Do you want to rid yourself of fear and feel safe wherever you are? Most people would love an easy way of feeling secure. Have you considered a taser or stun gun? The item is small, but it makes for the best defense weapon.

We know you want something that’s reliable. How can you determine which ones are?

We’ve judged these 10 inexpensive tasers and stun guns. Use the information to pick the one you need as a protection weapon. After you’ve read the review which one will you pick to boost your and your family’s safety?

Top-Rated Tasers & Stun Guns

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun (Best Stun Gun)


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Do you want the best stun gun that delivers effective results? The reviews are in and this is one of the most effective. Vipertek built this product to suit the needs of the military and police professionals. Based on that you can be sure it’s very powerful.

The Vipertek VTS-989 not only generates a high charge but features Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes. These penetrate through thick or multiple layers of clothing. The convenient 6.5″×2″×1″ size fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The deep finger grip design allows for an extremely comfortable hold.

You can act quickly because the safety switch and trigger are intentionally placed on either side of the stun stick. Within seconds the safety can be turned off, while the trigger is activated.

Additional built-in safety features include:

  • Flashlight: The bulb has a lifespan of 100 000 hours.
  • Snatch prevention: There are metal strips along the top’s sides. If the assailant tries to grab the Vipertek from you, it’ll deliver a high voltage shock.

The internal rechargeable battery has a 60 day+ lifespan.


  • Effective: The shock value is strong even for taller and bulkier people, or those wearing layers of clothing.
  • It’s loud: The cracking noise is loud which is perfect to scare away assaulters and stray dogs too.


  • Unsafe power cord: The power cord can overheat which can cause it to burn out.
  • Cheap construction: There is a chance that the bolts and nuts aren’t screwed in tightly during manufacturing. This jeopardizes the safety of the product.

Pulse Taser, LED Laser with/2 Cartridges (Best Taser)

pulse taser

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This is the top-rated taser option for those who prefer a basic defense weapon. The personal protection taser has a gun design and is equipped with an LED laser to help you aim better. The taser gun is compact and lightweight. Its size doesn’t counteract its effectiveness. That’s why it’s a trusted defense weapon used by multiple law enforcement groups around the world.

What makes this taser different to others are the two live cartridges built into the taser. It’s a smart design feature because the gas pressure is increased. When there is more gas to release the electrodes, they quickly shoot out in full force before the assailant has a chance to reach you.

As a design feature perfect for protection, the electrodes shoot out quickly to 15ft. It immobilizes the assailant for 30 seconds from this distance. You have plenty of space and enough time to escape. The taser runs off a Lithium power battery pack magazine. Note that it’s replaceable but not rechargeable.


  • Useful laser: The laser provides adequate light for aiming.
  • High voltage: The gun has a high shock value for anyone on the receiving end.


  • No long lifespan: Within a couple of uses the quality can deteriorate.
  • Useless holster: The holster doesn’t have a belt loop for you to attach the taser to your clothing.

VIPERTEK VTS-T03 Tactical Flashlight


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A tactical flashlight needs to be part of your collection of safety tools. You don’t know what’s lurking in the shadows. When you’re lost in a dark place you can make your way out of it. And then this is one of your best self-defense stun guns with a flashlight to consider.

This combo weapon is made of military grade aluminum to create a shockproof exterior. No damages will occur from rough handling. This good stun gun is reliable to use if ever you’re caught in a dangerous situation.

Vipertek tactical flashlight’s safety feature is something you’ll appreciate. You can avoid accidental injury because the safety must be switched to “stun” and the trigger pressed for it to discharge. The activation is quick, so it’s perfect to use in an emergency.

The 6.75’’ stick is equipped with a fully rechargeable battery.


  • Very powerful: The shock value is so high it can immobilize a civilian for a couple of minutes.
  • Long lasting batteries: The batteries last over a month. It takes a couple of hours to recharge them.


  • Not very safe: If handled the wrong way the stun gun can turn on, making it a safety risk.
  • No battery warning sign: There is no built-in warning sign informing you when you must charge the batteries.

SABRE Dual Capacitor Powerful Stun Gun & LED Flashlight

sabre dual

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The Sabre Dual stun gun is compact and lightweight, yet it packs a punch because it has an impressive 1.6uC charge. This charge level creates an intolerable pain to your attacker. The product has been tested countless times to ensure an ideal product was created that’s reliable when it’s needed.

The flashlight has versatile uses. Firstly it gives you light when you’re walking at night. The second use is about protection. If you detect a possible threat you can use the 120-lumen flashlight to disorient the person from a distance. This hopefully gives you time to make your escape.

The item measures 3.7”× 1.7”× 0.95”. For effortless carrying, there’s a wrist strap attached and belt holster. The safety switch prevents accidental discharge. The built-in battery is fully rechargeable. A charger and cord are provided in the set.


  • Loud sound: The “lightning” sound is as loud as 95db.
  • Portable: The wrist strap makes it convenient for you to hold the stun gun near your hand. You’re able to grab it quickly when in an emergency.


  • Not long lasting: Within a month the device can stop working, even if barely used. However, there is a solution. If you’re within the exchange period you can return the item and get a new one.
  • Not well insulated: The thin inner insulation can cause the unit to heat up and have defects.

Police 916 Extreme Voltage Rechargeable Stun Gun for Women, Pink

police 916

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Police 916 Extreme Voltage Rechargeable Stun Gun for Women, Pink
This is a cool looking accessory for any woman to own. It can be disguised as part of the many accessories women carry.

This pink stun gun has a remarkable 999MV count. It’s an effective voltage level to zap anyone through thin, thick or multiple layers of clothing.

The item measures 6.5’’×2’’×1’’. The pocket-sized Police 916 fits perfectly into any woman’s hands.

There are two design features which help you have a better grip on the gun:

  • The non-slip rubber coating.
  • Finger indentations at the bottom.

The LED flashlight emits a bright light making it easier for you to navigate in the dark.

This product is also equipped with a disable pin. This is one of the best-added features for any stun gun. The pin is attached to the wrist strap and the bottom of the unit.

If it’s grabbed from you and the pin is detached from the device, its function is then disabled. This is a foolproof precaution to prevent the assaulter from using your own weapon against you. The handheld device is backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Cracking noise: The operating noise is loud and terrifying to scare away stray dogs.
  • Bright flashlight: You can see your path clearly when in the dark.


  • Dead on arrival: The unit may not start up when you first obtain it, even after it’s been charged. However, there is a solution. If you’re within the exchange period you can return the item and get a new one.
  • Defective charging port: There may be difficulties in getting the charger to work.

Worlds Smallest Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

worlds small

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This stun gun fits perfectly in most people’s hands. It’s small and can be discretely hidden. This ensures that the potential assailant won’t plan to grab the item when he or she approaches you.

Don’t be fooled by the size though because the brand made a concealable weapon that’s very powerful. With one shot you can immobilize the attacker.

This promise is achieved by:

  • The 6 million voltage level.
  • 3.6 milliamp zap.

It’s the strongest yet smallest defense weapon on this list.

The high-powered zap temporarily impairs your assaulter and gives you time to remove yourself from the situation.There are three built-in LED flashlights. This makes it practical for any situation. If you go for a nightly run or have no power at home, you’ll at least feel safer when you can see around you.

You can carry this product around everywhere you go. You can attach the Dog Hornet to your keys with the built-in keychain. These small stun guns disguise easily as part of other accessories. The built-in batteries are fully rechargeable. The charger is standard with the set.


  • Powerful on skin: The electric zap can severely burn the attacker’s skin.
  • Safety switch: The safety switch is strategically placed to prevent unexpected discharge, especially if you carry the item in your hand.


  • Inconsistent stun power: Sometimes the zap only hurts the person instead of immobilizing him or her.
  • There is a discrepancy between insulation and connecting wires: The insulation on the wire isn’t suited for the voltage generated. The wires can overheat and burn out as a result.

Taser Pulse with 2 Live Cartridges

taser pulse

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Any man will love the high security this taser gives. The electrodes shoot out as far as 15ft. This gives you enough space and time to get away.

The taser features a neuro-muscular incapacitation (NMI). This is activated when the electrodes touch the assailant. When so, they temporality override the attacker’s central nervous system. NMI limits muscular control for 30 seconds.

There is a target assist feature which is also paired with a powerful LED flashlight. The two features make a target where you shoot so you can aim better. If by chance the attacker is too close, you can use the taser as a stun gun through skin contact. The NMI will also be in full effect.

The sides are angled for more comfortable carrying. It doesn’t rub and catch on your clothes. The battery is not rechargeable, but it can be replaced. A convenient feature is the battery indicator which lets you know when it’s running low.


  • User-friendly: The tactical light and the aiming laser can be activated with just one switch.
  • High power: The charge is perfect for those in law enforcement to immobilize perpetrators.


  • Poor battery: The battery drains quickly.
  • Can’t store batteries: The replaceable batteries can’t be kept on hand for when you need them. Replacement batteries have a short shelf life.

Monster Stun Gun – Ladies Choice


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The 18M volt level creates a large sounding charge, perfect as a safety warning. The volts ensure the charge is also powerful enough to severely harm the person assaulting you. The handy stun gun is easy to operate with only a push of a button. The safety switch prevents accidental discharge.

There is a built-in LED flash which emits a bright light that helps you see better when you’re in dark places. The item fits comfortably in your hand. It’s lightweight for quick maneuvering. The body is covered with rubber. This helps you keep a secure grip when you need to move your hand quickly to stay in control of the situation.

There are a built-in rechargeable battery and charger. When you need to recharge, you simply slide out the charging prongs and plug them directly into the wall. A nylon holster and belt loop are included in the set. These help you carry the product on you and allow quick access.


  • Battery LED light: This informs you when the battery is fully charged.
  • Powerful charge: The small taser works to create pain for anyone who dares to challenge you.


  • Not long lasting: The item can suddenly stop working even if it’s fully charged. However, there is a solution. If you’re within the exchange period you can return the item and get a new one.
  • Ineffective charger: The charger doesn’t fit easily into the wall socket.

Ruger Stun Gun & Flashlight


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The impressive 0.5-1uC makes this defense weapon the highest in its class. This microcoulomb is a true indication that the person who receives the zap will suffer an intolerable pain. You can also get protection from a distance. One other remarkable feature is the bright 300-lumen flashlight.

There are three settings to pick from:

  • Low
  • High
  • Strobe

The low and high settings are practical if you want to navigate better in the darkness. However, the strobe setting helps you disorient the attacker from a distance. When the attacker tries to find his or her balance it’ll be your chance to escape.

The stun gun is one of the strongest and completely durable as it’s made of aircraft grade aluminum. The heavy-duty combination weapon won’t break easily even when constantly handled roughly.

The dimensions are 7.2’’×1.5’’ making it comfortable to carry on your wrist, keys or belt loop. The safety switch prevents accidental discharge. No batteries are needed as there is a built-in rechargeable battery. A compatible charger comes standard on the set.


  • Practical batteries: The batteries don’t drain too quickly.
  • Durability: The stun gun can drop many times on hard surfaces and there won’t be any cracks or malfunctions.


  • Not user-friendly: There are many switch combinations to do simultaneously for it to be operational.
  • No fixed settings: Every time you activate the item you need to adjust to the required flash settings you prefer.

Firefield Surge 10 Million Volts Personal Protection Stun Gun


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Do you want a stun gun with some of the strongest, high voltage because it gives an indication of its power? Then consider the Firefield Surge 10M volt.

This slightly bigger item has enough charge to stop anyone when they attack you. The high voltage discharge can make the attacker fall to his or her knees. While he or she is down for a couple minutes you can make a run for safety.

There are two built-in spike electrodes. With these, the electricity conducted can penetrate through multiple layers or thicker clothing. Another handy feature of the defense weapon is the flashlight.

The built-in battery is rechargeable. The charger’s prongs are easily located and connected to the wall socket. The batteries have a lifespan of 5000 charge cycles. The runtime is 72 hours on a 10 hours charge. And to round off your purchase, you even get a carry case and lanyard.


  • Bright light: Flashlight is bright which affects the attacker’s vision for a couple of minutes.
  • Easy connect: The prongs connect well to the outlet and they won’t get loose.


  • No safety feature: This is a risk because the stun gun can be used against you if the attacker grabs it out of your hands.
  • No holster: You can’t conceal the stun gun.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Taser or Stun Gun

Besides the cost, a taser and stun gun have six characteristics you need to compare. By gauging a taser’s value in each category, you can determine which one is best for you. This is how you’ll know you’re buying a quality product.

The Charge

Compare the voltage between your selected options. Remember the one with the higher charge is better for any emergency. The person who is attacking you may have multiple layers of clothing. The higher charges pass through all the layers. The symbol uC (microcoulombs) is an indication of the charge.

The Battery Life

This is quite important because you need batteries with a long lifespan. You need the taser or stun gun to be ready when you need it. The best tasers and stun guns are those with rechargeable batteries. Ideally, these should last approximately two months before they need a recharge.


Size is also a huge consideration. If you want to keep a taser with you, find a size that fits into your clothes’ pockets or your handbag. There may be a slight compromise on size and voltage, however, there are smaller sizes that have proven to be effective.

Safety Mechanism

You need a taser or stun gun that has a safety mechanism. This protects you from accidental zapping. The safety mechanism must be easy to operate, especially when under an emergency. You don’t want the anxiety to prevent you from protecting yourself.

You also don’t want it to be used against you. There are some models that you can wear around your wrist and they’re enabled by a pin connecting the wrist strap to the device. When the defense weapon is grabbed from you and the connection breaks, it won’t be functional.

Additional Features

Some models have combinations of other safety features which boost your safety such as a flashlight and siren.

If compatible with the stun gun you pick you can purchase a long arm that gets attached to the weapon. You don’t need to wait for the attacker to reach you because the arm lets you zap him or her from a distance.

Lifetime Warranty

Look for those that offer lifetime warranties. If they’re the strongest models, you can rely on their durability and reliability. And that’s what you need in a challenging situation.


An additional consideration is a legal aspect of owning possibly lethal weapons. Before you purchase the weapon, check with your local law enforcement agency for all the legal restrictions. Also, check if you’re allowed to own such these defense weapons. Some states prohibit the possession of them