TOP 4 Best Small Portable Chargers & Power Banks – Reviews

There is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself in the middle of an important phone call praying that your battery doesn’t die despite the continuous (and obnoxious) low-battery alerts. Either charger is routinely left at home or lost at the office. Waiting impatiently to find an available outlet to charge your phone at a crowded Starbucks will most likely be a waste of your time.

If you suffer from “chronic-low-phone-battery syndrome” we could help you. A small portable charger or mini power bank is a great way to keep your phone charged no matter where you are.

Below, we offer the best small portable chargers on the market today. The four compact power banks reviewed below were chosen because they met our strict criteria for affordability, quickness of charge, and portability.

Anker Astro E1 Ultra Compact Portable Charger

anker astro

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The Anker Astro portable charger allows you to get up to two full charges for an iPhone 6 or 7 (and one full charge for an iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, Nexus 5). And this allows you tiny portable charger. That is why it is first in our reviews. It is about the size of one of those mini candy bars that your neighbors used to hand out during Halloween trick or treating.

This small charger also allows you to use your phone or device’s original cable. So that wouldn’t make you worry about not having a compatible outlet. The Anker Astro E1 also comes with a micro-USB cable and a travel pouch. Also, you could just as easily carry this compact charger in your pocket or purse.

The 18-month warranty is another benefit that comes with this device. The under $20 price tag makes it an affordable purchase that will save you from suffering through another dead phone battery during a flat tire on the freeway incident.

Aibocn Small Power Bank


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During a long flight, there is nothing worse than having your phone or tablet run out of charge. And this makes you resort to re-reading those lame Sky Mall magazines for hours on end.

The Aibocn Small Power Bank is a great resource that will help you keep your devices charged even if you are flying to the other side of the planet. The fast charging technology with this power bank offers a maximum output of 2.1 amps.

For those of us who have conveniently forgotten what we supposedly learned in high school physics, this means that you can get up to 3.5 charges for iPhones and other smartphones. Furthermore, your device will charge up to twice as fast as with a cord and outlet.

Lastly, this little device also comes with Intelligent Safety Protection that will protect your phone, laptop or tablet from overcharging and short-circuit issues. This is also one of the most affordable mini chargers on the market today.



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The MAXOAK Mini is a perfect little portable charging device that can easily fit onto your keychain. So you can charge up your phone anywhere you go unless you leave your keys locked in the car.

This unique charger is about one-third the size of the palm of your hand. It is easy to carry both in your pocket and in a purse. Furthermore, this is the smallest power bank that comes with a long-lasting 24-month warranty that covers defective batteries and charging problems. As an added bonus, this charger also incorporates a mini-LED flashlight for emergency illumination.

iFlash “Lipstick” Size Tiny Power Bank


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Lastly, we come to the iFlash “Lipstick” – one of the tiny power banks. This is perhaps the only small battery pack on the market that comes with an under $10 price tag. Don’t let the low price fool you, however, as this little device packs a lot of charging power.

You can easily get more than one full charge for iPhone 4/4S/5. And of course, This device is not compatible with iPads however. The included micro-USB cable allows you to quickly charge up this battery by connecting it to your laptop or some other AC adapter.

The stylish silver design can easily be carried in your pocket or purse.
On average, it takes only an hour and a half to fully charge an iPhone with this powerful little device. It is also compatible with almost every type of cellphone, including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and more.