The Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain When Sitting All Day

One of the most popular causes of lower back pain is long periods of sitting down. Even just an hour or two on our office desk can cause problems due to bad posture and support. That’s why having a good office chair for long hours is necessary these days.

Luckily, there are specifically designed desk chairs for bad backs. They offer the comfort solution to an already back-pain sufferer as well as help others avoid it. To help you choose the best office chairs for back pain we’ve done our research to share our top picks with you.

Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

serta executive chair

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Plush and elegant, the Hannah I office chair by Serta Style easily stands out from a crowd of choice chairs. However, more than the looks, it features a contoured lumbar design with lower back support. This is one of the recommended features important in seating to avoid lower back pain.

More for comfort, it features a pillowed headrest and waterfall seat edge for better leg support as well as pneumatic seat-height adjustment. Additionally, you can opt to recline the chair to the best positions with controls to adjust tilt tension.

Working mobility is easy with this chair as it comes with smooth multi-surface dual wheel casters and a 360-degree swivel.

Overall, the Hannah I provide the best comfort even when you have to spend all day at your computer. Whether you use it for working or studying, you’re sure to get good support for those long hours.


  • Plush cushioning. The cushioning will almost make you forget it’s an office chair. You might even enjoy working as a cushion of body pillows cradle your back, bottom and middle.
  • Contoured lumbar design. Apart from relieving painful backs, this design helps fix poor posture.
  • Adjustment options for ergonomics. You can adjust seat-height while you sit comfortably with its reachable pneumatic lever. Plus, the recline level and tension are adjustable too.
  • Good mobility. Its dual-wheel casters work on multiple-surfaces smoothly. That, coupled with a 3600 swivel supports good mobility.
  • Luxurious design and feel. It’s beautiful and comfortable enough to pass for a home couch, but still ergonomic for your office tasks. Plus, with a microfiber finish, it’s easy to maintain.


  • Full fabric upholstery. The chair is prone to rips and tears; this may be a concern for users who tend to move a lot while they work. However, the product warranty at least covers cushion and parts for 1 year.

Serta Chair For Bad Back

serta chair for bad back

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Serta is a known go-to brand when it comes to working chairs for bad backs. So it’s no surprise to find another top pick from this brand.

At first glance, this chair sports an executive professional look with sturdy and smooth bonded leather.
Upholstered with ergo-layered body pillows, this chair can relieve lower back pain and even help muscles relax. To add to that comfort, it features well-designed and ergonomically positioned adjustment controls. This includes a pneumatic lift, tilt adjustment and armrest positioning.

However, what really makes this chair special for lower back issues is its “Back in Motion” (BIM) technology. This feature allows the chair to adjust lumbar support as you are sitting. Since there are people who feel sore from moving between tasks or desks, this chair provides that optimum support. It’s great for avoiding low, middle and upper back discomfort.

Additionally, more than relieve pain, this BIM technology can correct the cause of it. It’s one of the best solutions for back pain caused by long hours at your desk.

As for durability, this chair is made to be long lasting and heavy-duty. And even with good material, it includes a 1-year warranty for cushions and parts.


  • Flexible lumbar support from its “Back in Motion” technology. For jobs that require moving between tasks while you are sitting down, you can rely on good support. This chair provides full lumbar support to avoid back pain.
  • Ergonomically positioned adjustment controls. Has the complete adjustment options to support the best posture and comfort, all conveniently positioned for easy access.
  • Professional design with excellent materials. From comfortable ergo-bonded body pillows to a bonded-leather finish, the overall look gives you a high-class impression.
  • Built to last. It has a sturdy build and a durable bonded leather finish. Plus, it has a 1-year warranty covering cushions and parts.


  • Material is not breathable. Bonded leather is great but it isn’t as porous as other materials.

Best Choice Products Computer Desk Seat For Long Hours

comp desk seat

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If your office design is more on the unconventional side, this executive computer chair might get your head turning. Moreover, apart from an office chair, it makes a good-looking seat for gaming and studying too.
It’s especially attractive to racing and car fans. With this design, more than comfort, you’ll enjoy long hours at work.

This chair’s comfort features are straightforward. Taking the comfort and protective concept from a racing car’s bucket seat, it cradles your spine comfortably. Additionally, it provides basic ergonomic features like tilt and tilt tension adjustment, as well as height level to match leg comfort.

Its seat and backrest padded and upholstered in PU leather, feel comfortable and sturdy. However, generally, PU leather isn’t as durable as bonded leather.

If your back hurts, it’s a good excuse to get this gaming themed chair in your dorm room/home office desk. It’s a good buy for an office chair under $100.


  • Fun racing themed design. It’s a break from the traditional black office chair with the benefits of back support.
  • Good value at an affordable price. Provides comfort and ergonomic features at an affordable cost.
  • Adjustment options for ergonomics. It includes controls for height adjustment, tilt level and tilt tensions for optimal comfort.


  • Uses PU leather. Compared to our other picks which use bonded leather, this chair is upholstered with the less durable PU leather.
  • Not heavy duty. Based on feedback, it doesn’t seem to hold weights over 200lbs.