Doing Yoga in the comfort of your own home offers its own benefits, including convenience and flexibility in schedule. Moreover choosing to learn from Yoga DVD’s are great whether you’re a beginner or advanced Yogi. They allow you to pause, rewind and review to match your pace and environment.

However, there are many Yoga DVD’s out there on the market with promises of their own. So, to help you choose the best yoga DVDs for beginners and beyond, we’ve listed our top picks. These are the best yoga DVD’s based on reviews and content for a good yoga workout.

Top-Rated Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVD For Beginners  (TOP Choice)

Yoga For Beginners

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Our top choice comes from a renowned Yoga instructor, Barbara Benagh.  The DVD covers 8 routines that are progressive and easy to follow. With that variety, users appreciate being able to switch and mix routines that they feel most comfortable with.

Barbara provides detailed descriptions, cues and tips for each pose. She also explains breathing and what you should be feeling as you move and pose. This helps beginners follow through and validate if they are executing a pose correctly.

When it comes to the pace and instruction, there are mixed reviews. Some feel it’s too difficult, some feel it’s just right. This may be dependent on your beginning level of flexibility and health. Some customer reviews note how the length of time for holding each pose is too much for beginners.

The 8 routines covered are categorized in progression, starting from routines that targeted routines and tips to progressive moves.  These help newbies learn about proper posture and positioning as well as the basic Yoga poses.


  • Includes 8 routines. The variety of routines allows flexibility and variety in your Yoga workout experience.
  • Detailed instructions. The level of detail provided for each pose ensures you fully understand the aspects of each movement to execute them correctly.
  • Beautiful Scenery. Instead of the rather basic home and mat set-up, the backdrop used provides a relaxing view as you go through your workout.


  • Pace and Instruction aren’t universal. For more adept Yoga practitioners, the instruction details may feel too much. Meanwhile, the pace may feel too difficult for some beginners in terms of pose length, however, this depends on one’s starting level of health and flexibility.

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown – Total Body Workout (Best Value)

Jillian Michaels - Yoga Meltdown

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If you’re looking for one of the best yoga videos for weight loss at an affordable price here’s one to consider. Jillian Michaels, the popular fitness instructor with hard-hitting workouts for the biggest loser, leads routines in this DVD.  You can get the sense of her intensity with the pace of the exercises covered.

The routine is intense in a sense that it’s not just about going into Yoga poses directly. It involves cardio intervals and warm-ups that include squats and push-ups.  The program itself feels intense because it includes a mix of other exercises. So if you’re overweight, and you’re looking more on easing into Yoga, this may be too intense for you.

Jillian’s yoga program allows users to ease into yoga with a gentle Vinyasa. However, the pace is more fitting for yogis in the intermediate level. You need to be familiar with most of the basic yoga poses in order to follow the routines. Moreover, explanations aren’t as detailed and the program isn’t too instructional (more on visual), so a novice would find it hard to keep up.

The routine covers a good number of sun salutations that work well for increased body flow. This makes it a good workout for those who practice Yoga for active recovery between intense workouts too.


  • Fast Paced and Intense. It is a Yoga Meltdown, but it isn’t purely Yoga. If you’re looking for a meltdown for weight loss, this is a good start. However, this pace and intensity don’t give the same restorative, spiritual vibe typical of yoga.
  • Progressive program. The program starts with an easier routine requiring only your mat and your own body weight. Then it eventually moves into the use of lightweights.
  • Intense but not impossible. With the right level of basic knowledge and experience, the CD gives you a program that isn’t too impossible to execute.


  • Not your typical yoga. The overall vibe is intense and fast. It’s not for individuals looking for the quiet, calming stretch and meditation of yoga. It is more intense than it is relaxing.
  • Not for beginners.  The pace is too fast for beginners, and it requires a level of knowledge and experience for one to be able to follow.

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Biggest Loser - Weight Loss DVD

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The Biggest Loser is one of the biggest shows that inspired many overweight people to get back into shape.  Under the franchise now comes to their weight loss yoga program with instructor Bob Harper leading you on the path to weight loss and Zen.

The DVD features multiple workout segments involving a mixture of yoga, power moves and some Yogalates.  The first level covers posture and basic Yoga poses, much like Hatha or Ashtanga yoga, where you hold and repeat poses for a specific length of time.  The beginning is low impact and teaches more about how to get into poses.

However, this isn’t one of the best videos for beginners. This is because many experienced users note that Bob and his assistants don’t always hold the poses correctly. Some shared how they’ve had to alter some moves to correct them. So unless you have experience and knowledge to do the same you may end up with painful wrists.

That aside though, many users appreciate how encouraging and relatable Bob is. The cues provided follow a well-timed sequence, though instructions are not specific to the technical aspects of each move.

Overall, the DVD provides a well-balanced workout between strength, flexibility, and core building.


  • Good Pace and Motivation. Bob follows a pace that is easy to follow and is relatable. Many users appreciate how he motivates in his own way instead of pushing and yelling.
  • Mixes exercise variety for a balanced workout. It’s good for active recovery and covers strength, flexibility and core exercises.


  • Inappropriate posture. Note that you may have to alter some moves to avoid pain or injury.

Gentle Yoga: Practices for Mid-life

Gentle Yog 7 Beginning Practices for Mid-life (40s_70s) including AM Energy, PM Relaxation, Improving Balance, Relief from Desk Work, Core Strength

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If you’re looking for some relaxation and stress-relief from the stresses of mid-life Yoga DVDs can be an easy go-to. You can make time for yoga in the comforts of your own home at your most convenient time.

This Gentle Yoga DVD is a good way to ease into Yoga any time during the day. It includes an energizing morning routine, a relaxing night/afternoon routine, and mid-day exercises that improve core strength and balance. Its mid-day exercises also provide poses that can help you find relief from deskwork.

In this CD, Jane Adams, an adept Yoga practitioner and instructor, guides viewers through seven different routines that cover up to 100 Yoga poses. These routines are short and easy to follow, lasting between 8 to 30 minutes. Moreover, customers appreciate how clear her instructions and cues are on a backdrop of relaxing music and a view of Glacier National Park.

Skill and level wise, the program is a good training ground for beginners. It goes through a series of basic poses fluidly sequenced in a gentle Vinyasa. Viewers note how they get a good stretch from the workout and how easy it is to follow making it great even for those over 50.


  • Easy fluid pace. Anyone can easily follow the clear and gently paced instructions provided for each pose. You won’t have to keep playing back the video.
  • Covers essentials of yoga relaxation, balance and core strength. Includes categorized exercises covering balance, relaxation, core strength and focus.
  • Flexibility in routine. You can opt to mix and match the routines to align with your yoga workout goals.


  • Not for adept practitioners. The moves may be too simple or easy for more experienced yoga practitioners.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

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If you’re looking for one of the best-rated videos for beginners then you can’t miss this 3-DVD set directed by Michael Wohl. It includes 40 categorized routines that cover a good range of workout needs. It even includes modified poses to help less flexible beginners to ease into Yoga as they work on flexibility.

Barbara Benagh leads you through a series of poses talking through cues, relaxation and execution details for each move.  Additionally, she follows a slow fluid pace over a relaxing view of Half-Moon Bay, Antigua and relaxing music.

Though routines are grouped for AM, PM and Stress Relief, you can feel free to mix and match the routines that you like fitting your schedule and preference. Moreover, each routine lasts between 15 to 60 minutes with a good variety of exercises to choose from. This includes basic warm-ups and sun salutations to extended poses as you progress.

Reviews posted appreciated how universally applicable the stress-relief exercises are, and how effective they are for people with anxiety. Plus, it has a bonus section covering the power of meditation discussed by H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Overall, the program provides a complete yoga workout while easing a beginner to more complex moves. It also comes at a cheap price considering what the package offers.


  • Good variety of workouts. There are over 40 routines that you can mix and match according to your need.
  • Includes recommendations and variations for inflexible people. If you’re worried about the following yoga but limited in flexibility, the program includes videos just for you.
  • Slow paced and detailed. It’s well paced for beginners and provides good detail for those who are just learning yoga.


  • Intensity too low for more experienced viewers. More experienced yoga practitioners tend to be bored with the routine’s pace and complexity.

Yoga Over 50

Yoga over 50 - with 8 Routines

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Flexibility and strength tend to change as we age luckily there are Yoga routines designed to help us continue our yoga workout in spite of this. In this DVD, Barbara covers 8 routines paced and formed for those over 50.

Each routine covered ranges from 20 – 60 minutes, you can choose from these through the menu that also allows you to pick your time and level. Routines specific to the stresses and physical challenges of this age group are also covered, including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Additionally, there are seated poses and seated yoga for those who have limited mobility.

Other than these specialized moves, the program also covers exercises for strength and flexibility. While Barbara also guides the viewer to relaxation and meditation, and flowing sun salutations.

But why bother with yoga when you’re over 50? Well, yoga and meditation will help you cope with all these health challenges a lot. Plus, there are many scientifically proven benefits of yoga and meditation against aging. One even cited how old aged monks over 80 years old had the brain health age like that of 20-year-olds due to meditation practice.

Because being old doesn’t mean having to feel old these yoga routines help energize both body, mind and spirit of seniors.


  • Well-paced and well-designed moves. These moves are modified specifically fitting the tenderness and flexibility of people over 50. These even include seated poses and health-specific exercises.
  • Good variety and flexibility in routines. The 8 routines covered can be mixed and matched, with users having the ability to pick time and level.
  • Affordable price. For a well-designed course, the CD is priced at a more than reasonable price.


  • Not for active seniors. The pace may be too slow and boring for someone who is in healthier shape.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

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One of the top-rated DVD recommendations for beginners and beyond, this makes a great partner as you learn and progress.  It covers routines that get you started on your yoga journey with the right foundation of basic poses and breathing. Then it turns the level up to more challenging Iyengar.

The program includes energizing morning exercises and poses, each helping you improve strength, stamina and flexibility. After that, come relaxing afternoon/night-time wind-down exercises to relax the body and mind after a busy day. These PM workouts relieve stress and sore muscles and make use of a pillow and beach towel for extended stretches.

Jessica Smith leads viewers through these series of movements with a background of Miami, Florida’s beach. The cues are simple and easy to follow involving no Sanskrit or technical terms or chanting. The routines take about 30 minutes each, which makes them easy to squeeze into a busy day.

Many users appreciate how straightforward Jessica’s instructions are, and how her pace suits a beginner well.  Additionally, while initial routines were designed for a beginner, the DVD provides progressive routines as well. This means you get to start and develop a good foundation but still get to progress to more complex moves.


  • Well-suited for beginners but with progressive options. It guides a beginner yogi to learn and build the right foundation while also offering more complex moves to level up to.
  • Simple language and straightforward instructions. You don’t need to be adept in technical terms in order to follow.


  • Non-familiarity with Yoga terms. While the non-use of technical terms can make it seem simple, it doesn’t help in building your knowledge of these terms. This means you’ll have to learn them separately as you progress.

Namaste Yoga DVD

Namaste Yoga DVD

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More than just a yoga workout, this DVD promises to guide viewers to the path of peace and relaxation. It features 13 routines lasting about 22 minutes each lead by Master yoga teacher, Kate Potter. The exercises are shot in beautiful locations around the Pacific Northwest for a relaxing feel.

The series takes you through a journey from beginner level to moves that are more complex. This makes it a good program for beginners and beyond.  The routines include learning how to do poses like the Warrior III, Revolved Triangle Pose and the Crane Arm Balance through Hatha/Vinyasa style flows.

Some beginner uses note how they would master each episode first before proceeding to the next following a progression of skill. While the sessions seem short, you can opt to complete more than one episode at a time to meet your workout needs.

Many beginners appreciate how the program eases them into yoga and allows them to progress. Moreover, many users confirm how helpful and useful the DVD is on their journey to learning and practicing yoga. It provides good basics and foundation and leads you well into higher levels.


  • Good pace and progression. The program starts with easier routines and progresses for advanced moves.
  • Relaxing background and music. Many users appreciate the beautiful sceneries and music that go along with the workout supporting a calming session.


  • Zooming in portions. There are parts of the sessions where the camera zooms in on the trainer/assistant bodies reverting focus away from the pose/exercises. Some customers find it distracting.

Rodney Yee Power Yoga

Power Yoga - Total Body Workout

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This DVD takes on a different approach to yoga and focuses more on power and strength.  Here, adept yogi, Rody Yee guides viewers through Yoga routines designed to build stamina, endurance and strength.

The exercises are quite demanding, and each sequence designed to heat-up the body for a detoxifying workout. Sessions last about 75 minutes each with the option for continuous exercise, as the sessions aren’t segmented.

Beginners usually opt to replay and go through the first parts only before they progress to the next. However, depending on starting flexibility and strength they may find the pace to fast. This is because poses aren’t held for extended periods and the transitions tend to happen fast though smoothly.

The exercises put well to focus on breathing to help you cope with the intensity. However, despite the intensity of the workouts, many viewers do note that they feel relaxed as well after completing sessions. They appreciate how the beautiful scenery and relaxing music contributes to a relaxing session.

The DVD received mixed feedback though from other power yoga practitioners. This may be to slow or boring for yogis who are more experienced in power yoga. They do note that the chosen poses are challenging and fit for intermediate and advanced yogis.


  • Intense but relaxing. It builds heat but also includes slower paced sequences to complete a workout. Most users feel relaxed after completing a session.
  • Strength and power focus. More than relaxation, the program is designed for building stamina, endurance and strength.
  • A challenging workout. Moves and poses are complex enough to challenge an intermediate or advanced yogi.


  • Slow for advanced power yogis. Maybe too slow or boring for some yogis who are experienced in power yoga. The intensity may not be adequate for them.
  • Not segmented. The workout isn’t organized into segments that helps you plan or mix/match routines.

Prenatal Yoga Video

Prenatal Yoga Video

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Yoga has many wonderful benefits for an expecting mom. Especially when it comes to relief from those aches and pains as her body stretches to make room for the little one. Moreover, pregnancy itself comes with its own set of stress and anxiety problems through each trimester.

The DVD features breathing exercises and calming meditation to help you cope with any stress or anxiety during pregnancy.  Plus, gentle poses and routines, both seated and on the floor, that stretch and strengthen your body. The program even includes exercises that help prepare you for delivery, including Kegels.

Sessions are led by experienced yoga instructor, Shiva Rea. Many users appreciate how relaxing and calm her voice is, and how easy it is to follow her pace. She walks you through guided relaxation and puts emphasis on the accuracy of each pose for safety.

For beginner momma’ yogis this makes a perfect starting program. This is considering that instructions are detailed and clear, the pace is slow and the chosen moves for the routine are gentle. There is also a good consideration for safety while being effective in relieving stress and body aches/pains during pregnancy.


  • Safe and effective for beginner momma’ yogis. Many customers confirm how helpful the routines are in both relaxation and preparation for delivery. Meanwhile, the instructor also talks about posture accuracy to ensure safety.
  • Includes relaxation and meditation apart from the workout. The DVD also includes guided meditation and relaxation to relieve pregnancy-related stress and anxiety.


  • Low intensity for experienced yogis. For momma’s who have experience in prenatal yoga, the poses may feel light or easy. Just always remember to put safety first if you’re looking for more intensity.

Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Relaxation, Stretching

Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga

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If you’re not as big on flexibility and balance, gentler yoga exercises may be more to your level. You may then want to consider this DVD by Jessica Smith. It provides the gentle workout you need for a good yoga workout with milder intensity.

It may be gentle yoga but it covers enough to improve balance, flexibility, and mobility with guided relaxation and stretching. This includes exercises that target the areas where stress tends to manifest. So, you’ll find segments focusing on the neck and shoulders, back and chest and hips and knees, then a total body workout.

The first routine for the neck and shoulders works on releasing tension and stress, which often accumulates here. The next segment on back and chest provides pain relief and loosening the tension on the spine. Following this is the segment on improving balance and strength on your hips and knees with exercises that relieve tension on joints. Then finally, a full body stretch.

Jessica Smith goes through these exercises over a good and easy pace while providing detailed cues and instructions. Additionally, you get a beautiful setting for the video including a waterfall over a pool surrounded by lush greens. Moreover, you get an overall relaxing feel throughout the video with Jessica’s calm voice, and the sound of the waterfalls married with piano music.


  • Relaxing and beautiful scenery. The setting provides a beautiful and relaxing picture to complete your sessions with.
  • Gentle yet complete workout suitable for any age. Users from 20 years old and up with limited flexibility or challenges in balance find these videos very helpful.


  • Nothing bad that stood out. While there were a couple of users who found it hard to follow some of the poses, the reviews have been predominantly great.

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Shiva Rea - Daily Energy

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If you are looking for a picker-upper to energize your body and mind you definitely can’t miss out this Vinyasa Yoga by Shiva Rea. Moreover, the routines aren’t too long, lasting only 20 minutes each. This makes it easy to fit into your daily schedule.

In addition to that, the DVD comes with a Yoga Matrix. This allows you to customize your workout length and intensity to your preference. To support this, the DVD also includes pre-set practices, including a variety of exercises from relaxing to energizing. So you can choose which ones to include in your workout to match your mood or goal.

Segments included in the exercises make-up seven 20-minute routines. Then these are categorized into groups of movements focusing on different aspects, starting from basic introductory movements, to standing poses and combination movements.

The setting has modern touch though, as the video is shot over a colorful softly lit studio. There aren’t any nature sounds or soft music, rather an Indian-inspired soundtrack to work out to. Moreover, instructions are provided via voice-over, giving users the option to isolate it from the music.

Overall, this DVD provides a good variety of exercises while also allowing flexibility in your experience using the Yoga Matrix.


  • Customizable experience. Provides good sets of exercises and a useful Yoga Matrix enabling users to mix and match routines to customize their workout.
  • Quick workout sets. Routines only last 20-minutes making them easy to squeeze into a busy day.


  • Studio background. Doesn’t provide a relaxing backdrop to support your workout.

How to Choose the Best Yoga DVD

There are over thousands of titles and routines available now on the market. These allow both experienced and newcomers to the world of yoga to do routines in the comforts of their home. However, with so many to choose from, it’s best to understand how to make the right choice for you. So here are a few things to consider when choosing a Yoga DVD:

The level of experience it supports

Considering this is most important if you are a beginner. While some videos provide easy to follow instructions you may come across terminology that you aren’t familiar with. See, not all instructors will explain these terms in detail.

Apart from that, note that while you can see the moves and try to follow them, they can’t correct you. You will have to rely on yourself to correct your posture, you have to make sure you choose a video that provides the right amount of detail that allows you to determine if you’re following the moves right.

Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced yogi, too much detail may end up boring you.

Pace of exercises

When you preview the moves, you may be attracted to how slow the pace is. However, complexity and intensity also come in the length of time each pose is held. So gauging your current level of balance and flexibility, you’ll want to assess if you can execute these poses.

You’ll also want to match the pace and intensity you’re used to when working out. This makes sure you pick a DVD that doesn’t bore you.

Finally, if you do other exercises or workout regimens, look for something that compliments your workout. Choose routines that help with active recovery rather than yoga routines that completely relax or cause your muscles to sleep.

Yoga Style

This bit requires you to do a little of research on your own, especially if you’re a beginner. Not all titles will explain each yoga style. So understanding this helps you define what it is you want and how your choice fits it.

Also, note that there are DVDs that cover modified moves and routines to fit specific needs or physical limitations. So if you have any problems with flexibility or mobility, you may want to consider looking for these type of DVDs.

There are many good choices on the market. However, the best one out there is one that fits your level, experience, physical condition, and workout goals. Even better are those that allow you to customize your workout to fit your needs.  So to get the best DVD, make sure you consider these things.