Are you dissatisfied with how hard it is to control the stock entertainment system that came in your vehicle? Then you should seriously consider upgrading to an in-dash touch screen model. Today’s modern car stereos not only help you listen to superior quality music but also enable the occupants of the car to watch TV, videos and even help you navigate around. Some of them will flat out amaze you at all they can do. Let’s take a look at some of the best touch screen car stereo models there are available in the car audio marketplace in 2018. Here is what we feel are some of the best buys in touch screen car stereo products that you will find in the car audio marketplace today based on customer reviews:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Touch Screen Car Stereo

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS 7″

Pioneer-AVH-X4800BS-7 Motorized DVD-Receiver

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Pioneer is a recommended brand name in car stereo products and this WVGA, 7-inch touch screen stereo from them certainly does not disappoint. It has several different hands-free features such as Bluetooth capability and an advanced voice recognition engine. It will also let you connect to your smart devices in order to stream audio or video to it and this Pioneer unit will also let you connect via a built-in USB port too. At 14 watts per channel, it produces some real decent sound as you use it too. Not surprisingly, this model has a good rating.

BOSS Audio BV9364B

BOSS Audio BV9364B Double Din Touchscreen Bluetooth

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Whether you like to listen to CD music, AM/FM radio or play DVD’s this best price model can do it all. It also has such other handy features as Bluetooth hands-free calling and Bluetooth audio streaming. It has a good quality 6.2-inch high definition display screen and even includes a backup camera for your safety. This stereo is powerful too at over 80 watts per channel of sound. It’s a great deal at its low cost especially once you factor in its 3-year platinum online dealer warranty.

Jensen VX7020 6.2 inch With Bluetooth

Jensen VX7020 LCD Multimedia Touch Screen Double Di with Bluetooth

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Jensen is among the best brands you will find in touchscreen car stereo products. This model has a decent sized 6.2-inch high-resolution screen and it is capable of playing a variety of different multimedia types with excellent quality sound. It even has a proprietary navigation program (iGO PRIMO) that displays easy to read road maps and features. Among its better features are its Apple and Android compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity and other video and audio streaming methods. You can receive and make phone calls with it hands-free and also use it to play your favorite apps such as Spotify, Sirius XM radio and Pandora.

PUMPKIN 6.95 inch Android 6.0

PUMPKIN 6-95 inch Android 6-0

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According to reviews by customers, this is a really good quality stereo product. It has such convenient features as Bluetooth capability, a CD/DVD player, rear-facing camera and full GPS navigation. Pumpkin also includes convenient USB support, Wi-Fi capability and superior Android 6.0 functionality with this fine model touchscreen car stereo player too. It also has a 7 inch/HD soft touch marshmallow screen head on it and it takes only an incredible 5 seconds to boot up when its turned on.

EinCar Touch Screen Car Stereo Radio With Camera

EinCar Touch Screen Radio With Camera

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Here is a unit you can’t beat for the money you will put into it. It is definitely one of the most budget-friendly car touchscreen products you will see in the market with all that you get from it. Whatever you do though don’t mistake this product in comparison for being a cheap car stereo. It comes complete with a 6.2” display with HD screen resolution, BlueTooth connectivity, GPS navigation and a full range of CD/DVD playing options. Add in a backup camera and multiple ways to steam and download music and the deal you get on this affordable stereo player gets even better.

The Main Reasons for Having a High-Quality Touch Screen Car Stereo in Your Vehicle

  • Entertainment

Of course, the main reason most people look to choose a car stereo in the first place is for entertainment and a premium quality product can take that entertainment experience to a whole new level. With premium sound, video, TV, satellite radio and other media newer stereos offer a wider variety of entertainment than ever before. You can even connect them with Bluetooth enabled devices to stream your favorite music or videos through them.

  • Comfort

If you have ever tried moving volume switches or tuning channels with dials or push buttons on your car stereo as you drive, you know what a pain in the rear this can be. Touch screen models eliminate a large amount of that effort and make everything on a device easier to access and play. Many even have extremely useful voice activation features.

  • Safety

A good touch screen radio can help you in many ways with safety too. For one, since you will have an easier time selecting media and other entertainment on them they are less dangerous than other types that will distract you while you are trying to program them. Many of them also come equipped with a camera. These cameras will help you when backing up and help you see behind the vehicle when your rearview mirror is obstructed.

  • Navigation

You don’t find too many touch screen radios these days that don’t have GPS navigation built into them. They will make it so much easier on when you travel to get to your destination or navigate around in a part of your town that you are unfamiliar with. So review any model you are thinking about buying to see if they have this feature.

Key Features to Look For In a Top-Rated Touch Screen Stereo for Car

Here is what we feel are the most important features to have on any touchscreen car stereo that you purchase for cars or for trucks:

  • Good resolution/size touchscreen display

Of course any type of car entertainment player you have in your vehicle you will want it to have a quality touchscreen display that is clear and easily readable under all types of light conditions. VGA quality resolution or better is recommended. You also ideally want a screen size that is at least 6 inches diagonally so you can see it from further away.

  • Bluetooth capability/streaming capability

Chances are the majority of your music and videos are no longer going to be on CD’s or DVD’s. These days streaming music and video are all the rage. That means you will need to access your device music or videos so they can be played while you drive. A BlueTooth enabled car touchscreen stereo for your vehicle or one that allows you to stream video and music in other ways is highly recommended for this.

  • Hands free capability

Let’s face it, even any easy to operate touchscreen car stereo deck gives you a slight distraction from your driving each time you operate it. That is why the more hands-free your new car stereo is the better. Look for car audio units that allow you to answer your phone and make calls by voice command. Siri enabled devices will let you to hands-free functioning to an even higher level.