4 Best Cheap Portable Charger & Power Bank Reviews

If you’re constantly on the go, you absolutely need a good budget power bank. When there’s no power outlet available, a portable charger would be very helpful. You can practically place your phone in your purse, or your pocket if it’s large enough, and charge its battery.

You have plenty of choices when looking for the best affordable portable charger under $20. The challenge now is finding the best one that will deliver your needs and meet your expectations.

Here are some of the best affordable power banks you can consider:

KMASHI 10000mAh


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Simple and compact, you will certainly have an easy time using the KMASHI 10000mAh Portable Power Bank. Charge your iPhone any other Android phone with it and expect full battery in no time.

Why We Like It:

  • 10000mAh portable power. 10000mAh is more than enough to charge an iPhone from empty to full battery at least twice. This device works on Samsung and other Android phones too, which makes it perfect especially for those who have multiple gadgets. It even works on iPads and other tablets!
  • 4 status LEDs. Some cheap power banks run out of battery without warning. This model, on the other hand, keeps you aware if it’s time to recharge. The 4 status LEDs indicate its remaining power capacity.
  • Intelligent power management. No worries about overcharging or short circuits with the KMASHI 10000mAh.
  • Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging. Need to charge two gadgets at a time? No problem. This product has dual USB ports (5V/2.1A and 5V/1A) that you can use at the same time.
  • Lightning cable and charger adapter not included. While it does include the Micro USB cable you can use for Android devices, you will have to use your own cable for your Apple device. This option does not come with a 5V/2A adapter too so you would have to supply your own.
  • Long charging time. While the KMASHI 10000mAh can charge your devices effectively, charging the power bank itself will take time. Make sure you use the cable that comes with it and a 5V/2A adapter to lessen the charging time at around 6.5 to 8 hours. If not, charging can take up to 13 hours.

Aibocn 10000mAh


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Sturdy yet incredibly affordable, the Aibocn 10000mAh is a great portable charger of choice especially for those who need to charge two devices simultaneously. It also features intelligent safety protection and a backup flashlight. For the price under 30$, this model is absolutely a bargain.

Why We Like It:

  • Works on multiple devices. This device can charge your Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Kindle and so much more. 10000mAh of power can charge an iPhone up 3 to 5 times.
  • Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging. You can use the Aibocn 10000mAh to charge two gadgets at a time, which is a great feature especially if you would like to share power with a friend or if you own multiple gadgets.
  • Intelligent safety protection. Such device automatically shuts down if it is overloaded or in cases of a short circuit. This is unlikely to happen though since it has a safety protection feature against overcharging, short circuits, over-voltage and more.
  • Emergency flashlight. While your mobile phone most likely has a built-in flashlight already, you have a backup light source with the Aibocn 10000mAh.
  • Standard accessories. Aside from the power bank itself, this product only comes with a Micro USB cable and a user manual. You need your own power adapter and cable for Apple devices.
  • Recharging your power bank. It is best to recharge your power bank overnight because the Aibocn 10000mAh takes over 12 hours to get back in full charge.

EVOTech Labs 10400mAh


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Just a bit pricier compared to other similar power banks, the EVOTech Labs 10400mAh is still worth every penny. It has 3 built-in ports, the fastest power bank recharging feature, reliable power and it is even covered by limited warranty. It comes with color options too!

Why We Like It:

  • 3 built-in USB ports. While other power banks can charge only one or two gadgets at a time, this product can handle up to three devices.
  • UL Certified batteries. You don’t even have to be worried about overcharging or overloading, as your safety is the brand’s priority. Batteries inside the model are UL Certified.
  • Fast charging. One of the ports comes with 2.5amps power. That’s currently the fastest possible recharge time you can get out of a portable power source. This device promises charging speeds more than 6x the usual.
  • Color options. You don’t have to settle with boring colors anymore. Charge in style with a gold, cobalt, red steel or rose gold EVOTech Labs power bank.
  • Covered by warranty. This option comes with 3 years warranty backed by exceptional customer support.
  • It comes with a Micro USB cable. Just like most portable chargers, the EVOTech Labs 10400mAh comes with a Micro USB cable. It could have been better if they included cables for Apple devices too.

ROMOSS QS05 5000mAh


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The ROMOSS QS05 5000mAh is one of the best cheap portable chargers since it is truly compact and noticeably thinner. While it only has one charging port, it comes with a built-in cable design so you won’t have to use a separate cable anymore.

Why We Like It:

  • Built-in cable design. The model comes with a built-in cable feature. Its switch-tip design has a Micro USB tip for your Android devices and a lightning tip for your Apple devices.
  • Fit Charge Technology. It has the ability to detect automatically the kind of device you’re charging. This feature allows it to fast charge at a safe rate.
  • It fits in your pocket. It is labeled travel size for a reason. Finally, the product came out with a truly compact power bank that’s noticeably thinner and smaller. Don’t be fooled by its size though. It still charges your devices like a champ!
  • Safety charge features. Just like most power banks, this one has built-in safeguard features that protect the charger and your device from overheating, overcharging and short circuit.
  • Best used for smartphones and other small portable devices. It’s great that ROMOSS was truly honest about the charging capacity of this power bank. They recommend it for most smartphones including iPhones and Android phones, portable gaming devices and more. However, they do not recommend it for tablets and iPads because the power current is not large enough for those.