When it comes to bras, the definition of comfort can mean more than just the right fit. Things like your daily activities and movements, skin sensitivity, and preferred material tend to affect your definition of comfort. See, top fitting bras for lift and support consider these aspects more than just a good fit. However, the best bra for you may not be the best for another so understanding the best of each type helps.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable bras on the market, we’ve done the research for you. Here are our chosen best bras on the market.

Top-Rated Comfortable Bras

Warner’s Most Comfortable Underwire Bra (TOP Choice)

Warner Most

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A cheap underwire bra tends to poke and dig into your skin, but with Warner’s, you get none of that. The secret to their design is how well they wrap their underwire with a luxurious lining of satin. So while it looks like a classic t-shirt bra, it feels more comfortable.

Warner’s underwire bra feels thicker than most underwire bras though it comes at an affordable price. Plus, it provides complete coverage and you get no spillovers looking great under your shirt. This bra also feels sturdy and provides strong support, even ladies who say they are a heavy chested love it. Moreover, many customer reviews talk about how it feels great for everyday wear. Just make sure you always get the right cup size and bust size.

This bra doesn’t need anything too special for maintenance, it’s machine washable though made of imported material. The piece features a fabric mix of 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon. It sounds like standard material but it’s become quite the go-to bra by many customers. Moreover, the Warner take’s pride in this design receiving the most votes for “The Most Comfortable Bra” in New York Magazine.

Considering all that, this makes it stand out as one of the best bras on the market even when you’re on a budget.


  • Well covered underwire for comfort
  • Good support
  • Sturdy and inexpensive
  • Front-adjustable straps for easy reach


  • Some customer reviews complained about how the online bought sizes seemed different from their store-bought ones.

Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free Bra (Best Value)

Playtex 18-Hour

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With this bra from Playtex, going wireless doesn’t have to mean splurging so much. So if you’re more of the wire-free type, check out this design from one of the go-to brands in brassieres.

Made from 100% Nylon material, this bra provides not just comfort but full support and lifting. Plus, you get a flexible fit with its stretchable satin sides. Moreover, apart from comfort on the front end, straps are cushioned and adjustable too, secured with a triple hook-eye closure. These lift support panel straps provide both comfort and security.

You get full coverage from this bra while also utilizing your curves. See, for a sexy look, the design lifts panels into cups.  That, coupled with a nice Jacquard front makes this full coverage look and feel sexy too. What’s more is that the design provides 4-way support, so you can feel both sexy and comfortable as you move around.

There are seamless and hidden lift variations to Playtex’ 18-Hour support bras, but this tends to be a favorite. As for cleaning, while this bra is durable, hand washing is recommended to keep its form and for longevity. Overall, it provides amazing support, comes at an affordable price and provides good comfort. It’s what you can expect from a top-rated brand.


  • Wide and comfortable cushioned straps
  • Comfortable and supportive frame design
  • Round cups for good support and fit
  • Smooth back with hook and eye lock


  • Well-endowed women with larger cup sizes than a D feel that this bra doesn’t offer the support they need through this is advertised for extra support.

Bali Comfort Revolution

Bali Comfort

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More than support, here’s a bra that also offers comfort, a good lift and a simple design for everyday casual wear.

Bali features a seamless 4-way stretch design with its fabric. The body is made of a mix of 5% Spandex and 95% Nylon, while its lining is a 100% Polyester. Then, it wraps around you in what Bali calls a Smart Size Shaping for a good and comfy fit. This, coupled with wide straps make a comfortable bra.

Support wise, its design features special knit-in zones. These provided targeted support all around. Together with foam cups, you hold in both support and shape while you wear it. You can also worry less about straps falling off with its comfort U design ensuring they stay in place. Note, however, that this has no padding, but most reviews note how this doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Meanwhile, the design is simple, almost resembling a sports bra except in material. However, one thing to note is that the straps aren’t adjustable, so you have to be accurate with your size and its fit if you opt to buy it. Finally, it comes with the standard hook-eye back closure and recommends hand washing for cleaning.


  • Full support and shaping
  • 4-way stretch fabric and design
  • Perfect for in between sizes and supports some plus sizes
  • Simple design for every way wear


  • Straps can’t be adjusted

Vanity Fair Women’s Wirefree Bra

Vanity Fair

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When Vanity Fair designed their Beauty Back bras, they made special considerations in design to support the right frame. See, their Beauty Back design comes in two variants, a Full Coverage bra and a Full Figure Bra.

First off, the design features a stretchy material made from a mix of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex. The design provides both shaping and support to your frame, coupled with a banded frame for additional support. It is also wire-free, so you don’t get any wires poking on your skin.

Its Full Coverage bra offers support for the in-between sizes, ideally between 36-38B to 34-38DD. When we mentioned special considerations, this design features a narrower center front area. Unlike traditional full coverage bras, this doesn’t over-cover instead, it offers just the right amount of support. For this size group, the back is secured with 2 o3 hooks and has supportive narrow adjustable straps.

Meanwhile, its Full Figure bra works well for large breasts. It’s perfect for 36-44C to 44DDD sizes. To support this size group, its center front area features a wide coverage design with the right amount of support. Moreover, it has a fuller cup for a better fit and holds. The straps are also wider for this bra and come with 3-4 hooks and eyes for closure.

Vanity Fair’s Beauty Back bra is definitely one of the high-quality wireless bras to consider.


  • Awesome design for the right fit, great comfort and good containment
  • 4-way stretch material
  • Sturdy and well sewn


  • The right-sizing can be tricky for women with bigger sizes to benefit from shaping. Other than, that a bad review is rare and poor reviews often even give 3-star ratings for comfort.

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Cotton Bra

Carole Martin

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Fans of the popular original Full-Freedom bra were happy to see this good cotton bra on the market. Note that this is unpadded, so if that isn’t your thing, you can skip to the next line. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable with no padding.

The first thing that makes this bra different from its predecessor is that it’s made with a soft stretchy material. Featuring a 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex fabric blend, it wraps around you with a smooth texture and supportive frame. With that, many reviews note about how users enjoy the comfort of this material along with the wire-free, pad-free design. They say it’s the comfiest bra they own.

While this seems perfect as a post-surgical bra, it’s also great for everyday wear. Since it features a simple design and is wide enough for support, it’s easy to fit for daily use. Moreover, users say it’s almost like not having anything on and feels very comfy and cool for sleepwear.

Carole Martin’s Full Freedom Cotton Bra comes with a front hook and eye closure for convenience and support. It also has extra wide bra straps that stay in place and provide back support.


  • Made of very comfortable material
  • All-around stretch support
  • Adjustable and stay-on straps
  • Pad free and Wirefree for extra comfort


  • Not supportive enough for women with wide frames and large breasts
  • Doesn’t have uplifting features

Mryumi Strapless Bra Backless Invisible Push Up Bras

Mryumi Strapless Bra

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The right strapless bra allows the most flexibility in the styles of clothing a woman can wear. It’s also best when it seems like it’s barely there, especially when you’re planning on strapless, low-cut, revealing dresses or tops. However, often times, women have to sacrifice some level of comfort when wearing a strapless bra. So it’s a good thing Mryumi brought this line of strapless brassieres.

With this strapless bra from Mryumi, you get comfort, support and the right amount of coverage.  It’s a push-up bra so you can bring that sexy to your sexy wardrobe. From a backless top to a plunging neckline, you’ve got the support you need. You also have the option to use the removable cotton straps as you see fit.

Unlike other cheap strapless bras, this one doesn’t sacrifice comfort. This bra features cotton-lined foam and is made of a flexible fabric blend (18% Spandex and 82% Nylon). Then its unique hook and eye design keep them out of sight yet still secure.


  • Good material and cotton-lined foam
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Well-designed for concealing under low-cut, backless and other revealing dresses/tops
  • Comfortable fit
  • Smart back strap design


  • May not be ideal for larger frames and cup sizes

Goddess Plus Size Kayla Banded Bra

Goddess Plus

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Every woman of any size deserves to feel beautiful and sexy. That seems to be the thought when the Goddess brand released their line of bras for plus sized women. For what makes a woman start feeling sexy more easily than sexy underwear right?

In the world of nude and neutral comfort bras, these beautiful plus size picks stand out from the crowd.  Featuring fun and pretty prints, this line also comes with a comfy design that flatters your curves.

The bra is designed with a 3-section cup for good coverage. That, coupled with a flexible side panel makes for good shaping and great support. Moreover, its sheer top cup features a V-neck plunging line that flatters the neckline.

This one is also made to last a good washing with sturdy material made of 97% Polyester, 2% Nylon and 7% Elastane. Many customers commend it for lasting long despite so much use. Customer reviews from well-endowed women like how well the bra fits and supports them, while also flattering their figure.


  • Good shaping for plus sized women
  • Supports big busts like no other
  • Beautiful prints
  • Affordable price


  • Some aren’t as comfortable with the material used

Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Bra

Glamorise No-Bounce

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One thing that definitely hurts a full figure in action is all that bouncing as you try to work out. You don’t want that getting in the way of a good run or any activity you enjoy. And that’s where Glamorise comes in with their line of No-Bounce sports bra.

With this sports bra, women with big busts can have better upper bust control without having to feel like choking. Glamorise achieves this through wireless reinforced bottom cups coupled with a 2-way stretch back design. This allows your bust to move with you and against you.

Comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed with this control either. See, while this bra features a snug fit, it features adjustable extra-wide back comfort straps. Then back hook and eye closure hold it place. Plus, its breathable mesh gives you a dry fit without keeping the ladies from bathing in sweat.

The whole piece is made of a breathable and comfortable fabric mix of 70% Polyester, 5% Elastane and 25% Nylon.  Overall, it provides comfort, great coverage and even low impact support. These are good reasons why the word “Perfect” comes up a lot in its customer reviews.


  • Perfect  coverage for active full figured women
  • Breathable and Dry fit Material
  • Complete support for full upper bust control


  • Some women feel the size is smaller, they had to get bigger sizes for the right fit

Le Mystere Women’s Lace Tisha T-Shirt

Le Mystere Women

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Lace on skin definitely has its appeal, so a lace on bra definitely makes sense. Now, with the Le Mystere’s Lace Tisha, this statement comes to the line of T-shirt Bras. The overall look of this laced line feels both sexy and comfy while not being overly revealing or bare. See, its design features a concealed underwire beautiful and imported lace trims. Who’d have thought a full coverage bra can be this sexy?

With this line, full figured bodies can wear lace comfortably. The bra features Le Mystere’s taste in luxurious fabric featuring a fabric mix of Polyamide, Cotton, Polyester, and little bit of Rayon and Spandex for flexibility. That petal-soft fabric coupled with memory foam cups takes comfort to a new level.

When it comes to fit, this bra shapes and contours with its unique cup design with under knits. The seamless underwire cups the bust in the right place and helps flatter a full figure.

However, as you would expect with this material, care is important when washing. Suggestions are for hand washing and not to use bleach, do not iron and line dry. It’s care you’d probably like to take on as well, considering its fabric and design.


  • Smooth, soft and comfortable material
  • Memory foam cups
  • Beautiful imported lace accents
  • Secure and supportive fit and design


  • Bigger sizes in the ranged of 34D and up seem to have a problem with its fit

Cabales 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra with Removable Pads

Cabales 3-Pack

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When it comes to sports bras, unlined, seamless and wireless give the best comfort. For who would want underwires poking you on a good workout? Now, while most active wears mean rough ragged material, Cabales has a different take on it.

This sports bra by Cabales is made of extra soft fabric with a mix of Spandex and Nylon. The soft smooth feel makes a good support bra for yoga and sports while being comfy enough for sleepwear. It’s also a light choice to bring for travels.

The overall design on this bra is completely seamless, no side seams or chaffing. This means nothing to press on the skin while you get your game, groove or speed on.  Moreover, it features a pull-on closure, so it’s hookless. So this means you don’t even have to worry about a hook and eye pressing on your skin while you work out.

It may feel light, but this double-layered compression provides enough support for light and medium impact movements. Plus, with its quick-drying fabric, it keeps sweat away. Choosing this design and material though means specific care. So Cabales recommends only hand washing and line drying. It is also not advisable for bleaching and ironing as this may damage flexibility of the materials.


  • Extra soft and the smooth material feels good on the skin
  • Seamless and Wireless
  • Good support
  • Quick-drying material


  • While it is comfy, support isn’t strong enough for active full figures

Guide to Fitting the Right Comfortable Bra for You

No matter how comfortable or beautiful the design or material, a bra with the wrong fit will never feel comfortable.  Making sure you know how to get the right fit, and know how to get your size correctly is important. This is because this helps avoid wasted money on the wrong bra and the frustration you go through with the discomfort.

So before you buy your next bra, here’s a quick guide:

  • Consider getting your measurements done by a lingerie consultant. (It’s free) There are many guides online showing how to accurately measure your size. However, but the best way to get it right is through an expert. Besides, it’s hard to keep the right posture for measurement when you’re measuring yourself.
  • Make sure you have updated measurement. Be realistic, your body changes with activity (or the lack thereof) and diet. You can’t expect to always have the same size throughout the year. So before you buy your next bra, check for your latest measurements.
  • Check that the bra’s underbust is uniformly fit. As you fit your bra, check the underbust band since it’s the part that hugs your body. The key thing to check is that it’s at the same level all around you and under your cups. As elasticity may change over time, you’ll want to fasten this to the outermost hook. This allows you to adjust the size of the band and tighten it over time. If you notice the band is rising up at your back, this means you need to choose a size smaller.
  • Check how the straps work with your underbust size. Simply put, the straps will slip or feel too tight if you’ve chosen the wrong under bust and cup size.  A smaller under bust and cup size will cause the straps to slip down, meanwhile, a larger size will make the straps feel too tight.
  • There should be no pain from the underwires and no spillage. The right cup size holds the full size of your breast and rests just right on your breastbone. No -part of it should be digging into your skin or under your breast. Try cupping your under-breast with the u-shape of your hand between the thumb and pointer finger. That’s how well the underwire should cover it. And this is the same expectation for any type of bra, including push up and strapless bras. Also, make sure that you lean forward to cup your breasts into the cups as you fit the bra. This will make sure you’re fitting/dropping your breasts correctly into the cups.
  • Check how the bra bridge/center front area rests between your breasts. The rule is that it should lie flat on your skin. If this section of the bra isn’t lying flat there, then you’re chosen cup size is too small to fit.

One last thing to note is that every frame and set of differences is different. Not every style will fit all. This is also why we’ve included a variety of choices in our top picks. It helps to try on a variety of styles and brands to find which is most comfortable for you.