How To Choose The Right Keyboard Controller – Buying Guide

If you are a sound producer or music creator, then you will definitely benefit from the right keyboard controller. We know how tough it is to find a good product among the sea of available options.
But, to make the process less time consuming and demanding for you, we will guide you step-by-step from the very basics to the expert level.

How many keys?
First of all, decide how many keys do you need: 25, 49, 61, or 88. The key count choice depends on how much space do you have at your studio and whether the portability matters to you.
Since you know how many keys you want, let’s choose an action type of the keyboard. You are free to pick out from three main key types: weighted hammer, semi-weighted, and synth action.

The weighted hammer is a great choice if you produce piano-oriented pieces of music. The semi-weighted one will be ideal for someone who is not playing a lot of piano parts. The synth action keyboard is a great device for the creation of electronic music.
The next question is – whether you need an aftertouch? Just in case you want to add more expressiveness to your music piece, then the answer is yes.
There are two types of aftertouch: monophonic and polyphonic.

The monophonic one is easier to control, as you can press any key and it sends a MIDI value to all keys at the same time with the same amount. The polyphonic aftertouch lets you control each key independently.

Input and output options
The next step is to check out input and output options. Usually, keyboard controllers come with USB, 5-pin MIDI jack, CV and Gate outputs. 5-pin MIDI jacks ensure connectivity with other devices and easy control over them.
In case you want to be able to connect your keyboard controller to non-MIDI device, the CV and Gate outputs will let you do so.

Pay attention to additional faders, buttons and knobs the controller is equipped with. They can literally improve the hands-on control over software you are connected to via keyboard controller.
With these handy additions controlling the cutoff of filters, resonance, and amp envelope is definitely easier. Besides this, some of the devices have an automapping feature ensuring auto set up of knobs, faders and other extra buttons.

Now you are ready to purchase the best keyboard controller and meet all your music needs.