Do you love to eat popcorn as a snack while gossiping and chitchatting with your adorable cousins and best friends who come to your place for parties on weekends? If the answer is yes then why always ordering the snack from outside when you can get the same professional taste and feel at home. With the availability of best popcorn makers on the market, you can easily buy the best one as per the review. These devices help in saving your time and money while you can enjoy eating popcorn munching at home. Your attention is presented to the 10 best popcorn makers of 2018 to make your rest unforgettable.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Popcorn Makers

Great Northern 6010 Roosevelt Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine

Great Northern6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popper Machine

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This old style machine comes with the 3 position control switch and the deluxe model has an 860 watt instead of the traditional 640 watt. All the important switches include a spot light warmer, heated warming deck with the pot heater. Quite affordable it consists of a scoop with an oil scoop. The heavy duty powder with the stainless steel construction will help in cleaning up the water. Almost 3 gallons can be popped to make your parties an awesome one.

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper

Presto 04820 PopLite

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The air popcorn popper can easily pop faster than a microwave and at a very short span of time. It is one of the best brands for popping and works virtually 30 percent more. It saves a lot of pop up that is used with oil and therefore a good way to control your weight. The electrical standards make it a good one as per the standard rules and regulations.

Presto 04821 Orville Redenbacher’s

Presto 04821 Orville Redenbachers

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This Presto machine is one of the best popcorn poppers with almost no leftovers of the unpopped kernels that can be easily popped without much use of oil and can actually serve amount of calories that can be an add on as the fat. It is very easy to clean. Its hot air can easily clean the base. Presto 04821 is one of the top-rated popcorn popper as per the rules and regulations.

Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop Popper

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley

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This high quality popcorn maker is suitable for home theater and gives you a professional taste of popcorn in just 3 minutes. The popping kit comes with all the important and exclusive kit to provide you a real theater experience. It is one of the best recommended stovetop poppers that prevent any kind of sticking and burning of the corn kernels. It is quite easy to clean and comes with 25 years of warranty. The aluminum pan with the wooden handle imparts a perfect stainless steel stirring system.

TWOBIU Machine

TWOBIU Machine

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An exclusive one key operation option making the popper quite an easy one such that it ensures you to be the best electric popcorn popper. The fluffy and delicious popcorn makes the popping chamber to be one of the yummiest ones. This good quality popper is quite good to use in a manner such that you can enjoy the most healthier snack with 16 cups of crispy popcorns. It is one of the cheap oil popcorn machine that imparts you with the moistened soapy water. This device comes at the best price with the budget.

Cuisinart CPM-100PK

Cuisinart CPM-100PK Hot Air

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The Cuisinart home popcorn maker provides you with the best of the experience and imparts you with the wide variety of tasty popcorns. It is one of the best brand to choose your popcorns. With the perfect seasoning of your popcorn flavors, you are able to impart yourself with the best of the splendor. Without much use of the popcorn oil, it is considered to be the good air popper.

Nostalgia SP660SS Stainless Steel Corn Maker

Nostalgia SP660SS 6-Quart Stainless Steel Stir

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This old fashioned product can provide tasty and delicious popcorns for around 24 cups and help you to motorize stirring that can impart the moisture to easily vent away. In this popper what can be the better option is that you can also roast nuts, corn kernels as well as a lot many things can be handled. As per the customer reviews, it is generally coming with the good rating high and purchasing.

HOTPOP Collapsible Microwave Popper

HOTPOP Collapsible Microwave

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This portable popper can make the popcorns easy and can be used in the simple form. One can easily add seasoning to the popper such that you can very conveniently use it with the graduated markings and comfortably handle the same. As per the reviews by customers, you can easily save the space and you can enjoy a great amount of availability with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for the purpose of use.

Franklin’s Gourmet

Franklins Gourmet

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Coming with the lifetime warranty Franklin’s popper is best to purchase with the extra large kettle that has the tendency to heat at a faster manner with the real wood handle. It is super easy to clean with a simple wipe and can cool very fast. The best thing about the popper is that it doesn’t burn on stirring and imparts a professional look as well as taste.

West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy Electric Popper

West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Popper

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The West Bend Stir Crazy popper comes with the motorized stirring and ensures that all the kernels can easily pop with the in-built butter well and has the ability to pop up to 6 quartz. With the non-stick coating, you are able to offer a great popping surface with the heat resistant handles and the plastic cover help in doubling the serving bowl. From small to large you can easily pop the popcorns in a great way. The cost of this popper is also quite an affordable one and as per the comparison, you can easily go for the buying.