Nowadays, fully 72% of all teens play computer video games. But even though still it is a topic that raises dozens of questions. Some think that they may lead to violence, aggressive and antisocial behavior, and others – to obesity and other health problems. On the other hand, researchers suggest that playing video games may boost attention and improve brain activity.

Within this section we have decided to share with you the best picks of products that all gamers will find actually useful.

To make your gaming experience comfortable, we have picked up the top-rated computer desks and chairs for your PC. Comfort, while you are playing, is vital for your health state.

For more control and better game simulation, we have covered a range of joysticks and flight sticks, gaming mouse pads, portable wireless mice, and gaming speakers.

Online gaming requires a microphone and good gaming speakers for being able to communicate with team members. High-quality devices will make your gaming experience more realistic.

For multiplayer games, we have picked up the best wireless routers for gaming that help to interconnect different computers with each other.

If you are a cyber gamer, then our range of best projectors will for sure take your attention.


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