The Best Dual Computer Desks for Multiple Monitors

The question of using a multi-monitor table configuration is far from being new. The convenience of a dual monitor workspace has already been proved by ordinary users and professional PC gamers. What is more, the best computer desk for two monitors can be used as a 2-person gaming table. Such tables are rather popular.

A dual computer desk for home will help you to save a free space and organize the maximum convenient gaming space. Accommodate your workspace with any of our good desks for dual monitors.

WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk

01. WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable Fits Two Screens up to 27 22 lbs per Arm Capacity

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WALI freestanding dual LCD monitor desk will allow one to arrange a tablespace in a way to fit his needs. A modern desktop monitor bracket will help to avoid installing the monitor directly on the table, secure it firmly so that it does not move and occupy an extra space.

Immediately after installation of multiple monitors on a computer desk, you will notice the difference. The construction is height-adjustable and can accommodate monitors of up to 27 inches.


  • Easy installation. WALI free standing boasts an easy installation method and extensive functionality.
  • Absolute adjustability. Unlike the traditional fixing rack, the design of the desktop monitors bracket allows you to change the position of the devices. One can change the angle of slope, height above the working surface, directivity, etc. Adjust all these parameters easily.
  • Style, convenience, and compactness. WALI free standing takes up little space and is made of high-grade material, which makes it strong and durable. The construction helps to organize the tabletop space in the best manner.
  • Modern design. The elegant engineering construction makes your workspace look modern and sleek.


  • Table is necessary. WALI free standing can hardly be called a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors. It is a monitor holder that does require a table to accommodate its installation and exploitation.
  • Limited capacity. Apart from holding multiple monitors, WALI freestanding doesn’t have any slot to place a CPU, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment.

Large Computer Desk for Two Person

02. LITTLE TREE 78 Extra Large Double Workstation Computer Desk for Two Person Simple Modern Style Office Desk with Storage and Cabinet Works

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A computer desk for 2 monitors from the LITTLE TREE company is the most comfortable piece of furniture for any gamer. There is nothing excessive on the desk; every detail is well thought out by a manufacturer. A wide tabletop is not cluttered with all sorts of lockers and compartments. The depth of the table is sufficient to move the monitor to a distance that is safe for your eyesight.

The table construction allows setting 2 full-fledged PC workstations and has a separate storing compartment in the middle. You can allocate a CPU there as well as any other small peripherals. Overall, the table features minimalism in its design and will perfectly fit into the interior.


  • Stylish look. Due to its modern and stylish design, the computer table intended for two will fit into any interior, whether it is an office setting or a gaming lab.
  • Capacious table top. Apart from multiple monitors, you can accommodate any other equipment and accessories on the table surface. There will be enough space for two people playing or working at a single desk.
  • High storage capacity. The table construction features a separate storing compartment in the middle. There you can place some gaming accessories along with a computer unit.


  • No option for hiding wires. In the table construction, there is no slot or system of smart cable management.
  • Occupies a lot of space. Since the table is quite wide, it will be difficult to accommodate it in a small room.

Casiii Computer Desk for Two Monitors

03. Best Adjustable Standing Desk Riser - Gas Spring Converter to Stand Up or Sit Down 32 Black 2-Tier Desktop

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Casiii computer desk for two monitors is a perfect option for those who value comfort. The gaming desk has all the features necessary to provide a comfortable stay in front of the PC. Adjustable height, capacious table top, an absence of unnecessary details, and modern look – all these make the small desk for dual monitors very usable.

There is a special mechanism in the table, which allows you to adjust its height easily. Although the desk is not intended for two people, there is more than enough space for one user. Another cool feature of the table is that it is quite light and can be easily moved to any place.


  • Adjustable height. Owing to a special built-in mechanism of the table, it is possible to adjust its height easily, with no excessive manipulations on your part.
  • Absolute ergonomics. You can place multiple monitors on the table top without feeling cramped.
  • Modern look. Casiii computer desk for two monitors boasts a modern design and the use of high-strength materials in its products.


  • Cannot accommodate two people. Being considered a computer desk for dual screen, it can hardly accommodate two people. It is rather a good, capacious computer table to accomodate one person.
  • Zero storing capacity. In the table construction, there are no slots and compartments to store any equipment and gaming accessories.

Computer Desk for Home and Office

04. Computer Desk Tribesigns 57 inch Folding Office Desk Workstation No Assembly Required for Home Office Use

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This desk for two computers is made in a modern Loft style. Straight lines and simple geometric shapes of the table create an impression of space and elegance. In the table production, the manufacturer used durable and damage-resistant materials that are capable of withstanding active table exploitation and heavy loads without losing its original look.

This computer desk is easy to assemble. You can set it up in a minute by just pulling out the legs and setting it right side up. What is more, this dual monitor PC desk folds up quickly and can be stored without occupying too much space.


  • Fully assembled. One does not need to assemble the table since it is sold cut and dried. It is only necessary to pull out the legs, which usually takes no more than a minute.
  • Well-thought-out table size. The table is large enough to accommodate two people and is quite compact to be placed in a small room.
  • Adjustable led pads design. Foot pads can add 1-2 cm of lengths to the table, allowing it to be stable even on an uneven floor. This design solution also prevents the desk from damaging the floor.


  • No side tap for the keyboard. There is no separate place for a keyboard, which may cause a discomfort for your elbows.
  • Minimal storing capacity. Although the tabletop is quite big, there are no additional compartments for storing equipment.
  • No separate compartment for a CPU. In the table structure, there is no separate holder for the computer unit. Thus, one will have to place a CPU on the floor.

L-Shaped Desks

Glass Computer Desks