When you look out for a good outdoor projector screen, what are the features that you want the products to have? Well, the movie projector that you place in the backyard of your house has to produce high-quality resolutions. Apart from these criteria, people like them should be compact, so they can be transported easily. With so many products on the market, you might land up in a dilemma about when you decide to purchase one. Here are the reviews of the top ten best outdoor projectors screens 2018, based on consumer reports.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Outdoor Movie Screens

JaeilPLM Flicker-free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen

JaeilPLM Flicker-free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen + Setup Stand + Transportable Bag Full Set for Camping and Recreational Events

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You will definitely like this product; in fact, this is one of the best outdoor movie screens available in the market. It has a screen ratio of 16:9, and brings you some of the best experiences when you watch movies. There is no movement on the screen at all, and it remains firm. The outdoor projection screen does not fall down even if there is a considerable impact on it. The product comes with a warranty of two years. You can use a wet cloth to clean the screen and when you use the product, you will get the right value for your money.

Camp Chef OS-144: Large Outside Movie Screen

Camp Chef OS-144

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This outdoor movie projector has a twelve feet diagonal screen and comes along with the bag used to carry the frame and the screen. The outdoor projector screen can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It requires a stand and produces high-quality pictures. It is a heavy duty product and can entertain you for long hours. Apart from that, you will find it easy to assemble the product.

Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Inflatable Screen

Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe

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This is a self- inflatable movie screen, which is inflated by it when you plug in. You will find it easy to carry this particular product. The yard skates, tethers and fans are included in the package, along with the bag which makes it easy to carry. You can get the product at the best price and it produces great quality pictures. It is easy to assemble the outdoor movie projector and it remains stable even if it receives reasonable disturbances. You can watch the TV-shows videos, movies and everything that gives you sheer amount of entertainment when you have this product.

Visual Apex Projecto Screen120 HD Portable Movie Theater

Visual Apex Projecto

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This is one of the top-rated projectors for backyard and outdoor movie theaters and offers and aspect ratio of 16:9. With the single piece frame that you can fold up in a jiffy, there is no need to assemble the frame after all. The detachable legs allow it to be hung from a place and the material fits into the frame quite easily. There are no wrinkles that can ruin the view. The hanging applications and guide wired are there to provide an extra dose of flexibility to the product.

Elite Screens Yard Master 2: Big Screen for Outdoors

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch

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You will find this projector for outdoor movies customized to perfection. With the 120-inch screen, it is one of the best choices to buy. The product comes with a warranty of two years and the frame is fully tensioned. The snap-button ensures flat projection. There is an aluminum frame that along with four detachable legs. The screen material is resistant to bad weather to some extent. However, you must not expose it to the elements of nature for a long time. it is a light-weight product and easy to carry.

Airblown 39121-32: Great for Backyard

Airblown 39121-32 123 x 77-Inch

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This inflatable movie screen has a good review and comes with all the accessories needed for a hassle-free setup. With the tethers and skates, it inflates itself automatically when you plug it in. The screen, 123 inches by 77 inches, produces high-grade videos and you will like the overall performance of the product. You need not deal with the heavy parts any longer; this projector for outdoor movies is portable and light. This is a good choice to buy, after all.

Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen with Stand

Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen

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The diagonal measurement of this screen is 100 inches, and you will enjoy the own backyard movie night when you avail this product. The tripod is stable and can stand on three legs quite firmly. It has a manual system for arrangement and you can use it for indoor purposes and office presentations as well. There are black markings on the four borders ad you can customise the contrast and quality of the picture as and when needed. These can be used for classrooms as well, and the surface is washable.

Airblown Mickey Inflatable Video Screen

Airblown Mickey Scren

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This is another good model that has a freestanding capability. It has black borders on all sides and if you have children at home, the Mickey-mouse theme will be ideal for them. You can enjoy the evenings watching movies on the screen. However, it does not come with a projector, and you will get only the screen. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is ideal for occasional parties. It comes from a good brand and you will like the product.

Open Air Cinema 16-feet Outdoor Home Projector Screen

Open Air Cinema 16-feet Outdoor Home Projector Screen

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This has a wide screen that enables you to experience some of the outdoor movies. The product inflates itself in a short time and takes less than 20 seconds to be ready. The diagonal surface measures 220 inches and weighs just 17 pounds. You will find it easy to carry and this option will provide the best returns on your money in terms of quality entertainment. The projection surface is already attached and you need not spend time over that.

Backyard Theater System

Backyard Theater System 9-foot Outdoor Entertainment System

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When you want to spend the evenings watching movies in the backyard of your house, this portable movie theater is ideal for you. The flat screens are powered by electric and include everything from projectors to speakers. You can even connect it to various devices like I-Phone, I-Pad and so on. You will not need any loud blower for the screen and the product brings you HD-quality movies. It is a high-quality product and takes a few minutes to be assembled.