If you own a vehicle, you would probably know about the importance of an engine oil filter. It is basically a strainer to remove the contaminants from the oil. After the warranty period of your vehicle is over, you may have to replace these filters for better performance. You may find it difficult to choose the right one from several brands, so we present to you with the reviews of the top ten engine oil filters 2018.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Synthetic Oil Filters

Mobil 1 M1-110 Performance Oil Filter


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Mobil 1 brings you this performance oil filter, compatible with modern vehicles with long drain intervals. The synthetic blend of rubber used in the device is an advanced technology and brings about 99.65% efficiency in getting rid of all the contaminants. In comparison to other filters, it has double the capacity of holding contaminants, with a full capacity of 28 grams. The high-quality filter has the ability to withstand pressure as much as nine times as compared to ordinary products. It also enhances the performance of the vehicle by eliminating all possibilities of internal leakage of oil.

K&N KN-303


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This is one of the best synthetic oil filters, and it is recommended for you in case you are looking out for a device to be compatible with extreme conditions. You can use it in most of the cars, SUV’s and trucks, besides motorcycles. The seventeen mm nut is exposed and it enables easy cleaning of the contaminations. There is a valve that prevents draining back of the oil into the crankcase when you shut down the engine. This is a top-rated product from a good brand. The filter is incorporated in resin that is efficient in filtering 99% of the contaminants.

Mobil 1 M1-102 Extended Oil Filter


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This extended oil filter comes from one of the best brands, powering your vehicle with an extended lifeline. If you are fed up with dry starts, you need to avail this car oil filter. It has a valve that does not allow the oil to drain back. The product has good customer reviews and there will be no internal oil leakage in the vehicle when you shut down the engine. It is a good product to choose and comes within your budget.

K&N KN-171C


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If you are looking out for a cheap synthetic oil filter at the best price, you can buy this product. You will find this synthetic option ideal for all sorts of motor vehicles, like cars, SUV’s, motorcycles and trucks. With enhanced capabilities to deal with high pressure, it is customized for heavy-duty performances. The motor oil filter has a 17 mm. a nut that can easily be removed to clean it. It has a good overall rating and can remove 99% of impurities from the oil.

Mobil 1 M1-108 mobil-1-m1-108-extended-performance

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This is an ideal product for synthetic oil that comes equipped with a silicone valve, preventing draining of oil in the wrong direction. There will be no internal leakages and dry starts when you use this product. The good quality synthetic model has the ability to withstand as much as nine times of pressure as compared to ordinary filters. With the capacity to hold 28 grams of impurities, it can hold double a number of contaminations in comparison to other products on the market.

Purolator PSL10241 Synthetic Spin-On Filter


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This is a high-performance spin-on product tailored for modern vehicles, in order to cope up with heavy-duty vehicles. It is backed up by a meshwork of wires. This adds to the durability of the oil filter. It is one of the most popular oil filters on the market. The grip is textured and you will find it easy to install and remove when required. The pleat-support method is used in the technology that ensures protection up to a distance of ten thousand miles.

Royal Purple 20-253


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You will find this option for synthetic oil to be efficient and affordable. The micro glass technology used in the device helps you to get rid of fine particles of dust. At 25 microns’ thickness, it ensures you 99% efficiency when it comes to filtering the contaminants. It is a good oil filter with a positive review, and you will get the value of your bucks when you buy the product. The strength of the filter is enhanced, and you will really benefit from the strength, durability and efficiency of the filter.

Fram PH7317


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If you want one of the best synthetic oil filters for your vehicle, this is undoubtedly the product for you. It has an efficiency of 95% in dirt trapping and you will get it at an affordable cost. The product has been designed for regular drivers, who maintain their vehicles periodically. The dirt-trapping and dirt-holding capabilities are well-balanced in the device, and you will find absolute contentment when you use this model. You can use it with conventional oil and the product comes to you at an extremely low cost.

Valvoline VO-25 Filter


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This product from Valvoline is a top-rated oil filter and you will find it efficient and affordable. It has a good capacity to filtering impurities from oil used in your car and is one of the best synthetic oil filters on the market. It has a good ability to trap impurities and you will find no hitch in cleaning the device. The consumer reports reveal that it is a good product and the price too, is moderate. It is durable and you will find it easy to use in your vehicle.

KOHLER 52 050 02-S


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This is a good oil filter for synthetic oil used in car engines. It has dimensions that are compatible to be used in most cars and other vehicles. It has extra capacity for retaining impurities and comes with a warranty of 90 days. There is a valve with anti-drain feature and is a recommended for you. The external diameter of the model is three inch and you will get complete satisfaction when you use the product.