When it comes to comparing different brands of coolers, ORCA coolers vs YETI are the most popular. The two have constantly been put neck in neck for quite some time already as these two are rivals in the market. When buying a product, you always look for the best brands available and it can be hard to decide on which to choose if there are so many popular brands.

Orca Vs Yeti – Which Cooler is Better?


Ice Retention

This is definitely on top of the list of considerations you should have. This is the real deal when it comes to coolers. Compared to ORCA, YETI coolers have a worse performance when it comes to ice retention. On average, an ORCA cooler will retain ice two days longer than the YETI one and it can even go for more. The main reason for this is because the ORCA has an extra inch of insulation in its lid.


The make of each cooler is different. So who is the winner between ORCA vs YETI? The construction of ORCA coolers is made of nylon cord handles which make it durable. The handles have a rubber grip on most models making it easy and comfortable to carry. They are also molded in and are integrated with insulation. The hinge uses the pin system and has a built-in cargo pocket. It also has a detachable drain plug.

On the other hand, a YETI cooler construction is made of marine grade rope handles which have a rubber handle. It has rail handles and has a removable dry good basket which is usually included in the cooler price. It has slip resistant feet and a detachable drain plug.

Coming from the two comparisons, there are slight differences in their construction. The ORCA cooler has a thicker insulation in the chests which proves to be an added advantage as it will provide better ice retention. Other than that, the ORCA has a larger room for dry storage. The YETI cooler has holes in the drain plugs. The two are definitely made of high quality and boasts of great functionality. For one, the handles may be made from different materials but they are still tough with a firm rubber grip. But all the same, the ORCA is better than YETI.


Yeti vs orca

When it comes to durability, you want to buy the one that lasts longer. Comparing ORCA vs YETI coolers, you have to consider what factors make them more durable than the others. They are both made from good quality ice chests and are able to withstand external factors without breaking easily.

The exterior material is made of the strongest type of plastic, although, if you were to choose, the best one would be the ORCA extra heavy duty coolers as the hinges are kept in place by the riveted pin system. The two coolers are neck in neck in this aspect and they both hold up. Another way to know about the product is by reading through their customer reviews and ratings. It will give you first-hand experiences other customers have gone through with the product.

Ease of Use

The buyer should be able to use it with ease without having too much trouble. The two coolers have a lid that is easy to shut but according to some reviews by customers, they have indicated that they may snap unexpectedly. The both of them also have nylon rope handles which makes it easier for two people to carry with ease. They can be quite heavy when compared to other high-end coolers.

The differences are also clear in terms of usability. The YETI plug is much better even if both of their plugs are screw-ins and are detachable. The hole in the YETI plug allows it to partially unscrew and slow down the water flow. As for the ORCA, it is much easier to store small items that you want to keep dry because of the side mesh pocket. Also, the ORCA’s feet can be more slippery on wet surfaces.

Size Variation

Size is key when you’re looking for the ideal cooler. There are a variety of sizes and dimensions from each brand that are available. The best way is to put the relative sizes side by side and compare them. With YETI, they also have a range of sizes. The smallest being YETI 35 to YETI 350. In between these two, there are intermediaries such as the YETI 75 which is a great choice if you don’t want a very small or very large cooler. With ORCA, they have small coolers like the ORCA 20 qt and ORCA 26 qt and large ones such as the ORCA 140 qt. This makes ORCA as good as YETI.

ModelsDimensions (inches)Capacity (cans)Empty weight (lbs)Price
14 3/8 x 20 x 13 3/81415

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15 x 19 x 13.751817

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15 1/4 x 20 x 16 1/82020

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17 3/4 x 23 5/8 x 14 5/81819

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18 1/8 x 26 1/4 x 17 5/82424

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15 1/2 x 25 1/2 x 162623

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17 3/8 x 24 x 18 1/82632

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19 7/16 x 27 x 19 3/83532

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16 x 30 1/2 x 17 1/23929

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18 x 33 1/4x 17 7/85034

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18 3/8 x 17 7/8 x 33 7/165440

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20 x 40 x 19 1/28148

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23 x 39 7/16 x 21 3/89064

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21 1/2 x 45 x 19 1/210054

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Everyone has their own taste – some people like simple and subtle colors whereas others prefer bright dashing colors. With YETI, you’re limited with only three color options. They are pretty basic and simple but are still classy at the very least. Initially, the market only offered white and desert tan then they added ice blue which is a great option for someone who wanted more color.

When it comes to the ORCA, you can get a little crazy with the colors. A plus on the ORCA, if you don’t want the usual and common white and tan, some ORCA models offer colors such as pink and green which are super bright.

Orca colors


Part of accessorizing increases usefulness and usability even could give some special specs. For the YETI, accessories include a wide variety as much as the ORCA’s. Some of them include holders for both fishing rod and beverage, dividers, and a cutting board which are pretty common with most coolers. The YETI has a wall mounted bottle opener and a drain plug hose connection.

Cooler Accessories

As for the ORCA cooler, it has a fantastic set of accessories. They are a plus and make them more favorable to the YETI. Some ORCA models have more than fifteen accessories and they all have a water repellant coating, making them durable. The system can easily hold other items like your phone, very securely. The molle system type of cooler has several holders such as the flashlight, shotshell, pistol, and quad mag.


Manufacturers and designers are allowing people to get exactly what they want through customization. With the YETI, there are some series where you can customize the ice chests such as the collegiate and rambler drinkware.

YETI allows you to do a logo customization of your alma mater which is long lasting and permanent once branded. As for the ORCA, it also has a customization series and drinkware. It may not be as big as YETI but they offer colorful tumblers which are pretty damn cool. You can also check out other products like ORCA vs YETI cups.



Considering your budget, you have to look out for which is more affordable and cheap. The two brands are almost the same in terms of pricing but the ORCA may be a few bucks cheaper than the YETI by about ten to twenty dollars so the cost is the same. It’s not that much of a huge difference for it to gain a price advantage so it doesn’t create a huge price gap. They are basically within the same price range so the best price you can get is from both brands.


Same as the sizes and prices, the warranty from both brands is almost the same. With YETI, they have great workmanship and come with a five-year warranty. With the ORCA, they give you a lifetime warranty which, when compared to YETI’s five-year warranty, YETI is no match for.


The manufacturer of YETI is in China. They don’t explicitly say who manufactures their products but it is not in the US. When buying, you can ask where are ORCA coolers made. It is 100% made in the US. When a product is made in the country they are used, it’s an advantage not only for things like provision of employment but it also meets the set criteria for production and you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized additives.

To say the least, they are both top-rated rotomolded coolers and are very dependable when you decide to purchase them. These comparable brands have a lot of similarities and they even look alike. People like different brands but the ORCA has more advantages and is most recommended; from better ice retention to a variety of colors to choose from.