Today we’re going to talk about the Sit N Cycle Dorothy Hamill Deluxe Low Resistance Exercise Bike. The Sit and Cycle is an elite exercise bike without handlebars which has eight resistance levels. It has a weight capacity of 300lb. We’ve investigated hundreds of customer reviews of Sit N Cycle to give you an excellent overview of the pros and cons, and ultimately, give you a recommendation on who this might work for.

Sit N Cycle Dorothy Hamill Deluxe Low Resistance Exercise

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What You Will Learn

  1. How To Use And How Does It Work?
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. How Much Does It Cost?

How To Use Sit N Cycle And How Does It Work?

Let’s get into the basics. The Sit & Cycle is a lightweight exercise bike with no handlebars. It’s aimed at customers looking for an aerobic trainer that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. This is a hands-free stationary bike, which Dorothy Hamill advertises as ‘perfect for fitness multitasking’. Hands Free workout equipment is great for those of us who are busy and want to exercise. This sit and pedal exerciser as seen on TV has a large, saddle seat, like your standard exercise bikes. It’s advertised as having a soft seat, which would mean you’re able to use it for longer periods without being uncomfortable.

When you first receive your trainer, you’ll need to assemble it. Most users have said they assembled theirs in less than half an hour. To get started, sit on your bike, making sure the resistance is set to the lowest it goes. Start peddling, and work up in intensity as you get more comfortable. As advertised, the sit & cycle say the setup makes you use your core. They also say you can burn up to 500 calories an hour. The exact number of calories you can burn will depend on your resistance level and workout intensity.

Pros & Cons

We’ve looked through hundreds of customer ratings to provide you with the pros and cons of this low resistance cycle machine.


Many customers say the main benefits of this trainer are that it is a way to smooth fitness into your everyday routine without even noticing and that it is unobtrusive in their homes. Simply popping the machine in front of your TV or at your kitchen bar is a great way to get some unintentional exercise in without feeling like you’re exercising.

By making exercise something you do hand in hand with another activity you would already be doing like eating dinner or watching TV, it’s easy to simply do without thinking of your exercise as exercise.

Customers have also found the lightweight units are nicer to have around the home than full exercise bikes as they’re smaller and more lightweight. This means they’re easier to store or tuck away when you have company. The wheels on the front make them easy to shift for cleaning.

Customers love that the Sit N Cycle is very low impact exercise, so it works well for people who have injuries or pain in their joints which affects how they can exercise comfortably. Many customers purchased this for their elderly relatives who have got excellent use out of their Sit N Cycles. Customers appreciate the generous weight limit, making this a product that’s useful to a wide range of users.


The biggest complaints about this bike, hands down, are about the seat. While it’s advertised as a soft, comfortable seat, many users have complained that the seat is hard and uncomfortable. Many have strapped cushions to the top to help make it more comfortable. Some users have mentioned they have a gel seat cover, sold on the official website, which increases the comfort of the seat.

Some customers have found the assembly to be difficult and fiddly. The main complaint around this appears to be that the parts are not well finished so pieces did not screw together flush. Some users even found the assembled product was flimsy enough that it caused them to be concerned about the safety of the machine. Complaints about the assembly include that the pedals do not fit well and often fall off during use.

Users have also complained that the lack of adjustability is an issue. For both tall and short users, the lack of adjustability can make this exercise equipment uncomfortable, or even unusable.

How Much Does Sit N Cycle Cost?

Before we sign off, let’s quickly talk about the cost of it.

The total price of the Sit N Cycle on Amazon depends on the color and supplier you choose. The cheapest is $146.41 and the most expensive is $199.17. It appears most of the options come with free shipping. When making a purchase decision, do consider that this isn’t a high-end product so, in some respects, you do get what you pay for. With that said, do consider that many reviews are concerned with the build quality and durability of the Sit N Cycle, so be aware you are not purchasing a premium product.