There’s nothing worse than returning to your car under a scorching sun and getting burned by a hot steering wheel or seat. Sunlight does more than heat up interiors, UV rays can cause damage like cracking and fading. Buying the best windshield sun shade in 2018 is the answer. Simple sun visors are not only effective at protecting upholstery and keeping things cooler, they can also serve as auto expressions of your on-road style. They vary in cost, but most high quality car sun shades sell for under $100 at their best price. When deciding on what is the best and affordable for your needs, it is recommended to choose a good quality model with high ratings and positive customer reviews. We review here top-rated car sun shades from the best brands that can cool both your car and your budget.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Car Windshield Sun Shade

ANTOER Sun Shade Travel Pouch Large Sizes Windshield Sun Shade

ANTOER Car Sun Shade Travel Pouch

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This is a lightweight shade that will fit most windshields sized at 63” or less. The collapsible frame is covered by a durable fabric that is back-colored on the inner side and silvery on the other, which helps to reflect sunlight and keep things cooler. You simply open it up, wedge its edges around your front windshield, then slide each “ear” between the front doors to hold things in place. Everything collapses into a compact pouch for convenient storage. Short of a custom visor, this is as good as it gets. It’s our overall pick for best car sun shade.

Windshield Sunshade with Pet Design Cute Cartoon Design Front Auto

Car Windshield Sunshade with Pet Design

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If you’re a pet lover, wouldn’t you rather mount this cute pair on the windshield to cool off your car, instead of logos or movie graphics? One dog and one cat, both black, are on hand to give passerby a welcome. These collapsible 59”x33” front window shades must be wedged into your car’s visors, so make sure you measure things correctly. It may not fit larger vehicles, especially those with rear view mirrors mounted on the windshield. Once folded, the straps let you tie down the package for convenient storage.

Relanson Jumbo Sun Shade for Car Windshield Keeps Vehicle Cool-UV

Relanson Jumbo Sun Shade for Car windshield

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This lightweight but sturdy collapsible auto shade shields against UV rays while helping to block damaging sunlight keep your car’s interior temperatures much lower during the hottest days. The front shade unfolds quickly and collapses readily with a twist into the sleek pouch provided, which is convenient for everyday use. It comes in dual sizes, 63″x34″ and 59″x31″, which should cover most windshields. If you plan to purchase this for cars, we suggest that you buy a larger size than what appears to be correct, to ensure the fullest protection.

OxGord Auto Sunshade Foldable Windshield Sun Shade Visor

Windshield Sunshade Protects UV Rays

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Similar to other collapsible universal designs, this good car sun shade will cover windshields up to 63”x35” in dimensions due to its large design. Internal hoops act as a lightweight frame so that the sun visor can be wedged around most windshields and stay up. The UV-resistant material reflects most harmful radiation, while the extra fabric around the hoop’s edges shields more of the dashboard from radiation and heating effects. Once folded, everything fits into the included carry pouch, which is small enough to slide into most seats’ rear pockets.

Windshield Sunshade Foldable Reflective Sun Visor

Car Windshield Sunshade Foldable Reflective Sun

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This reflective front visor is a bit thin and less wide in comparison to other models, although it works well enough. Just be aware that it may not entirely cover your car’s front window. It arrives bent and with iffy suction cups and thus may allow some sun if improperly mounted. However, it does provide enough coverage for keeping your car’s interior cooler than without. As a cheap car sun shade, this classic accordion-style design gets the job done. It’s also easy enough to slide in and out of the windshield area.

Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

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With this front sunshade mounted, you can have your Star Wars fix as Han, Chewbacca, and Luke look on. A conventional accordion-type visor that can fit most windows 28″x57″ in size, its flexible material can stretch to fit bigger windshields if necessary. Like all accordion designs, the design conveniently detaches and folds up for storing around the car. It has many good reviews by customers, but some have noted an issue. If you usually park in baking sunlight, the memorable graphics will likely fade faster as a result.

Big Ant Windshield Sunshade for Car Foldable UV Ray Reflector Auto

Big Ant Windshield Sunshade for Car Foldable

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This foldable front auto shade is made of a double-layered foam material covered in light-reflecting aluminum foil, which is efficient at retaining cooler temperatures. It comes in a large size 55”x 27.5″ that should fit the windshields of most cars and small trucks. The provided suction cups seem to hold up things well. What already know this can keep a car’s interior a few degrees cooler on sunny hot days. But due to the visor’s thick foam, it can also serve as a picnic mat or even a kid’s sleeping pad in a pinch.

Car Windshield Sunshade – SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric – Standard

Pro Shade SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric Car Windshield Protector

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This high quality car sun shade’s thick 210T fabric keeps sunlight from getting through, helping to maintain more comfortable temperatures in daily use. Composed of dual ovals, the pop-up-type frame is unexpectedly large, so you should get the Jumbo size if your windshield’s height nears 27”. The material between each oval flexes enough to bend around most rear view mirrors, for a great fit. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to best wedge this auto shade around the windshield. Everything collapses with a twist into the provided carry case, which takes up little storage.

GHB Full Car Sun Shade Folding Silvering Reflective Window

GHB Full Car Sun Shade Folding Silvering Reflective Car Window Sun Shade

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This lightweight set of car sun blockers is constructed from strong and waterproof nylon. Their silvery coating reflects 83 percent of sunlight, preventing heat from building up quickly. The front window shades open up into normal 27” x 58” dimensions that will fit over the mirrors and/or under the visor. The sun visors for the side and rear window are held in place with suction cups. You can also keep them steady by wedging them into place. All readily twist and fold into a tenth of their deployed sizes, for easy storage in the included pouch.

Car Window Shade Sun Shade To Protect Your Baby

Car Window Shade Sun Shade

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Longer trips will expose your baby to more harmful UV rays through your baby car window. A good shade for baby from a reliable brand will help keep sunlight off your kid’s eyes. This slip-on cover will let you operate the side windows to bring in fresh air as it provides continuing protection. The strong flexible material is easy to pull (and remove) from side windows, which can measure up to 45”x20”. It looks trendy enough, but it will need removing if there’s any chance of it getting wet.