Marathon HDTV Long Distance Digital TV Antenna

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They don’t make TV Antenna’s like they used to, and it’s a good thing! TV isn’t the same anymore and so are the viewer’s needs. There are a lot of antennas out there in the market now but we always want to make sure we get our money’s worth (if not more) and if you’re over 75 miles away from a broadcast station/tower you’ll need something that can reach that. It’s great not paying for cable, but it’s only great if you can enjoy your TV shows with the same crystal clear HD picture as you would with cable. Looking for a great long distance antenna we’ve come across The Marathon by Free Signal TV. It was easy to spot because it is one of the best long range HDTV antennas in the market. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer?

Dimensions and Design

Considering the power it has in capturing the channels you need, it isn’t too big at 32″ width X 21″ height X 4.5″ depth and has a slim design. The design is simple and comes with an attached metal bracket and a provided U-clamp. This allows you to swivel the antenna to the direction you need. It comes with easy to follow instructions including a free customized reception map and channel listing so you can optimize its use. Most customers have been able to install it as quickly as 10 minutes.

Channels/Signals Supported

The Marathon is a UHF and VHF directional antenna, so you get all those channels from 2 through 51 depending on how many channels are broadcasted in your area. The included guide will be very helpful. If you have further questions you can easily contact their support team which a lot of users have commended highly for the great service they provide. A unique feature of this antenna is that its amplifier allows you to split the signal solidly between up to 4 TVs without losing quality. It’s a great thing to have because most antennas fail in quality once you split their use with only 2 TVs. It has the range coverage of 100 miles and customers who have been over 85 miles from a broadcast tower have confirmed that it performs well despite the distance.


Many consumers have given this antenna the 5-star ratings for its ability to capture channels and render them in HD as applicable, some even note that it was even better than cable TV! A customer in New York, where you have lots of buildings and obstacles between tower signal, noted how the Marathon got him 23 HDTV channels delivered all crisp and clean. Some people have provided reviews of how the Marathon has outperformed other antennas they’ve used and how it was able to capture channels they weren’t able to get in HD quality.

The Verdict

The Marathon is priced at $160 but performs a lot better than other antennas that are more expensive. A lot of users have enjoyed its benefits having installed indoors or in the attic. With its slim design, good materials and its ability to be split high-quality performance between 4 TVs, the Marathon is definitely a great choice for an HDTV Antenna.