RCA Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna

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Indoor antennas are a new convenience viewers are enjoying. And it’s great that the antennas of today aren’t like the old rabbit ears you have to keep moving to catch the best reception for your channels. Most indoor antennas are flat and one-directional. At times this means depending on the channel or show you’re trying to catch and where the signal is best you’ve probably tried to move your device from one place to another. So today, we’re taking a look at something different from the Indoor HDTV Antenna pool, the RCA multi-directional TV antenna.

RCA Flat Digital HDTV Antenna

This HDTV antenna separates itself from a pool of other indoor models with its patented 3600 multi-directional design. With this feature, it can capture signals from multiple towers easily. Multi-directional antennas are quite useful for areas where transmitters are 200 apart. So now you can opt to use this one instead of buying a rotor or moving it back and forth. What other features does this HDTV antenna have?


It has a sleek flat design that easy to place alongside your home interior. It is lightweight and can be placed by hanging or standing up and it also comes with a 6ft coax cable. It is paintable too so you can easily conceal it to work better with your home design.

Supported Broadcasts

If you’re cutting your cable or just looking for a good back-up for when the weather affects your cable provider this product is good to have. This model supports HDTV broadcasts including 1080i and can receive both UHF and VHF channels. This means you can also get channels that are between 2 to 13 and up to 51. Always remember though that the quality of reception you receive and channels will still be affected by your distance to towers and the terrain or your surroundings (ie: tall buildings, mountains). There are available sites that can tell you where the nearest towers are and other information about the channels you want to get.

Picture Quality

Capturing the channels is one thing but rendering them is another. The RCA multi-directional antenna is engineered in the USA and was built to meet the standards of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). It delivers clear pictures and HD Channels for free. So you can enjoy the same OTA shows without having to pay for a cable subscription. It is easy to appreciate how this technology fits into its sleek slim design and performs just as well as other outdoor antennas on the market. Given the convenience it can provide and savings you can get by cutting the cable to enjoy the channels you want it’s a good item to have in your household. You can get the benefits of an outdoor antenna without having to worry about the weather or having to keep adjusting its placement. All that priced under $20 the RCA Multi-directional HDTV Indoor Antenna is a gadget worth buying.