The advancement of technology has brought the great trend of projectors that help you get the most awesome experience of your life. From gaming and movie watching to get your business presentations carried out in the perfect manner all, you can do with the cost friendly projectors. Given below is the review of the best projectors under $500 in 2018 available on the market. Simply choose the perfect one for yourself.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Projectors Under $500

ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA, 3300 DLP Projector


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One of the best projectors under $500 it comes with the super powerful color technology that helps in delivering the superior quality of the richer colors. You are able to get enhanced with the enlarged sound and speaker chamber. There is a proper choice to have the 5 view settings and can get a variety of scenarios. With the 3 years limited warranty and one year of free express exchange offer you can very nicely enhance the good quality experience with this top-rated brand.

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector


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This LCD model is a high quality projector that comes with the feature of accurate color and 3 chip technology with the extra amount of brightness. The fast and convenient setup will provide you to project the basic presentations and graphics. It is quite affordable and comes at the best price. It is much more compatible with the latest technology laptops as well as media players. The image adjustments will help you with the proper control and also have a good amount of brightness in the room. The standard connectivity with accurate DLP competitiveness.

BenQ DLP, 3300 Lumens


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A video projector which is highly recommended and most popular among the people is a long lasting projector in the DLP functionality. With the magnificent crystal clear images with the incredible color accuracy. It will work up to 10.000 per hour and can showcase with the sharp and shadow look. The power saving technology will help you consume the less amount of power. It is very reliable and comes with the 1-year warranty with the energy efficient results.

Optoma ML750 WXGA 700 3D


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This LED Portable device with the 3D experience comes with the incredibly light and small feature that provides you with the powerful PC-Free presentations. With the inbuilt office viewer, you are able to manually handle the troubleshooting steps. The wireless type of presentation with the special capability and the optional adapter provide you with the great characteristics.

Epson Home Cinema 640


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A home theater projector that works out the multimedia experience for you. The proper color brightness can be enjoyed due to the 3200 lumens. With the 2 year warranty, you are able to enjoy the working and the lamp life for 6000 hours and can have the HD connectivity. The contrast ratio is around 10000:1. You are able to get it connected with USB.

iRulu BL20 1080P HD 3D


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The 1080p model will work effectively with the superior projection technology. It is a perfect business projector with the inbuilt speaker. The adapter comes with the proper power consumption. It is one of the best brands that provides you with the proper customer service and technical support. There are 3 different types of projection methods like Front projection, Rear projection and Ceiling projection. As per the customer reviews the LCD panel with the 5-inch feature helps you get the proper output and audio input.

Epson PowerLite S5 Business Projector


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Another good projector under $500 which is light in weight and is quite portable. You can very easily get the travel-friendly experience with this option. The 3 LCD technology of this multimedia projector is quite an efficient and effective one. With the automatic instant on and off feature, the brightness and fast setup is all about the outdoor work technology.

Meyoung Movie Projector (GP70 Black)


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An amazing movie projector under 500 dollars that can very nicely work with the laptops and smartphones. With the special cords that can help you watch out for the movies and multi -media files you are able to play with the music and is an awesome gift for the kids and mothers. You can very easily use it for the TV and gaming purpose. It acts like the private home cinema projectors that provide you with the clean and clear image. From watching the amazing football images and the fun-filled movies you are able to support the DVD player with the proper native resolution into 800*600 dpi. With the inbuilt TV tuner, you are able to get the portable projector experience. Now, you can buy it within the budget.

Optoma DW333 Multimedia


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The awesome projector to choose after the comparison with the other projectors. The price of the projector is simply budget friendly. The sharp images and the great color combinations will help you get the accurate performance ratio. The 10.000-hour life of the lamp will help you get the DE excellence. The color enhancement with the brilliant colors with the present total cost of ownership. The immersive experience with the 3D performance will provide you with the awesome results.

Optoma GT750E Gaming Projector


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The awesome gaming projector with good rating among the kids and youth as per the consumer reports. The superb capable technology helps you get the brightness lumens with the direct ratio towards the 3000:1. The in-built 10-watt speaker with the flexible connections and combinations. The stereo audio in and out solutions will provide you with the high contrast look. The mandatory 3D resolution with the proper Blu-Ray experience and ready to deliver the future entertainment industry. It has a powerful emitter experience of the 3D glasses and can provide you with the quick start and incorporate you with the rapid shutdown future. The manual and the quick start-up feature becomes the most cost effective solution. The pixels ratio is the great characteristic for you to opt for this projector if you specially have young kids at home.