If you are fond of traveling with your dog in your car, then you should look for a best car seat covers for pets. These covers not only protect your car seats from the dog’s bites but it also helps you in keeping your car clean and scratch-free. In fact, you do not have to make much effort for cleaning your car regularly. While making the comparison between all the auto seat cover, you should look for a product that is made from the comfortable material and available at best price as per your budget. The customer reviews of a car cover for pets are the most important point to be considered before buying. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best models for pets to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Car Seat Covers for Pets

NAC&ZAC Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

AC&ZAC Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

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The NAC & ZAC deluxe is one of the waterproof seat covers which are manufactured from the durable material that does not get worn out easily. It comes with 3 protective layers inside which guard the product from pet’s claws and dirt. It is one of the best car seat covers for dogs to choose which have a nonslip backing along with a number of several attachments that helps you in holding the cover on your car’s leather seats. This car seat protector makes your vehicle look more classy and elegant. The manufacturers of this famous brand offer the lifetime warranty to their buyers.

BarksBar Luxury Pet Seat Cover for Cars, for Trucks and SUV’s

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover With Seat Anchors

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The next name on our list is of BarksBar Luxury (i.e. one of the best brands) Cover which is again a durable and easy to use dog seat covers for cars. It is manufactured from the long-lasting polyester which is waterproof also so that the cover gets protected from wetting. You can easily protect your car from the pet’s nails, rips or hair. It consists of extra padding to provide more comfort for cats or dogs. One of the main highlights of the product is simple fastener straps, deluxe design, stress-free installation, nonslip rubber support at the back as well as seat belt openings along with the Velcro ends. It can be easily converted into dog car hammock.

BarksBar Original Hammock Convertible

BarksBar Original

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This rear seat protector is one of the astonishing products that are available easily on the market to purchase. It makes your traveling in the car with the dog enjoyable. One of the main USP of buying this product is that is manufactured from the waterproof material as well as heavy duty polyester that delivers full safety to your seat covers. You can use it as a back seat cover or as front car ones. It is very easy to maintain this product as you can wash it simply in your washing machine or you can vacuum the dust away. It is available at affordable cost and highly recommended to buy a car seat protector like this.



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Lifepul Dog product is quite easy to install with the help of two comprehensible buckles that are given on a single headrest for leather seats. You can open it in the hammock style so that the seats, floor and the back of your car get fully protected. This pet car seat protection is made up from the heavy duty and durable polyester material so that the cover can be kept safe from the sharp claws of the dogs. It comprises of an anti-slippery design which reduces the danger of dog sliding around on your car leather seats.

URPOWER Nonslip Backing, Machine Washable Covers


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The URPOWER travel hammock is a protective car product for pets that comprise of four secured layers of material. It is made from the waterproof material which keeps your product safe from getting damp. It comes with the universal fitting size of 54 x 58 inches which is well-suitable for any car size (such as for SUVs). It weighs only 2.6 pounds which are quite lightweight to carry. You can effortlessly use and install this product in your car for your pets. In order to clean the cover, you just have to wipe it off with a wet cloth or you may do hand wash also.



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After buying the BarksBar Pet Front, you will surely get in love with the product. This is one of the best front car seat covers that can be easily installed or take off. It is a beneficial product for the people who want to travel with their pets by making them sit in the front seat of their car. It keeps your car’s seat safe and secure from any type of dirt or scratches. It also comprises of first-class components that can survive any range of temperature or condition. The color of the product does not get the fade out even after washing.

Formosa Covers Quilted and Padded for Dogs

Deluxe Quilted and Padded with Non-Slip Fabric

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Formosa covers is one of the heavy duty car seat covers for dogs come with dimensions of 56 x 94 inches which makes it long animal seat covers. It is a well-fitted bench seat cover which protects your car seat from the back side, floor side and the upside. If you want to use it for a single seat, then just fold it in the half and lay it down. It can also be used a dog car mat or as pet blankets. There are three nonslip net strips given in the cover so that it does not get slip over in the car during the traveling.

Epica Water Resistant Dog/Cat Car Seat Hammock

for Cars By Starling’s

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Epica water resistant model are not only waterproof but you can also wash them in your machine easily. There is no unsafe material are used in manufacturing this product. It is available in the universal size that can be easily fit in any car size. The hammock design of this cheap pet car blanket makes it comfortable and safe for your pets as they do not slip out slip easily. It also comes with the lifetime warranty offer.

Solvit Back Bench Natural, Large

Solvit Products 62283 Deluxe Bench Natural

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The ninth name on our list is of Solvit Back Bench model which is a good  seat cover for pets and a great combination of extravagance and safety. It is manufactured from the durable material known as solvitex which is high-class cotton that is soft to touch. This product protects your car from any type of dander, dirt or spills. You can clean it easily by putting it in your washing machine. This quilted car model for dogs comes with modifiable straps and two Sta-Put (does not move) devices.

Plush Paws Car Seat Protectors for Pets

Plush Paws Pet Waterproof

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Plush Paws Car Seat Protectors for Pets is high quality car seat cover for pets which is machine washable cover whose back side is made up of good quality silicon material along with the elastic belts for the comfy fit. As it consists of an opening with the Velcro closure, you can easily attach it to your car belts. You can also convert it in the hammock if needed. The side flaps of the cover make your car look hygienic and clean. As per the consumer reports, this product has got the high star rating.