10 Best Vacuums for Laminate Floor In 2018

Shark Rocket Corded
Are you a laminate owner? There so many of us looking for the best vacuum for laminate floors. That’s why we’ve analyzed the market and found out Shark Rocket DuoClean to be the best out there.

It comes with a DuoClean Technology that combines bristle brushes and soft brush roll. It also has a brush roll garage for comfortable storage of additional tools.

Pet owners will also love this product, as it comes with a pet multi-tool great for pet hair removal. LED lights on the nozzle are just great and so handy.

Even being equipped with so many advanced features, it is one of the lightest vacs on sale today.

Top-Rated Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaners

Shark Rocket DuoClean10090
Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless10080
Bissell PowerEdge Corded Vacuum10080
Shark Sonic Duo8070
Kenmore 816148080
Dyson Ball Multi Floor 200
Dibea C17 Cordless 2 in 100
Housmile Robotic Vacuum00
LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Vacuum & Steam Mop 00
Hoover Cleaner FloorMate SpinScrub10080
ILIFE V5s Pro Robot10080
Hoover LiNX580
Dirt Devil Power Air SD2050510080
Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F10080
Shark Rocket TruePet10080

Shark Rocket Corded Upright Vacuum for Laminate Flooring (TOP Choice)

Shark Rocket Corded

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More than great on the bare laminate floor, this upright vacuum by Shark Rocket works great on carpets and furniture. It features a DuoClean Technology that works with a bristle brush for carpeted areas, and soft brushroll for bare floors. It’s powerful on dirt but not hard on your floors.

Meanwhile, you can also worry less about losing the brushroll attachment with its Brushroll Garage.
On top of that, it does well on pet hair too. It includes a Pet Muli-Tool that cleans up pet hair from any surface. So from pet hair to piles of crumbs, dust or other dry spills, this vacuum is reliable.

Moreover, it doesn’t a have a front wall, so it avoids snowplowing when it encounters large pieces along the way. It’s a unique feature that helps the unit last longer too. Overall, it’s reliable, affordable, lightweight, and cleans multiple surfaces and stands out against other good vacuums for laminate flooring.

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Corded Lightweight Vacuum (Best Value)

Hoover WindTunnel

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Priced under $120 you’d be surprised at the cleaning power of this canister vacuum. Featuring its WindTunnel technology and 11-Amp motor, it’s powerful enough for a deep carpet clean and any embedded dirt. While the Hoover doesn’t have a specific pet hair tool, users who have multiple pets at home find it reliable.

Weighing only 12lbs, it’s a lightweight vacuum for wooden floors and is easy to lift. This means it’s light enough to lift your ceiling or carry up the stairs.

Plus, with a 30-foot power cord, you have enough reach to move around each area in your home. That, coupled with 30-inch extension wand and 8-foot stair hose gives you enough reach.

As for durability, this vacuum has received praises for being long lasting making it a good investment. Some customers have kept it for over 3-4 years and still works great. Moreover, it does well on any surface and transitions easily between carpeted and hard floors.

Bissell PowerEdge Corded Vacuum for Hard Laminate Floors and Pet Hair

Bissell PowerEdge

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Bissell tends to be a go-to brand when it comes to vacuum. And when it comes to laminate floors, they also deliver.

This corded vacuum is unique for its V-shaped head that places suction power strategically for effective cleaning. The V-shaped wipers force particles into the center suction path.

This way, it cleans well without the use of a brush. The same rubber wiper works great on pet hair too and works like a magnet for pet hair.

So overall, it works great for small and large debris plus, its swivel head allows easy cleaning around corners. That, coupled with a fair reach from its 20-foot cord, lets you complete a good clean up.

Made specific for hard laminate flooring though, this vacuum doesn’t work well on carpeted areas. It does okay when it comes to low pile carpets. However, this would be the best choice if you have carpets to clean.

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH Small Vacuum with Stick Floor Head and Brush


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If you’re looking for a small vacuum that you can easily carry around the house, this would be your best choice yet. A cordless flex vacuum is both lightweight and powerful.

Featuring a rolled design, the flexible hose snaps easily unto the handle. This makes the unit easy to carry around.

This unit is also versatile with the help of its attachments, including a Pet Hairbrush and stick vacuum for cleaning floors. Attachments allow good reach for ceiling and corners, plus, it’s light and compact enough to carry as you clean. You surely won’t feel lazy for clean up just because you have to bring out a bulky vac for a good clean.

Working with that cleaning power, it has a 3-stage filtration system that secures captured dust and other particles in the canister.

Finally, on top of reliability, many customers appreciate how easy it is to store. Overall, it’s one of the most compact models on the market while also able to clean multiple surfaces, including your car.

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Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo

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This sharp futuristic looking upright cleaner sports more than style. It has amazing cleaning power with its two scrub-modes that provide up to 1000 scrubs per minute.

And while that makes for a powerful clean, it isn’t harsh on floors. Note, however, that it isn’t a vacuum per se, but a floor and carpet cleaner designed as a Total Floor Care System.

It’s a good choice for manually scrubbing off dirt and grime from floors. Its powerful scrubs work alongside It’s 7-1 concentrated cleaning solutions. The solutions provided are non-toxic and safe for both kids and pets. This includes a solution for hard floors, carpets, spot removal and polishing.

For cleaning, it features the use of microfiber washable pads designed to work well with both carpets and hard flooring. It also has steering swivel, AirGlide maneuver and headlights to support a good clean. It tends to be on the pricier end for a cleaner, but many customers swear by how well it works and how long it lasts.

Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vac

Kenmore 81614

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Designed for effectively cleaning up pet hair and allergens, the Kenmore 81614 comes with a 2-motor system and HEPA filtration. Pet owners have given it 5-star feedback appreciating how effective this vacuum is against pet hair while also working well on multiple surfaces. This is thanks to its motorized pet hairbrush.

Meanwhile, apart from cleaning pet hair, it includes two attachments for versatile use that are easily stored onboard. In line with that, it features a Pop-n-Go bare floor brush system.

This, along with two-floor nozzles are strong against dirt but gentle on your floor. Plus, with its telescoping wand, you get an extended reach for cleaning.

The unit is lightweight enough to carry around but is also easy to roll across the floor while you clean. Plus, it comes with a 28-foot cord for a wide coverage that is easy to store through a recoil feature.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

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While most people with allergies prefer bagged vacuums, we found customers who chose this canister vacuum. Thanks to its one-touch release, users can hygienically empty the bin easily with a single push of a button. That and its self-adjusting cleaner head and HEPA filter seal in captured particles and allergens, making it a reliable choice.

On top of an easy cleanup, it captures microscopic particles with the suction power of its radial root cyclone technology. It does live up to Dyson’s reputation for reliable suction power when it comes to their vacuums. Plus, it works well on multiple surfaces including carpet, vinyl, tile and wood floors.

Reach-wise, it has a maximum reach of 40-feet supported by its 31-foot cord and instant-release cleaning wand. Plus, for easy reach under furniture, it includes a Ball technology that lets you maneuver around obstacles.

Now, as you’d expect, Dyson is one of the pricier brands. So, if the tag scares you, you can look to its 5-year warranty for assurance.

Dibea C17 Cordless 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea C17 Cordless

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Probably one of the most compact stick-vacuums in the market, the Dibea C17 is a good choice for small spaces. It features a slim stick design and a detachable handheld vacuum that it`s super light. It weighs only 5lbs, so we can imagine that’s no hassle at all for cleaning the ceiling.

Many users appreciate how versatile it is being a 2-in-1 vacuum (that’s super light). Plus, it comes with a crevice tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your car or upholstery.

Power wise, it features cyclone filtration as with most canisters and you get to choose between two suction speeds.  It has enough power for a one-pass clean of carpets, stairs or hard floors.

2200mAh batteries power this cordless and bagless vacuum. This gives it a battery life of up to 25 minutes for continued use or 40 minutes for eco-mode. Then, you can easily recharge batteries and store the unit through its wall mount bracket.  Meanwhile, its bagless design coupled with swivel steering gives you good reach and easy handling.

Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate and Carpet

Housmile Robotic Vacuum

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A robotic vacuum is a great partner to have when you have limited time for cleaning. It gives you the opportunity to multi-task between chores and even relax while it does the cleaning for you.

Our pick for this type is the Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It’s a stylish small vacuum but its 1.5-hour cleaning time is enough to cover a good amount of space at home. Plus, it features 3-in-1 cleaning: sweeping, vacuuming, and has advanced filtration so it’s the best sweeper for laminate floors.

You also need not worry about having such sweepers work around near stairs. Equipped with light sensors, it can detect steps and avoid them by automatically reversing.

Moreover, it is the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors with a large canister, which doesn’t require frequent cleaning. Some note that they only need to clean it once a week. Its power, design and durability set it apart from other robot vacuums for laminate floors.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Vacuum & Steam Mop – Perfect for Laminate Wood Floors

LIGHT N EASY Vacuum & Steam Mop

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This best vacuum for laminate wood floors takes versatility to the next level. For more than a vacuum, it’s also a steam mop. This means more than just cleaning up dust and debris you also get to sanitize your floor.

Additionally, while it provides that extra function, controls are quite intuitive. You can easily switch functions with its button foot-step.

For its steam-mop function, you don’t need to spend on harmful chemical solutions. The steam it produces is enough to sanitize flooring from germs and bacteria.

This means a thorough clean that is safe for children and pets. It doesn’t take so much time either; you get steam ready in 20 seconds (compared to other models that need 40-seconds to run).

This steam function coupled with its vacuuming function also makes it a perfect partner for carpet-cleaning and hardwood also. More than cleaning your carpet of dirt and debris, you get it refreshed with the steam.

Considering that it’s a 2-in-1 vacuum/steam-mop it comes at an affordable price. Plus, even at that price, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty with a free replacement policy.

Hoover Cleaner FloorMate SpinScrub

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub

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ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Mop Cleaner

ILIFE V5s Pro Mop Cleaner

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Hoover LiNX

Hoover LiNX

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Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505

Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505

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Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F

Eureka Mighty Mite 3684F

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light

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Laminate Floor Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

A common misconception in choosing a vacuum means choosing the one with the best suction power. However, more than suction, there are many other things to consider.

See, some vacuums do wet cleaning or great perform on carpets and upholstery but don’t work well on hard laminate floors. They may have strong suction power, but can actually damage your hard floor.

So to help you decide, here are some important things you need to consider as you decide when buying the best vacuum for laminate floors.

  • Brush Design or Head Design. Laminate floors are great and easy to install but it’s also the type of surface where pet hair and dust tend to stick more too. However, you can’t just get any vacuum with a brush. So, you’ll notice how laminate floor-specific models tend to be equipped with specific features for this. This includes bristle brushes, rubber wipers or a specific feature in design that addresses this without hurting your floor.
  • Maneuverability partnered with lightweight. More than just swivel and reach features, you’ll want to get a vacuum that is lightweight. A heavier vacuum may be easy to maneuver but its weight can press on your laminate floor. Besides, the lighter the weight the less tired you get running your vacuum as you clean the house. It’s also a good consideration since you’ll probably need to lift it to clean your ceiling too. Best to choose models with a swivel head or maneuver so you don’t damage corner walls or furniture. It also makes cleaning under furniture easier.
  • Versatility. You may be tempted to look at what’s specifically best for laminate flooring alone. However, you get better value if you choose a more versatile model. Choose something that has a switch for multiple surfaces and areas. In line with this 2-in-1 stick, vacuums make a great choice, since the detachable canister unit is useful for car-cleaning too. Easy to carry lightweight units make a good choice. Then there are models that have useful attachments and features that work on multiple surfaces and provide good reach. The key thing here is to remember that you’re not just going to be cleaning your bare floor. So it would be good to spend on a vacuum you can use for the other areas you need to clean.

Our listed top picks above consider these important factors. We’ve included a good mix to help you find one that fits your preference, cleaning habits and space. We choose only the best because we understand how important it is for you to always get the best value for your money.

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