Buying Steering wheel covers seems like an easy task, but in fact, it is a little complicated than that. Primarily, you’ll need to consider five factors; the measurement, the material, the price, the grip, and customer review for it to be a good cover. Though some brands claim to have excellent wheel covers, they somehow fail to deliver the good quality product. With deep market research and analysis, we provide you 10 of the best steering wheel covers 2017 for you to choose from. Not only are they from the best brands, they have the best price there is.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Steering Wheel Covers

Black Steering Wheel Cover by Everything Automobiles

Black Steering Wheel Cover Odorless

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This Black Steering Wheel may not be the cheapest on the list, but it offers so many features that it covers the extra bucks it will cost you. This luxurious cover has a soft padding, ergonomically designed with comfort in mind. For those long hour drives, this product is no doubt one of the best picks you should consider. Other features include an Odor-free and anti-slip interior design, stylishly designed foam padded grips, and protection for finish and value. It is designed for all standard steering wheels measuring 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches.

Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Universal Baja Blanket

Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Universal Baja Blanket

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If you’re looking to purchase a colorful-looking car wheel covers with a classic feel, the Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 will not disappoint. It has a fun, fashionable design with its traditional poncho weave look. Comfort, on the other hand, it is made from good quality soft materials. It also has an easy-slip feature for most standard sized steering wheels. According to the reviews by customers, it is quite refreshing and cute that brightens up your day. Keep safe driving while at the comfort of its massage grip design and protection from the hot or cold surface. What better brand to use in regards to safety than the ones known for their iconic racing helmets, right?

Lemonbest C0196 Wheel Stitch On Wrap Cover

Lemonbest C0196 Universal Car Steering Wheel Stitch On Wrap Cover

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Lemonbest C0196 wrap cover is a cheap wheel cover, in comparison to your average prices that can go from $15 to $30. It is made from soft and durable PU leather material, providing a better grip with its thread and needle design. It also offers better comfort with its anti-slip sweatband. As some of its customers have mentioned, it does indeed provide a breathing room for the hands and is quite soft. With over hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews, the product received an overall rating of 86%, which makes it one of the top-rated leather wheel covers. But before making a purchase, make sure you ask someone how to properly maintain or take care of it to avoid damaged finishes.

AULLY PARK Car Leather Wheel Cover

AULLY PARK Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover

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AULLY PARK is offering one of the best car vehicle covers there is with its simple yet fun and fashionable design. It is made from durable genuine cowhide leather material, giving it a luxurious look for your vehicle, while providing optimum grip. It is however not a slip-on or sticky, instead, you’ll get to have the privilege of stitching it up yourself with its DIY instructions included in the package. The product fits medium-sized steering wheels having a width of approximately 10.2 cm. The package includes one leather cover, two needles and two threads.

Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader

Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

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If you’re a fan of the cult movie Star Wars, then you’ll surely love Plasticolor 006736R01. It is a unique cover with a sketch of an awesome-looking Darth Vader portrait on the grip handle. It is compatible with wheels that measure 15.5 x 155 x 1.8 inches. Regarding its convenience, it is designed with a comfortable grip, as mentioned by some of its reviewers.  Cleaning the cover is easy. All you need to do is wash it with soap and water. With a price of just under $15, it is quite affordable. If you plan on buying this beauty, then may the force be with you.

Mayco Bell Cover 15 inch No Smell

Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch No Smell

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One problem with steering wheel covers is the smell when exposed to different elements, including your hand sweats, the heat, and many others. What Mayco Bell Cover offers is the comfort of safe driving, and no foul smells coming from the covers. The product is made from smooth and durable microfiber leather and is compatible with wheels measuring 14.8 to 15.25 inches in diameter. What makes it one of the top-rated steering wheel covers, is its feedbacks and reviews. Though the features are already commendable, its product rating of 90% from its customers is what gives it its charm. This only means that hundreds or even thousands of its users are extremely satisfied.

Zone Tech Plush Stretch- On Vehicle Wheel Protector

Zone Tech Plush Stretch- On Vehicle Steering Wheel Cover Classic Black Car Wheel Protector

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Tired of some leather and now in search for some sheepskin? The Zone Tech Plus Stretch-On could be the one you’re looking for. Not only does it add to your steering wheel’s appearance, it also provides soft and comfortable grip. Surprisingly, it is one of the cheapest among its competitors with a budget of just under $10. This cheap wheel cover is approximately at 14 to 15.5 inches in diameter. It is easy to install, and easy to clean and maintain. If you can’t afford the luxury to your home, bring one to your car instead.

Cutequeen Trading Sheepskin

Cutequeen trading Sheepskin Stretch-On Steering Wheel Cover Black

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Steering wheel grips made of leather are almost synonymous, and that is why this sheepskin stretch-on cover by Cutequeen is a unique experience. It is so cute and comfortable-looking that you would probably always want to get a hold of it and not let go, which is good if you think about it. The product is reconcilable with the standard-sized steering wheels and is easily installed. It does not only provide a comfortable grip but also offers the latest innovative protection. Just make sure you take care of it.

Rueesh 15 Inch Middle Size – Red Line

Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

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Rueesh is a no doubt a high quality leather wheel wrap as reflected by its positive customer reviews and a product rating of 90%. It is compatible with most of the steering wheels that measures 14.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter. It is also durable with its cold and wear resistant design. If you want to make your wheel to always look new and classy, this product is highly recommended. Though it offers much as the same features with other products, this one offers a two-year warranty with no hassle in returning, exchanging, or refunding the product.

Custom Accessories 38850P Black/Grey with Chrome Accent

Custom Accessories 38850P Black-Grey with Chrome Accent Steering Wheel Cover

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Cars in a way are sometimes dressed to impress. This one is among the cool steering wheel covers that would surely impress. It adds both fashion and comfort with its soft leatherette material and a chrome accent of colors black and grey. Those are however not only the reasons why it is considered as one of the best but also other features such as universal fit and protective cover design.  If you’re wondering what customers are saying about the product, you will mostly see “good fit”, “perfect” and “great quality” when browsing all through the numerous feedbacks.