

Netgear AC1750 Smart WiFi

NETGEAR AC1750 Smart WiFi

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This looks futuristic and works like a charm. Netgear gives you smooth connection thanks to dual band advanced QoS. Your streaming has never happened this fast and problem free. The AC1750 has 1 USB port and 5 Ethernet ports (1 WAN & 4 LAN).


  • Control: You can exert parental control via this unit. Filter web usage so you can have peace of mind. You can also manage settings via your phone.
  • Versatile: Will work with iOS and Windows.
  • Processor: The dual core processor delivers on expectations.


  • Weight: It’s heavier than many other models so moving it around feels like an effort.
  • Reliability: Often the 5GHz station can give problems and limit connectivity.

TP-Link Archer C7 vs Asus RT-AC66U

In TP-Link Archer C7 vs Asus RT-AC66U, they’re much the same as both have two USB ports and four LAN ones.

An important aspect is managing your network and routers. Both of them perform well with the TP-Link model allowing easy setup through its ultra handy app.

This works on both Android and iOS so anyone can enjoy this. The ASUS brand has its ASUSWRT interface. Hopefully, you won’t need it but it’s important to note that TP-Link provides 24/7 customer service which makes it popular in customer reviews.

The TP-Link vs the Asus is bound to perform better in terms of signal as it has three internal and three external antennas where most others only have the external, detachable ones.

Netgear AC1750 vs Asus RT-AC66U

When you compare the Asus vs the Netgear, the first has fewer connections as you only get one USB 2.0 port instead of two. However, the performance may be better as the design focuses on giving you better data exchange with the Beamforming+ feature.

The Netgear unit also has built-in amplifiers to help you get a better connection. It is ideal for parents as it comes out with Parental Control features.

Looking at Netgear AC1750 vs Asus RT-AC66U the Asus is heavier but this could make the unit more stable so there’s less chance of it tipping over and getting damaged.

TP-Link AC1750 vs Netgear AC1750

Both the units have features that can enhance connectivity:

  • The TP-Link has a total of six antennas.
  • The Netgear has beamforming technology.

The efficacy of these may depend on the layout of the space your router is used in.

In TP-Link AC1750 vs Netgear AC1750, the TP-Link’s difference is that it’s much heavier than the Netgear which once again makes it more stable. If you’ll need more than one USB port the TP-Link is your obvious choice.