10 Best Wireless Microphone Systems

GTD Audio G-622H 200 Channel UHF Professional WirelessAfter cycling through different brands of microphone systems in a large collection, the GTD Audio G-622H is the unit we liked the most.

Aside from the fact that the manufacturer is one of the best-known names in the business, it includes features that set it apart from the rest.

The most popular features are the 200 selectable channels, which are each accompanied by 100 selectable frequencies. These features are powerful enough to support up to 30 microphones and fifteen receivers with interference reduced to a negligible level.

When you throw in automatic transmitters, two XLR outputs, and a single ¼ inch mixed output, GTD Audio units are the best wireless microphone systems under $200.

Top-Rated Wireless Microphone Systems

#1 GTD Audio G-622H

GTD Audio G-622H 200

#2 PylePro PDWM3375

PylePro PDWM3375

#3 GTD Audio G-787H

GTD Audio G-787H UHF

GTD Audio G-622H UHF Professional Wireless Microphone System

GTD Audio G-622H 200

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This digital microphone is manufactured by one of the best brands and offers seamless features. For each channel, there are as many as ten selectable frequencies.

It supports 30 mics and 15 receivers at the same time. The top-rated gadget supports frequency scanning in an automated way and one can select the best channel available to him/her.

The XLR individual outputs, two in number, produce a mixed output and it produces high-quality sound. It has a good audibility range, up to a distance of 500 feet.

You can use this UHF wireless microphone for anchoring, singing and all professional purposes.


  • Versatility. The unit provides many options such as 100 frequencies and it can handle 15 receivers with 30 mics for speaking or singing.
  • Automated. Frequencies are scanned automatically and the unit finds the best option for you.
  • Range. Can handle up to 450ft range.
  • FCC Compliant. At UHG 550MHz-590MHz it falls within regulations.


  • Quality concerns. Some users report the mics stop operating quite soon. The antennas are also low quality.
  • Difficult to mix. You can’t adjust the gain, so it’s hard not to get feedback on the mics.

PylePro PDWM3375 2-Channel Microphone System

PylePro PDWM3375

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In case you plan to buy a 2 channel handheld microphone for professional use, you can buy this gadget. The frequencies are selectable and the handheld mic has power indicators, backed by LED lights for clear visibility.

The channel display is bright and it allows the great view with clarity. It produces good quality sound and the cost of the microphone, too, is reasonable.

The wireless mic is good for singing due to the high-quality sound. The indicator for audio level helps in adjusting the sound and it has an operational range up to 164 feet. It is a good product to choose from the market.


  • Control. Each of the eight channels has its own volume control, so mixing and comparison are made easy.
  • Audio capturing. The dual microphones pick up sound from all angles, making it easy to have all sounds projected clearly.


  • Low range. The dual transmitters only work well up to 50ft, which is much lower than some other units in this review.
  • Frequency range. It operates in the 673-697 MHz range. This puts them outside the acceptable range the FCC will accept in future.
  • Quality. All parts tend to give users problems, with them either breaking or providing distorted sounds.

GTD Audio G-787H

GTD Audio G-787H UHF

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The price of this vocal microphone is higher in comparison to other gadgets, but it is one of the best products on the market. For each channel, there are 800 frequencies to be selected and has a range up to a range of 600 feet.

It comes from a reputed brand and is a highly recommended product, especially if you use it in a large outdoor area or hall. The consumer reports state that it has a number of updated features like automatic scanning frequency, setting up of the transmitter automatically and so on.


  • Excellent options. Use up to 60 mics over 800 frequencies.
  • Range. With an extensive range of 450ft, it makes setup in large venues easy.
  • FCC Compliant. It doesn’t use the 600 MHz bandwidth range.
  • User-friendly. Pressing two buttons enables the syncing feature which is done via infrared.


  • Price. It’s one of the more expensive units on this list.
  • Limited application. Users report that it’s impractical for usage in large settings.
  • Low quality. The mics tend to stop working even after only a short time of use.

GTD Audio G-380H

GTD Audio G-380H

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If you look out for a 4 channel microphone at an affordable cost, you can opt for this gadget. It is priced around $130 and comes within the average budget.

You will also get a limited period warranty when you purchase the gadget. The special features include the adjustment of the volume individually for each channel.

The wireless microphone is ideal for a distance of 230 feet and produces good quality sound. The review and rating indicate that it is wise to buy the product.


  • Optimal control. You can adjust the volume on each of the four channels separately.
  • Outputsю Where most units have two XLR outputs, this GTD model has a total of four.
  • FCC compliant. It only operates in the 240-260 MHz range.
  • Mic design. The mics have different colored ends for easy identification by singing subjects or speakers on stage and sound technicians.


  • Price. It’s cheaper than the brand’s 787-H model but still more expensive than most. Luckily you do get a total of four mics, instead of two as with most packages.
  • Mic quality. For quality sound in a band setup you need more advanced rated mic technology than this.

Audio 2000s VHF 2

Audio 2000s VHF 2

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This is a good wireless microphone that you can avail below $50. Considering the features, it comes to you at the best price.

The operational range of this device is about 100 feet and the audio frequency response is 40 to 20,000 Hz. There are two individual controls for level and has a one-fourth inch mixed microphone output.

However, the gadget does not support AUX input. This set of dual wireless microphone produces good quality sound, making it ideal for professional use.


  • Silence circuit. You get minimal static when transmitters are switched off thanks to the silence circuit.
  • Auto Mute. It’s so handy that you don’t have to fear the unit giving a popping sound when switched on or off.
  • User-friendly. Setup is easy.


  • Operating range. You’ll only get the clear sound up to 100ft away from the unit and it must be in the line of sight.
  • Delay. You may experience a delay with the cordless setup.
  • Limited options. You only have two channels, limiting the environments you can use this in.

Freeboss Kv-22 VHF

Freeboss Kv-22 VHF

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This is another top-rated dual wireless microphone that comes to you at a cheap price. Its operational range is over 160 feet and is one of the most popular gadgets of its class.

The microphone receiver is made of plastic and the plastic handle makes it easy to carry. The operational system is easy and simple.

The on and off switch has an indicator and it has good volume controls. A one-fourth inch audio cable is included along with the device. It comes with a dual VHF system and most of the customer reviews are positive.


  • Practical design. The cordless dual mics have different colored ends for easy identification.
  • FCC compliant. At 231-258MHz the frequency won’t cause problems with FCC regulations.
  • Price. It’s one of the most affordable units mentioned in these reviews but note the limited range and mics.
  • Accessories. The unit comes with ¼” audio cable.


  • Cheap design. Note that the mics are made of plastic, giving them an inexpensive feel.
  • Limited range. You’ll only have effective usage within a range of 160ft.
  • Low volume. The mics’ limited capacity means they don’t pick up a lot of singing audio, so soft sounds are rarely amplified.

Shure SLX24/SM58 Handheld Wireless System

Shure SLX24-SM58

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Shure offers a powerful cordless microphone with sm58 features to the world of electronics. This is a highly-sophisticated device and the power indicator emits a signal of warning if the battery is low.

The metal chassis is rugged and the device has a good control over the volume. The upgraded output features in the gadget ensure that the sound quality is good. The accessories can be set up quite fast and it is easy to tackle the gadget.


  • Options. The unit allows for up to 960 frequencies to be used.
  • Automated features. Both frequency selection and the setup of the transmitter happen automatically.
  • Detachability. The dual antennas can be detached, making them easy to store and limit damage to them.
  • Long range. You can move up to 300ft away from the receiver and still get good reception.


  • Expensive. This is one of the most expensive units, and you only get one mic & channel.

Shure BLX24R/SM58

Shure BLX24R-SM58

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If you are looking out for a professional microphone at a moderate price, this is something you can have a look at. The handheld microphone has a rack mount system that makes it compatible with any indoor or outdoor situation.

It comes with all the related accessories and the frequency can easily be selected with a single touch of the Quick scan feature.

Each frequency band supports up to a maximum of twelve compatible systems. The handheld microphone is powered by an internal antenna diversity, backed by a microprocessor.


  • Automated features. Initiate a search for the best frequency by touching only one button.
  • Adjustable gains. You’re in control of the audio thanks to the gain switch on the unit.
  • Versatile. The brand provides both bodypack and handheld transmitters.
  • Battery life. The mic can last exceptionally long, up to 14 hours.


  • Expensive. One of the pricier items available.
  • Limited usage. Only one mic and channel to use.

Shure BLX288/PG58 Vocal Rack Mount System

Shure BLX288-PG58

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This is a good wireless microphone set that you can use for professional purposes. It is priced around $550 and offers all the upgraded features that you can expect from a handheld microphone set.

Bright LED lights are used to indicate the usage and battery statuses. It has an operational range of 300 feet and it is easy and fast to match the frequencies.

The gain control is adjustable and the microphone capsules in the devices are dynamic. The pg58 microphone is powered by two AA batteries and can be used for 14 hours at a stretch.


  • Range. Enjoy clear sound up to 300ft from a receiver.
  • User-friendly. It’s fast and simple to match the frequencies between mics and receivers.
  • Batteries included. Not all brands provide batteries, but Shure does.
  • Clear indicators. The LED lights tell you exactly what’s going on, such as the battery’s status.


  • Cheap feel. The plastic used in certain components gives the set a cheap feel.
  • Noisy. Many users report the mic picks up noises from the users’ hands, instead of only spoken audio.

Sennheiser XSW 35-A Wireless Vocal Set

Sennheiser XSW 35-A

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Sennheiser brings to you a robust handheld microphone that supports 960 receivers, which are tuneable. The body of the device is made of solid metal and it is really a good gadget to choose.

If you look out for a cheap handheld mic, this is a good option for you, as it is available for $390. It is a heavy-duty gadget and you can use it for 10 hours at a stretch.

Apart from this, it is possible to sync and scan the functions. The frequency range of the gadget is ‘A’ and is a highly recommended product that offers all the modern features.


  • Long battery life. The mic can work up to 10 hours which is more than enough for most applications.
  • Many frequencies. Up to 960 frequencies can be accessed.
  • FCC Compliant. The unit only uses frequencies up to 572MHz.


  • Design. The mic’s plastic casing looks and feels cheaper than many items in these reviews.
  • Tuning difficulties. It’s tricky to manually find the ideal frequency.

Things to Consider before Buying a Wireless Microphone System

FCC 2020 Compliance

Here’s what you need to plan for. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mentioned in these reviews decreed that no units that use the 600 MHz bandwidth may be used after 13 July 2020.

Therefore, if you need a long-term solution, it doesn’t make sense purchasing a wireless microphone system that falls into that category.

Intended Use

What is the unit designed for? Here are a few examples to clarify:

  • Vocals singing.
  • Sound for public speaking.
  • Live band performance requiring mics for live vocals.
  • Mic for DJ.
  • Sound for presentations.
  • Best wireless microphone for church use.

You’ll only get great quality, clarity and volume if your microphone system is made to accommodate your particular set up.

This relates to:

  • The area between stage (where the mic is) and receiver at sound desk, because your receiver must work across that range. Only long-range wireless mic will give clear sound over 300ft.
  • How many mics you need; will your receiver accommodate all of them?
  • If both speakers/singers and musicians will be on stage you need a higher quality system to ensure clarity.
  • Do you need mics to be easily rechargeable for extended use?
  • The condenser used.


What will you use your wireless microphone system for? If you know you’ll usually need multiple channels so you can accommodate more speakers, don’t settle for a one channel system.

But also don’t settle for just any channel. Preferably you must be able to manage the volume and adjust the audio through a gain knob relating to the specific channel.

Analog vs Digital

It’s all about getting the clearest audio output, right? And digital is much better in this regard than analog.

With analog systems, you rely on a radio signal to push the sound out. As with ordinary radios, this can cause noisy audio when signals are interrupted.

Your advantage with digital features is that they’re not as easily interrupted. They work more as Wi-Fi does:

  • It’s less reliant on being in a line of sight.
  • Audio will be more dynamic and stable instead of intermittent.


Realize that the market is filled with different types of cordless handheld mic sets with unique quality ratings. The most expensive unit may not be your ideal solution, because it may not suit your application.

It’s vital you’re clear about what it will be used for. For instance, a wireless set is more expensive, but if you need equipment for singers instead of DJs, wired mics will suffice. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary wire free options.

So find your application and then search for viable options to pick one that suits your budget. Our modern world’s technology is so advanced that even low-cost wireless microphone models quoted at under $100 will still provide acceptable sound. These are usually ideal for application at churches, a school or small event.

However, if you or your business’ good reputation depends on the unit you purchase, it may serve you well to spend a little more.

These units are so easy to come by so anyone can own one. You need to trump your competitors by owning the best on the market and making the best presentations at all times.

One important item you should be prepared to spend on is a microphone. Let’s discuss them more in detail so you know why you should stick to quality high-end products.

Advantages of the Wireless Microphones

It’s worthwhile investing in wireless microphones because:

  • The speaker can move freely across the stage, unencumbered by a wire or limited to the wire’s length.
  • No chance of a damaged wire interfering with sound quality.
  • It has aesthetic value to create a stage set up with fewer cables and obstructions, especially for public performances or recordings that will be sold afterward.
  • Quality mics clearly pick up all necessary sounds around the mic heads.

This relates to a top microphone for singers. But here’s one better for people doing presentations: Instead of using handheld mics, why not try a headset so the subject’s hands are freed up? The right mic equipment can transform an event.