TOP 10 Best Projectors under $200 – Reviews In 2019

When you are looking for the best projectors under $200, you have to consider different factors because there is plenty of options in the markets. The first thing you may have to consider is the image quality.

Another thing to consider is the size, a lot of people look for compact models and a lot of them live in small apartments/homes therefore for them to buy a regular size projector will not be possible.

Small projectors might not be as perfect as the normally sized ones, but it depends on the features they have.

Apart from compactness and image quality, the other feature you have to consider is the connectivity. It is flexible and allows you to connect to various devices. The common ones have easy connections to smartphones, laptops as well as tablets.

The last thing to put into consideration is the ease of use since not all projectors are easy to use. They come with user guides but just make sure you buy a projector that is intuitive and simple to use.

iDGLAX DG-747 HDMI Movies projector: Best Option Under 200 dollars


This is among the best mini projectors that are sold less than $200.It can easily be mounted on the ceiling and on the front too. It is portable and gives a user a lot of flexibility; you carry it with you anywhere you go.

The iDGLAX DG-747 HDMI Movies is a top-rated projector under 200 dollars that allows a user to control and tilt the zoom. A lot of the expensive projectors do not come with this feature. Its lamp lasts long unlike the other is durable, flexible and has a connection and an audio quality that every user would need.

Abdtech LCD Portable Projector: Ideal for Home Theater & Gaming

Abdtech LCD Portable Projector

This is an updated home projector for movies which gives clear images for an outdoor movie night as well as a great screen for your play station. This one has brighter and clear images, and it gives the user an amazing viewing experience.

It has an ability in increasing the image focus function; you will get the highest quality images when you use this Abdtech LCD.

When you come across a cheap projector that gives brighter images than the rest in the market, you should go for it. According to the researches, this is the best projector under 200$.

It Is great for home entertainment mostly in dark conditions since it is 50% better than the normal LED units. It also has an updates fan sound. The cooling fan of its system makes sure that heat is dispersed evenly and it serves less noise.

It also comes with an HDMI, AV, and USB interfaces. It is one of the portable projectors that has an innovative cooling system.

Wsky 2019 Upgraded LED Video Projector for Outdoor Movie Night

Wsky 2019 Upgraded

This option has been upgraded for 2019 with 2500 lumens and has more than 40000 lamp hours for crisp as well as clear multimedia projection.

You can have all your family members and friends together in the backyard for visual fans such as videos, video games, movies, and slideshows.

Its screen can be adjusted for a picture from 30” to 176” with 1080P supported. It comes with a built-in speaker but an output for a great external sound, it gives you good audio you were looking has dual fans that are built on therefore it is cool and quiet.

GAOGA 1080p projector under $150

GAOAG Projector Portable

This is an extraordinary 1080p video projector sold under $150 and it can serve you remotely on the go. It is a portable video projector.

It has a display capability of 44 inches to 200-inch size therefore wherever you are you can have great video experience, and it will always feel like you have a LED tv right in your pocket.

You can connect it to different devices such as the laptops, cameras, tablets, iOs devices. Androids and chromecasts.You can also connect to portable hard drives, gaming consoles and Bluetooth speakers.

A good quality projector has a keystone correction feature. It gives you great rectangular sized display on any screen.

GooDee 180” HD projector

GooDee Video Projector 180

This is the best projector under $200 that has high brightness and resolution. It has a perfect resolution of 1280*600 and a great contrast of 3001.

It comes with an HD decoder chip, and it also comes with an HD movie projector support that goes up to 1080 video input. It supports multiple interfaces which are the USB, HDMI and AV.

You can connect it to devices like the Xbox, PS4, PS3, X-one, laptops, phones, iPads, iPhones, and come with built-in speakers but you will get a better audio quality when external speakers are used. This model is ultra silent compared to other models and one of the best models under $200.

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EUG Pico PR500DB Portable Projector: Cheap Model

EUG Pico PR500DB

This cheap model gives clear resolution 960*640 compared to the other projectors in the market.

It is a 1500 lumens projector. Therefore, it is 205 brighter than the LED models. It has a quick setting.

Therefore, it is easy for you to use your home projector for cinemas at home. It has multi-connectivity that is it can be connected to different functional interfaces like HDMI, USB, AV, and VGA.

 VANKYO Leisure 510

VANKYO Leisure 510 Home Cinema Video Projector

This model comes with a beautiful storage bag and straps which ensures a secure the projector. It has an inner mesh pouch that is important for carrying small objects including the user’s manual while giving a room for the remote and other cables.

It has a fan that ensures even dispersion of heat, and it is not loud. It comes with an HDMI port and USB-A which can help to hook the projector with Xbox, Tv box,, and a computer.


ELEPHAS [2018 Version]

This model shows ultra bright and high-resolution videos and images. It has a luminous power of 3300 and a supported video of 1280*800 pixels. This combination will lead you to a fine quality of projections.

You can adjust the size of the screen up to 33 to 180 inches. No matter the size of the room for the audience they will all get to see the fullest of the stuff that you will be projecting with this device.

WiFi Video Projector by Neefeaer

Neefeaer Wireless Projector

It is a full HD movie version that comes with a portable Projector, it is 50% brighter, and it gives sharper images than the other mini projector. It is portable means you can carry it anywhere with you.

This wi-fi model is designed for indoor and outdoor movies, and they work best in darkness. Neefeaer delivers data of iPhone and Android smartphones to big screen projections display. It makes you enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

ELEPHAS DLP Mini Projector


This version has an adjustable foot that helps to mount the projectors on the ceiling. It has an impressive lamp that can sustain 15 years, and it can be used 8 hours daily.

It has an advanced cooling system that helps to keep the device cool without producing a lot of noise which might interrupt the visual of the audio. You can connect the projector to your smartphone through the MHL cable and the HDMI for iOs devices as well.