Projection of your favorite movies to the 100-inch screen is what you have been thinking for a while? That’s not a surprise for us. We are sure, that a good projector will fulfill your desire. You may feel a little bit outdated with having on but be sure that the best part of modern projectors can support your Netflix app and many others.

Size it the obvious advantage and the reason to go for projection. It can give you a true cinema experience at home. These devices project an image with the soft light without losing a beautiful picture and have a certain degree of protection for your eyes at the same time.

Projectors are better, cheaper, more portable and simpler than you might think. That’s why, in this list we cover all the best home and outdoor projectors, projectors great for gaming, and even small portable one.

We worked hard to make sure you are choosing out from the most quality options available on the market. We know that your projector has to produce a high-quality resolution and be the portable one.

Within this section you will for sure find the projector that meets all your needs.