The sunny days are here and it’s going to be sweltering hot. If the forecasts are to be believed then you are going to need a cooler to carry during those weekend trips that you are planning or for a family barbeque. But if you are still using the same affordable cooler that your parents used, then it’s time for you to get a new one.

You need something modern and durable!


The minimum requirements for the coolers have increased drastically. For example, it shouldn’t be a problem if you forget a cooler filled with beer under the sun for a certain period of time. In case of RTIC coolers, they are able to keep ice fresh sitting in the back of your car for the majority of time under 80-85 degrees at least. If the ice melts, still it will be freezing cold.

Popular Models


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Although the concept of insulation in coolers is still the same, the technology has evolved and you have RTIC coolers available today with better insulation.

Manufacturing Quality

We’re going to start our brief review with the most important feature any cooler has – manufacturing quality. This will give us the fundamental understanding of what influences its work and performance level. The high quality RTIC coolers belong to the family of roto molded coolers.

These coolers use the process called rotational molding in molten plastic, which is added to a hot hollow mold while it is rotating. It produces thick and uniform walls that improve the insulation.

If you are a traveler who simply needs a cooler from one of the best brands that can handle your trips, the one recommended for you is the RTIC 20 cooler, which is a good quality and fair cost in comparison with other brands.

RTIC 20 has successfully passed a water leak test. After being turned upside down and shaken for a couple of seconds, only a few drops came out. This proves that RTIC 20 model is ideal for every vehicle. It will not open up in a car splashing water and ice everywhere.

If you are a fan of fishing or picnics, this model will meet your requirements the most. It is cheap, durable, lightweight, and spacy.

The RTIC 45 cooler has thick walls with no seals. This means the outside heat cannot seep into the cooler. This also makes the cooler ideal for yachts where water seepage through the seals is quite possible. This type of seepage can damage the insulation and make the coolers unfit for use.

The thick walls of the cooler also take a lot of time to absorb the outside heat and make the interiors warmer. So, you don’t have to worry about warm interiors if you haven’t used the cooler for a long time.

There are also high chances of the cooler’s walls getting damaged due to a mishap. However, the 3 inches thick walls of RTIC cooler 65 make it practically indestructible. So, you can take it along with you on a rough terrain without any worries.

Here is a quick snapshot of what other customers are saying about coolers when it comes to RTIC vs YETI.


When it comes to materials, all RTIC coolers are hard enough to serve you for a long period of time. Of course, they are not unbreakable. Still, all three models (RTIC 20, RTIC 45, RTIC 65) are made of qualitative plastics and metals. They look good and feel solid.

Design of the Coolers

Another striking feature of RTIC coolers and top-rated RTIC 45 cooler particularly is design. It is designed like a tank to:

  • Increase storage
  • Use space more efficiently
  • Slide down into narrow spaces of a car (the highest rating from the customers)
  • Be sturdy

However, the design genius does not stop at the shape and look of the RTIC ice chest cooler. The cooler’s lid and the body have a small hole that can be used to lock the kit when not in use. This can also secure your stuff inside.

The cooler also has a rubber gasket mounted inside the lid. This gasket seals off the cooler. The T-shaped rubber latches create a tight snap. The threaded drain spout can be easily screwed out if you intend to remove it completely.

So, doesn’t it look like the best ice chest cooler ever?


The first difference you notice when placing RTIC coolers in a row is their size.

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RTIC 20 is the smallest one. It is about 18 pounds and almost 15x16x20 inches. If it is easier for you to imagine, just think about a bottle of beer, which perfectly fits in. When measuring the number of cans this model can hold, we get approximately 24-25 units with a small package of ice.

These coolers are probably not for a big company unless you have two of them. All in all, RTIC 20 is an excellent personal cooler and it is definitely worth the money and does the same as its higher-priced counterpart.


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RTIC 45 is a medium sized cooler. It is 26.5×16.5×16 inches. Thus, it is heavier too – above 24 pounds. You must be ready that this is quite a bulky cooler, which can hold up to 36 cans and 40 pounds of ice.

When it is full of drinks and ice, you can forget about working out. If being serious, this model is perfect for long distance trips and big companies. It can hold a bunch of burgers, beer, wine, cheese, fruits, etc. That’s why RTIC 45 is an ideal choice for several day road trips.


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And now it is time for the biggest model – RTIC 65. Being empty this cooler weighs almost 27 pounds. What does it mean? Contrary to previous two models it can hold up to 64 cans, 70 pounds of ice, or 16 gallons alone.

RTIC 65 is hardly suitable for a daily usage. It is usually purchased by fishers, hunters, people who travel a lot, or those who constantly organize parties and festive events. Be ready that your vehicle must be spacy enough to fit this model in.

So, what size is the best? There is no clear answer to this question. As on different occasions, you may need coolers of different sizes. It is a common thing when we have a cooler, which is too big for today, but too small for tomorrow.

Performance of the Coolers

Here the company seems to make very tall claims. They say that these coolers can keep ice fresh up to 10 days. Although this seems quite an exaggeration, you can come close to that given the right conditions.

If you have pre-cooled the cooler before stocking it and then do not open it even once, then you can certainly have frozen ice even after 10 days. However, that is not how the real world works.

In the real world, the performance of the good cooler by RTIC will depend on several things like:

  • How you pre-cooled the insulation.
  • The size of the ice cubes you use.
  • The temperature of the place.

However, we believe that the coolers can help you stock ice for a minimum of 3 to 4 days. This is considering that you open the lid periodically and go to a warm place.

The thing with cooler is that if the manufacturer says that it is capable of keeping frozen ice for 10 days, then on the 10th day you will find some ice still in the frozen state. However, you can’t do much with some frozen ice.

Negative Aspects

Despite a lot of positives, the brand of RTIC coolers does have some drawbacks.The first major drawback that we find is with the warranty policy. Despite the fact that the company offers the best price on the market, its warranty policy can be problematic for some customers.

The warranty is now available for 30 days only. The customers also need to pay for shipping which makes the warranty look useless. For returns beyond the 30 days, the product has to be unused. It is also hard to tell what constitutes a warranty return due to lack of information. This makes the warranty policy a real gray area of RTIC coolers.

In the reviews by customers, you can also notice that some people complain about the material the cooler is made of. They claim it to be too scratchy. But the truth is that the cooler is designed to be taken in and out constantly. So, it is almost impossible to avoid scratches.

Since the coolers do not have wheels at the bottom, it can be a pain to haul them around. The model that has top handle makes it easy to carry the cooler around. But other models that do not have it make mobility a major issue for this cheap cooler.

It is pretty heavy, especially when you have it full of ice and drinks. One man can carry the cooler alone, but it will take more time. Sometimes it stops customers from buying this model particularly.

Do You Need RTIC Cooler?

If you are planning to take off for the weekend, to have lunch or to bask on the beach, yes you need the cooler.

The cooler is ideal for all types of outdoor activities. You can use it to keep your ice frozen or to keep food in good condition. It is also a great value for money with all the good features and superior performance. These recommendations are based on the customer reviews and feedbacks, the company gets.

If you consider whether to purchase this cooler or not, try to find something similar on the Internet. But it is very difficult to find such a profitable combination of a good technology, well built, durable materials, and reasonable price in any other cooler. Still, you have something to choose from. If you’re ever on the edge about getting one, just get it.