Communication processes have been revolutionized with the inception of various smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets. These devices need to be powered by chargers to keep them active for long hours. Often, you look out for long-lasting chargers with personalized features to charge up your gadgets. Here are ten best wall chargers 2018 on the market that you can avail.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Wall Chargers

Anker 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger


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If you are on the hunt for a multi-port USB wall charger, you will find the right choice in this gadget. There are as many as four ports to power up your gadgets. The device is compatible with iPhone and Samsung models, besides other sets like LG and others. It is a foldable travel wall charger, and you will find it easy to be carried when you are on a journey. This device supports fast charging of multiple devices and you will get complete protection for yourself and your set when you use this device.

iCleverBoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger


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This is a popular dual USB wall charger customized for travelers. If you are looking out for the best-rated USB charger, this is the device for you. The best part of the features of the device is that it is compatible with iPad and all models of phones and tablets. You will get a replacement warranty of eighteen months with the device and the blue LED indicator marks whether the phone is getting charged or not. It is one of the best wall chargers on the market and charges up your phone twice as fast as other models.

Maxboost 4.8A 24W Dual USB Universal Portable Charger


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When you search for a good quality portable wall charger with mSmart technology, you can avail this device. It is ideal for Android sets, besides supporting all iPhone models and tablets. There are two ports in the gadget and the device is durable. You will get a lifetime warranty when you buy this device. The model is sturdier in comparison to othe rmodels, and it is resistant to bumps and accidental drops. You will find it easy to use at night as it comes with a LED indicator.

Omni INC 2PCS White Universal Charger


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Here is a set of two chargers adaptable to charge your iPhone or iPad with AC or DC current. The universal charger comes from a good brand and you can get your phone charged quickly at office or home when you have the device. When the battery gets fully charged, the portable wall charger switches to the protected mode by itself, thereby ensuring safety to your device. This adapter has positive consumer reports and is a good product to buy.

iXCC Dual USB 3.4 Amp (17 Watt) SMART Travel


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If you are seeking extra protection against overheating or overcharging, this device is especially recommended for you. It is a cheap USB charger with the double port feature. When you switch on the charger plug, your device is automatically recognized. With optimized charging speeds for your device, you will get great services from the product. It has a good review from the customers and you will get the best value for your money when you buy the device.

EasyAcc® 20W 4A 4-Port USB


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This is one of the top-rated wall chargers with four ports. You can charge multiple tablets and phones simultaneously, and that too, at full speed. The device weighs just 3.7 ounces and you will find it easy to carry when you travel. It is a good product to choose, though a bit expensive in comparison to others, it comes within the average budget. The device can detect your device automatically and optimize the amount of charge. You will get a warranty of 12 months with the device.



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This is a high-quality dual port charger that comes at a good cost. The device has a soft blue light to indicate that it is getting charged. You will get a triple-protection cover for the product, and these include short circuit, over charge and over-heating. This is far more expensive than other brands, but if you are looking out for complete protection, you have to shell out the amount. It has a decent look and has loads of positive customer reviews in its favor.

5-port USB Charger By Liger


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Although it is a five-port charger, it is still an affordable product and provides you with top-grade services. It has great portability features and when you avail the product, you will find it easy to carry. It has industry standard protection feature. The good wall charger has an advanced circuitry system inside that powers up your devices fast. The hard plastic covering makes it resistant to bumps. It comes to you at the best price and you will not be disappointed with the features.

USB Charger Plug Syncwire 4-Port USB


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This is another great micro USB device that comes with four ports. These ports are interchangeable and you will get complete protection for your device when you get in touch with the product. The thermal material used in the charger prevents overheating and short circuit. It is one of the most popular products in the industry and is ideal for Android device and iPhones. It can detect your device automatically and controls the power accordingly. You will find it easy to carry and get industry-leading safety measures.

Omni INC 3PCS White Universal Charger


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This product comes to you from one of the best brands in the industry. The universal model is adaptable to AC or DC current and it supports charging iPods as well. When you get the device, you will find it easy to charge up your devices at home or office quickly. The charger can be folded up and carried easily and you will get it at an affordable price. It is a three-adapter set and you will be absolutely satisfied when you use the device.