Boost your vehicle’s performance by using the good spark plug wires. These connector assemblies play the critical role of being the communication channels in the engine ignition system. Low quality or damaged wires, which are less capable of effectively and efficiently conducting electricity, deteriorate the overall performance and health of the engine. If you leave your coil wires problematic, then you are headed for more serious problems that can cost you more.

But, what are the best spark plug wires for your vehicle? Below you can find 10 reviews of the top-rated but affordable modes to buy in 2018:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Spark Plug Wires

NGK (8028) HE73 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

NGK (8028) HE73 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

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NGK, one of the best brands in this industry, boasts of the quality and reliability of its custom-made cables with original equipment identical connections. It is made of ferrite magnetic core and EPDM rubber outer jacket, which is resistant to heat (180˚c), oil, and chemical damage for increased durability (even with headers). Despite that they possess only half of the resistance of carbon core wires; they have the same radio-frequency interference capability, which is highlighted in many customer reviews online. The vehicle fitment includes Honda, Acura and Isuzu 1994-2002 models.

ACCEL 8.8mm for Harley Davidson 172086

ACCEL 172086 8.8mm Yellow Custom Fit Spark Plug Wire Set

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If you are to buy a spark plug wire for street or race applications, then you have found the right brand. These custom-fit and ready-to-install cables are engineered with optimum insulation due to the factory-installed positive locking stainless steel terminals, high-dielectric strength silicone plug boots, and high-conductivity brass terminals on the coil end. They are also manufactured with high capacity spiral core conductors, fibreglass-braid covers and extra thick silicone jacket, making them ideal for the Sportster series. The item comes with a complete hardware kit and a 90-day limited warranty.

NGK (4858) ZE81

NGK (4858) ZE81 Spark

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Why pay more for superior firing, noise suppression, consistent performance and durability if you can have them with this cheap spark plug wire on the market? These ignition wires are equipped with a positive locking, corrosion resistant stainless steel terminal ends for tight fit and resistance to vibration and separation. They are fabricated with high-quality EPDM rubber and silicone for heat, oil and chemical protection. NGK made these coil wires color coded and numbered for easy installation and cylinder identification. They are great value wires for Mazda RX-8 2004-2008 models.

NGK (8691) FX58

NGK (8691) FX58 Premium Spark

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This high quality spark plug wire set is another product of NGK that is engineered for the Subaru 1999-2006 models. The same features and functionalities bring this wire set at the frontline of the competition such as the durability of the materials used, noise suppression, superior firing and fuel savings, strong core for the overall strength of the wire, and the tight fit against vibration and separation. Based on customer reviews of a spark plug wire, FX-58 is highly-recommended connector assemblies given its great fit and a big difference in smoothness.

Denso 671-4246

Denso 671-4246 Spark

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By comparison, this Denso 671-4246 falls within the purview of those looking for good quality spark plug wire but on a tight budget. The manufacturer commits that these models are identical to the ones installed in the factory with regard the form, fit, and performance, and meet or exceed original equipment supplier (OE/OES) specifications. Customers rated this with flying colors and said, “It was a breeze installing the wires, and their cars ran fine afterwards. “ You can use this set that comes in four wires for Subaru 1999-2006 models.

Motorcraft WR5934

Motorcraft WR5934 Spark

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This model by Motorcraft are put together and tested to pass the original equipment (OE) specifications with the end in view of guaranteeing toughness and reliability even under extreme conditions. As such, these devices can deliver maximum voltage safely and timely to the spark plug, thus optimizing the use of your engine and increasing its life. Each set of this product comes with boots and connectors, and the company will offer you a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on parts for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury cars and light truck application.

Bosch 09848

Bosch 09848 Premium

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Be on the lookout for the best price for this product fitted for Mercedes 1998-2006 models. Well, the state-of-the-art technology enabled these wires to meet, and often exceed the performance of the original equipment. The wires are engineered with a stainless steel Mag for maximum voltage delivery, resulting in optimum engine performance. They are made of pure oil-resistant silicone jacket, and with EPDM inner insulation that avoids voltage leak. Meanwhile, the snap lock terminals provide worry-free installation and reinstallation of these cables. A purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty.

NGK (8034) HE76

NGK (8034) HE76 Premium Spark Plug

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It is NGK again, but these particular wires are designed as reliable conduits of electrical voltage for Honda 1992-2002 models. They come with the quality and reliability associated with the manufacturer, which has become as among the most popular brands in this business. Therefore, you can expect this model to have met the stringent OEM specifications given its ferrite magnetic layer, fibreglass core, high-quality EPDM and silicone coverings, custom-designed terminal boots and positive-locking, corrosion-resistant stainless steel terminal end. For performance that is consistent, get these ignition wires for your car.

NGK (9988) HE53

NGK (9988) HE53 Premium Spark Plug

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In terms of rating in the online marketplace, this one is NGK’s top-rated spark plug wire made for the 1988-1991 Honda cars. A review states that “If there is any set of wires for your Honda, NGK is the way to go. Good fit, look good in the engine bay, and most importantly, provide sure-fire ignition.” This great compliment represents the majority of the positive feedback of the customers who already bought this time. As usual with NGK products, this wire set delivers noise suppression, unrivalled firing, sturdiness and consistency.

Bosch 09001

Bosch 09001 Premium

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This is premium pre-assembled product set for Volkswagen 1953-1980 models by Bosch that you are able to choose in the market. It banners its opti-layer Mag technology, which brings optimum engine performance, reduces misfires and gets rid of radio frequency interference. Bosch equipped each cable with 100% silicone jacket against wire set failure, EPDM inner insulation preventing voltage leaks, perfectly-fitted and OEM-style silicone boots, and “snap lock” terminals or OEM-style connectors for effortless installation and re-installation. It is no surprise that consumer reports state that you cannot get better quality than this wire set from Bosch.