Each and every time we turn on the TV, we will always hear or see crimes happening on the news. Whether you live in a safe neighborhood or not, it is always wise to have at least a little security that you can rely on. Consider installing a top-rated wireless IP camera or a high quality wireless IP camera on your homes. They may not be as effective as other the forms of security systems, but they are far simpler to install, more affordable and are very effective. Below, you can find 10 reviews of the best wireless IP cameras to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Wireless IP Cameras

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera

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If you are to choose a home security camera, consider the video quality as it should be clear and recognizable, just like what Amcrest ProHD is offering. It has a full HD 1080 video at 30 frames per second and is equipped with Sony’s Imx322 Sensor and the latest Ambarella S2Im Chipset. It has a wide viewing angle of 90 degrees and has an easy-to-setup Wi-Fi feature. Moreover, this product has an Intelligent Motion Alerts system that can conveniently add to your home security. It is considered of great value coming from numerous customer reviews of a wireless IP camera.

YI Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

YI Dome Camera Pan_Tilt_Zoom Wireless IP

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A key factor of a good surveillance IP camera is its coverage area. Not all are capable of what YI Wireless can do at 112 degrees wide-angle with its advanced glass lens. It is capable of 360 degrees coverage area and has a viewing distance in the pitch dark of up to 3 meters. It is designed with an 8 built-in 940 nm infrared LED as not to disturb any babies or pets present in your home. What is more, this security system is supported by YI Cloud to prevent any loss of footage. The cost of the system is around $60 if thinking of buying it.

YI Wireless IP Cam, White

YI Home

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If you’re on a budget, then YI Wireless IP Cam may just be what you’re looking for. It is one of the best wireless IP cameras out there and is priced about $40. It also has a decent video quality of 720 HD that has a good quality 2-way audio built-in microphone and speaker. The angle of its lens is 111 degrees that features a 940 nm infrared sensor and a 4x digital zoom. Unlike other systems that require subscription fees; this one has none and supports up to 32 GB of storage space on an SD micro or SD cards.

Ouvis veezon Smart Home Ouvis veezon VZ1 2.0 MP Smart Home

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Loved by many and criticized by few, this model is capable of recording 720p video quality. This is a good alternative to high-quality but expensive cameras that features good night vision as this system can go up to 30ft in low light conditions. It also features an optimized WiFi IP camera, as not to get disconnected with your internet connection. Moreover, it has an easy-setup that can be done in just minute’s time. The system is best suited for business and for home security.

Foscam R2 2MP

Foscam R2 2MP 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera

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This is a small IP camera system in comparison to other security ones available on the market. It has a high approval rating from its many satisfied customers, due to the fact that it can record 1080p FHD resolution with a good FPS of 25. It also has a decent viewing angle of 110 degrees, able to reach up to 26 feet of viewing distance on night vision. It also features its high-quality audio integration that is said to have reduced background noise and enhanced audio output. To purchase this camera, you’ll need around $80. It also has a good 2-year warranty.

Dcam Mini IP Camera Baby Pet Monitor

Dcam Wireless IP Camera Home Security Camera System

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This is a cheap wireless IP camera and one of the most compact IP models on the market. Designed with dimensions of only 0.8 x 3.3 x 2.3 inches, you will no doubt find a good use for this system. It uses a 32 GB micro SD as a storage device and has a 2-way audio built-in microphone and speakers. The video quality is reasonably decent at 720p and has night vision coverage of up to 20 feet. This system is considered as a miniature compared to its mini IP camera competitors.

Zmodo Smart 4 Pack

Zmodo Smart

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This home security system is not cheap but is a very convenient one that can go anywhere around the $100 price tag. It has a night vision range of a long 80 feet at full 720p video quality. It features a seamlessly stream via its mobile application called Zmodo for both iOS and Android. If you prefer a PC, the video stream can also be seen through an internet browser. It is a durable security system as it is weatherproof, with a viewable angle of 77 degrees.

Wansview Outdoor 720P

Wansview Outdoor 720P WiFi Wireless IP Security

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Just like most security cameras, this system can record videos of 720p HD quality at 1280 x 780 resolutions and with 30 FPS. The video can also be streamed on smartphones, tablets, Windows PC’s, and Apple Macs. The camera is waterproof and also has a good range of up to 67 feet of night vision. It has an affordable price and considered to be of great value for its price, as stated by many of its users. Videos can be recorded and stored via FTP.

ENKLOV In Home Video Monitoring

1080P Wireless Wifi IP Security

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If you’re looking to buy a wireless IP camera, why not get it from one of the best brands, ENKLOV in particular. Either for an indoor or outdoor, this system can be quite competitive as it offers 1080p IP camera at 30 fps. It is recommended as a nanny cam, pet cam, business monitoring and home security. It uses an SD card as its storage space and is saved with a special format for user’s privacy.

Wansview K2 -B Crystal IP

Wansview Security Camera, 720P WiFi Wireless IP Camera

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This security system is a good wireless IP camera compared to other brands. Its best price can go anywhere near the $32 mark and has a good review from its customers. Its cam is capable of recording 720p video quality and has a range of 20 feet on night vision. It is a portable IP model with only 2.4 x 1.4 x 4 inches of dimensions and weighing only 9.6 ounces. Consumer reports also tell us that this security system has a high approval rating of 80%, making it a good value for its price.