10 Best Bluetooth Adapters For PC In 2018

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter
There are hundreds of USB adapters available on the market today. For your comfort, we’ve tried to find out the best USB Bluetooth adapter for comfortable use.

According to our research, the Low Energy Micro Adapter by Plugable is definitely the product to look at.

Even being tiny, this device is super handy for computer users. It will help you stay connected with a variety of devices.

It supports Bluetooth speakers, headphones, keyboards, smartphones, and mice. Also, it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Raspberry Pi, and Linux. There is nothing to complain about, this product is just amazing.

Top-Rated USB Bluetooth Dongles

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.010080
Avantree DG40S10080
Kinovo BTD-40010080
SoundBot SB34010080
Circuit Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter7090
Whitelabel Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle7070
Inamax B5205080
IOGEAR Micro Adapter10080
Costech Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter1070
USB Adapter CSR 4.0 by Zexmte8080
ASUS USB Adapter w/Bluetooth10080
Avantree Leaf Long Range7080

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0

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Efficiently compatible with Windows 10, 8.1/8,7, Raspberry Pi and Linux, it is one of the most widely used Bluetooth Adapters because of its manageable size and cheap price. It works well with the support of 32- and 64- bit Windows XP as well as Windows 10.

It is a compact and powerful device. It also includes Broadcom Bluetooth drivers that make the functioning more accelerated. Most of the times, it comes with a one year warranty.

However, the only drawback is that it does not support the latest Mac OS X System and also could not be attached to the TV or car’s stereo system. However, for the limited set of purposes, it could be used with assurance.


  • Price. This is one of the cheapest dongles you’ll find.
  • User-friendly. It installs automatically.
  • Raspberry Pi compatible. You can use it for your DIY projects.


  • Limited usage options. It’s not designed for new Mac software or PCs with operating systems older than Windows 7. It also doesn’t work on TVs.
  • Speed. It’s not one of the fastest adapter models on this list.
  • Range. Though marketed as providing over the 30ft range, its real capabilities are much lower.

Avantree DG40S Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter for PC

Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 USB

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Capacious enough to create cable-free connections, primarily amidst your Personal Computers and other Bluetooth devices (for instance Bluetooth friendly speakers and cell phones), this Bluetooth USB Dongle Adapter is also recommended by the satisfied consumers all over the world.

It could be expanded up to 50 meters and is highly supportive of the hassle-free data exchange. It comes along with adept BlueSoleil 9 software (free of cost!) that strikes the compatibility with the devices it is attached with.

What is best about it is that it comes with a tempting 2 years of warranty! It is rightly the best Bluetooth dongle for PC.


  • Universal use. This dongle even works for gaming controllers and making VOIP calls.
  • Easy startup. Auto installation for Windows 10. This is what makes is to be the best USB Bluetooth adapter for Windows 10.
  • High quality. 2-year guarantee applies.
  • Clear indicators. The LED light tells you when it’s connecting or on standby.


  • The only trial version provided. To utilize all the features you need to purchase an upgrade of software.
  • Pairing problems. It’s tricky to set it up with earlier Windows versions and to connect to devices. Users feel they waste a lot of time getting it to work.

Kinovo BTD-400

Kinivo BTD-400

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This wireless Bluetooth adapter Package is mostly recommended because this adapter supports Bluetooth speakers, headsets, keyboards and mice. It is Windows 10/8.1,8.7 friendly.

It helps to facilitate the wireless communication even with printers, very conveniently. It could be connected to several devices at a time.

Some of the customers’ review that however there is an expressed dissatisfaction with the manufacturing standard, it still comes with a 2-year warranty, the customers find little to complain about it.


  • Low energy technology. You’ll use less power than with some other devices mentioned in these reviews.
  • Universal application. You can use this for Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and even Mac if you have a device made later than 2011.


  • Problematic installation. Many users claim installation doesn’t happen automatically and even the provided disc doesn’t help. You may have to download software from the brand’s website.
  • The line of sight essential. The moment the dongle and device aren’t perfectly aligned you’ll experience lag or connection issues.
  • Sound lags. A specific problem is that sound will lag if you connect to Bluetooth headphones.

SoundBot SB340: Cheap Option

SoundBot SB340

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This is one of the best Bluetooth adapters for the reason that it actually supports all the Bluetooth enabled devices: be it cell-phones, headset, mice, keyboard or even Gold plated Connector, as long as the internet connectivity is accessible, it works pretty smoothly.

It is found to be compatible with most of the Internet-friendly devices. It also supports Windows 8/7/XP/Vista and Me/64 besides few others. Its transmit power belongs to the class 2 level and is extremely favored by the people who want speed and precision.


  • Gold connector. The connector component is gold plated which enhances quality and performance.
  • High speed. You’ll enjoy a transfer of data at up to 3Mbps.
  • Works with most devices. You’ll be able to use it with Windows operating systems as well as Raspberry Pi. Even some Linux systems will connect with it.


  • Certain systems not supported. It won’t work with Mac.
  • Requires reinstallation. The software tends to disconnect when the computer was turned off, or even mid-use. Occasionally this requires you to reset and install from scratch.
  • Not user-friendly. Many users complain that setup is difficult.

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Circuit Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

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This best Bluetooth adapter for pc comes from a very reliable brand: with great assurance of hassle-free connectivity, it has been reported as one the best Bluetooth Adapters according to the consumer reports.

It could also be used as a great ornament for Scrapbook, Paper crafting as well as intertwined media assignments. With an ultra-compact design, this adapter allows you to design on your computer(s) or laptop and also gives space for creating the projects wirelessly. Since it is cord free, the functioning is further made easier.


  • Versatile. You can use it with your Windows desktop but also certain Macs and iPads.
  • Saves space. Now you can arrange your workspace in any way because your Cricut Explore doesn’t have to be near your PC anymore. Simply send designs via Bluetooth.
  • Quality of connections. Users rave about the excellent connectivity over a long range of up to 30ft.


  • Size. This best USB Bluetooth adapter is much bigger than other units in this review. It’s a total of 3” long.
  • Weight. The size also makes it heavier than most, weighing in at 1.44oz.
  • Specific use. This is both a benefit and a drawback. It’s designed so you can use Cricut Explore with any PC. It will work well but note that this is not a Bluetooth dongle to pair headphones, mice or other electronic units with your PC.

Whitelabel Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle

Whitelabel Bluetooth

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This Bluetooth USB Dongle Adapter equipped with the latest Bluetooth connectivity and is also fully compatible with older Bluetooth equipment. Having Microsoft built-in drivers, its speed could be accelerated to about 3 Mbps.

It could be connected to several devices at a time. It is so efficient that it supports both forward and backward operationality. It could be used for printers as well.


  • Range. This is a good long-range Bluetooth transmitter since its micro size still allows it to work over 50m away.
  • All Windows products work. Unlike other dongles mentioned in these reviews, this product works with Windows 7, XP and Vista too.
  • Versatile. It can connect all kinds of devices, even printers.
  • Price. It’s one of the more affordable items when compared to similar units.


  • Limited operating system support. Note that features only apply to Windows products, not Mac or Linux.
  • Inconsistent. It tends to disconnect from time to time, even while in use.
  • License fees are payable. The manufacturer may ask for payment to receive updated software and to continue using the device.

Inamax B520

Inamax B520

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Extremely easy to use you need to simply plug the adapter into the utility port of your device and it would start functioning smoothly. It could be well connected to a desktop, computer or a laptop.

It is supported by high-quality Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It could speed up the functionality of the device to which it is connected by 3 Mbps. It also supports headsets and stereo headphones: despite its small size, it carries various functions quite easily.


  • Leave it in. It’s so small you can leave it in the USB slot when you pack up your laptop. This makes for easy travel and it won’t ever get lost.
  • Windows Plug and Play device. You don’t have to download drivers if you’re using it on a Windows machine.
  • Software provided. Even devices that aren’t supported by the Plug and Play feature can still be paired with the help of the software on the provided disc.


  • Price. This is one of the more expensive models mentioned on this list, without really doing more than the others.
  • Not Mac enabled. You can’t activate Bluetooth for Apple devices.
  • Deteriorates over time. It seems to be of low quality since it stops pairing or loses connectivity after a few weeks or months, even when it works great at first.

IOGEAR Micro Adapter

IOGEAR Micro Adapter

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It is one of the most advanced Bluetooth Adapters that functions well with the music stream, laptops, computers and headset. It could be used along with Bluetooth Speakers, headsets and keyboards as well.

It is also regarded as a safe option if you intend for it to be left in for laptop travel. It has an ultra-compact design that not only saves the space but also renders it a suave look. It also supports ultra-low power consumption and Bluetooth low energy.


  • Connect multiple devices. You can connect up to three devices at once.
  • Excellent sound quality. If you’re using it to transmit audio you’ll experience clarity and volume thanks to echo cancellation, noise reduction & Wideband that support clear perception.
  • Secure. Here’s something you won’t find in many other reviews. The brand provides high rated security with password protected options so you can control which items may pair with your PC.


  • Limited support. This is made for Windows devices only although some users have found ways to circumvent this limitation so their Apple devices can also use it.
  • Causes operating system problems. During pairing or installation, your desktop or laptop may shut down or restart. This is problematic if you need to pair with devices while working.
  • Difficult to remove. While it’s great that it sits very tight in the slot, it can be difficult to take out and you may end up damaging the USB dongle.

Smart Ready Adapter with Low Energy Technology by Medialink

Medialink Bluetooth Adapte

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This USB to Bluetooth 4.0- class 2 smart ready adapter is an absolute favorite with the customers. It serves multiple tasks- be it cable file sharing or video chatting, be it gaming or regular surfing, it performs all the functions.

It offers a simplified usage with an enamoring user interface. It has a CD guide that comes along which aids customers in easy installation and usage. It also comes along with a 1-year long warranty. The reviews by the consumers suggest that it is very easy to install and has an enviable high quality.


  • Great interface. Here’s something you don’t get every day. The brand put effort into creating the best user-friendly interface so you can easily manage installation and pairing.
  • The helpful guide. You’ll also be guided through installation if you’re new to using these dongles. Simply use the provided CD.
  • Excellent for the music lover. The dongle is designed for unique equipment such as keyboards, headsets and speakers too. This you don’t see on all specs lists in this review. This makes it the best option if you need to connect to devices in your music studio.


  • Compatibility problems. Note that you can’t use this with certain operating systems such as Windows XP, Mac and even USB 3.0.
  • Warranty period. While other devices are guaranteed to work for 24months, you only get a one year warranty with this.

Costech Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

Costech Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

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This is the best Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter that works well with computer and laptop and is ideal for printers. It is also rated as one of the most compact, light-weighted (weighs 0.3 ounces) and handy adapters. The best feature that it entails is that with changing power emphasis, it regulates its moment of functionality.


  • Built-in drivers. The brand provides Windows drivers so you don’t have to download.
  • Travel safe. Instead of taking it out when you travel this is an external Bluetooth converter you can keep plugged in all the time.
  • Gold plated. The quality coating improves performance.
  • Speed. You’ll enjoy connection speeds of up to 3Mbps.


  • Incompatibility. The unit isn’t as effective with new devices coming on the market.
  • Low quality. Many users report the parts coming loose or disintegrating quickly.

Bluetooth USB Adapter CSR 4.0 by Zexmte

Bluetooth USB Adapter CSR 4

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ASUS USB Adapter w/Bluetooth

ASUS USB Adapter Bluetooth Dongle

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Avantree Leaf Long Range

Avantree Leaf Long Range

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What is a Bluetooth Adapter?

Transport your outdated computer into the new millennium. You know many technical devices use Bluetooth for communication. However, manufacturers still don’t include the Bluetooth feature in all computers.

Circumvent this problem with one of the devices mentioned above, because these USB long-range Bluetooth adapters—also called dongles—can enable your PC to send and receive Bluetooth signals.

These devices connect to your PC via USB and so you get Bluetooth connectivity instantly. This is a practical solution if you need to work with Bluetooth mice, keyboards and remotes or when you want to send information from your mobile device to your PC.

But which one should you pick?

Things to Consider Before Buying USB Bluetooth Adapters


Don’t simply purchase the first item you see. These adapters are made for specific applications. First note which computer and devices you need to pair. Then read specifications to see if they appear on the supported devices list.

An important aspect is your operating system. Even if it’s Windows enabled many dongles don’t work on older packages, so read the fine script.


Then you need to measure what distance you want the dongle to work. While the average distance an adapter can send signals is 30ft, this usually relates to spaces with no obstructions. If equipment, walls or furniture are in the way you won’t get clear signal:

  • The signal may lag which is especially irritating when you need an audio adapter for PC to send sound to headphones.
  • You’ll see your equipment disconnects.

For this reason, it’s wise to invest in high-end models that can work over longer distances.


When you experience these problems, do you think you’ll get support from the manufacturers?

Firstly you should scan reviews for customer service mentions. If you’re a novice you may need a professional to guide you through installation processes or to troubleshoot problems.

Your alternative is to find assistance on the brand’s website. You may be able to download updates, find tutorials or source software appropriate for your computer. But you’ll only find these on websites if the brand cares about customers. Vet them before you decide which brand to purchase.

4.0 Technology

You’ll see this mentioned in many dongle descriptions, as well as 4.1 or 5.0. This term means you’re purchasing the latest in Bluetooth technology.

The features that come with this technology include:

  • Being able to communicate with another state of the art devices such as Fitbit and even health equipment that sports new Bluetooth technology.
  • The technology is low-energy.

And don’t worry. If you purchase such a device it will still connect with older Bluetooth versions as well, since it’s backward compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and more.


If you need your Bluetooth connections to work over long ranges, you need to inquire about the dongle’s class.

Class relates to the power rating—stated in mW (milliWatts)—and you’ll automatically know how far you can expect the signal to go. Here are examples of classes currently in use:

  • Class 1: This is what you want since it can support a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Class 2: This is slightly less powerful with a rating of 2.5mW. This pushes signals across distances of up to 20 meters. Look in the reviews above and you’ll see the ranges mentioned—mostly 30ft/10m—are made possible by this level of technology.
  • Class 3: You don’t want this in your external Bluetooth adapter since it will make it useless. The range will be as little as 1 meter, meaning your devices must be right next to each other to communicate. It may be easier to use a USB cable.


If you’re battling to get your devices working over the required range there is an alternative option. Why not use a USB dongle with an antenna?

These devices still plug into your desktop or laptop, but they have antennas fitted on top. Because the antenna is not only inside but larger and elevated, you’ll be able to stream a stronger signal.

Power Consumption

Anything you plug into your computer will draw power from its battery. Because this affects your PC’s operation, best pc Bluetooth adapter that uses little power is always beneficial.

Thanks to a simple modulation system a good Bluetooth dongle labeled as LE (Low Energy) consumes less power than older devices. It still uses 2.4GHz frequencies. Note that this isn’t the same as 4.0 or 4.2 technology as it’s not backward compatible.

Now you know what you need in your Bluetooth receiver, order yours so you can get connected.

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