As important as it is to click the perfect photo, so important is the placement of the camera. Photography itself is a vast industry with fields like wildlife photography, glamour photography and much more. A stand especially a tripod is usually used to place cameras at the right angle for perfect photography. In these devices, there are a variety of the plastic body to metal body with adjustable height, brand and a lot more to choose from. A wise choice of a tripod will let you click the best photos. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best professional DSLR tripods to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Professional DSLR Tripods

ZOMEi Z818 Hiking Tripod For DSLR Cameras

ZOMEi Z818 Hiking Tripod For DSLR Cameras Canon Nikon

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This is a well-made tripod in aluminum. It is very light given the metal body with a brushed aluminum look. There are also some catchy metal colors to choose from. Easy to carry, this portable tripod is very sturdy and the ball head mount is of very good quality. It can fold up very compact. ZOMEi  Z818 can withstand heavy lenses for DSLR cameras. It has an added security in the plate with 2 pins so if the knob ever comes loose your camera won’t slide. Safety of an expensive camera in the hands of this model !

ZOMEI Q111 55-Inch Professional Tripod

ZOMEI Q111 55-Inch Professional Aluminium Camera Tripod

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This one is made of high quality aluminum and ABS plastic. The 3-way pan head with quick release plate makes it professional as clicking can be done in any angle. One of the best brands known, Zomei is made for Canon and other professional cameras. You can equally use it for video recording. The customer reviews say it works very well for binoculars too so it is a heavy duty tripod. It is easy to use, assemble and the best one at the best price available on the market.

Albott 70 Inch DSLR

Albott 70 Inch Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable

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This compact tripod is compatible with all digital cameras, DSLR cameras, GoPro devices, camcorders, telescopes and binoculars. It features a center column that converts it into a monopod. It is a good DSLR tripod which brings you an enhanced flexibility to switch between tripod and monopod. There is a visible bubble level which makes it a great tripod for you even to click photos from your car window. This travel tripod comes with carrying bag in the package which makes carrying this sturdy, lightweight, tripod with hidden monopod feature easier.

Zomei 65″ Lightweight Compact

Zomei 65 Tripod Monopod with Z818 Series Quick Release Plate Lightweight Professional Compact

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The professional looking carrier bag is the first thing you will notice when you open the package. This is an extremely high-quality tripod. The head has a smooth leather pouch for protection, an allen wrench is provided for adjustments and the look is simply stunning. The lightweight makes it ideal for taking on long hikes, trips and walks. The head has multiple bolts for taking panoramic shots or any other shorts in the required direction. A top-rated tripod; you will have one of the best companions for your camera.

iKross 61-inch with Smartphone Adapters and Carrying Bag

Tripod, iKross 61-inch Professional Light Weight DSLR

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If photography is one of your serious hobbies then you should surely buy this perfect model with four advanced features namely quick release legs, the way it attaches a quick release plat, lightweight and able to support a DSLR with 300 zoom lens. The package includes two adapters for GoPro and smartphone. It helps take great pictures and videos with your iPhone. You will enjoy clipping your phone onto this for recording. Overall, it is very smooth in motion and quality. You will love this device for its multiple usage features.

Pantan Q6 Plus Big Size

Pantan Q6 Plus Big Size Professional Aluminum Magnesium DV

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If you are tired of purchasing options under $100, then this one will serve all your purposes. It comes in great shape and you will be amazed how to study it is to work as a heavy duty tripod. Long quick release plates allow you to balance the lenses for smooth movement making it one of the best professional DSLR tripods. It is a very solid model which is easy to use with adjustable legs. It comes with carrying pouch which is durable and weather resistant. You will love this for your home studio.

JOBY Gorillapod Flexible

JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom

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A well-constructed and designed, affordable, too light Gorillapod for cameras that are mirrorless. You can capture crisper photos and smoother videos with this professional tripod which has ball head bundle that never lets your camera slip out of its grasp. It can be connected to other Joby models and stands since it comes with a standard tripod mount. This Gorillapod is a perfect tool that lets you click the best pictures and smooth videos with a ball head X bundle. This is an ultimate one for all your shooting needs.

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series 60-Inch Aluminum

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Are you a one man crew of your photography unit? If your answer is yes, then this Dolica will be the best aluminum tripod. The review about this compact tripod is highly positive. This is technically a travel model which can give a perfect balance to your camera with rounded square legs. When you are confused about the variety of tripods on the market, you should close in on and try Dolica GX600B200 65” Proline. For perfect results, you should try using this laptop for outdoor shooting and enjoy the perfect clicks.

ZoMei Z818 Heavy Duty For Canon Sony Nikon

ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Magnesium Aluminium

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One of the top-rated professional DSLR tripods, ZoMei z818 is the advanced model for Canon, Sony, Nikon and other professional brands. With such good consumer reports, you will be tempted to buy this aluminum tripod in two tones with a soft foam handle if you are buying a tripod for looks. Even if you are an amateur and beginner photographer, this will work wonders for your clicks and for cameras. In comparison with any cheap tripod for DSLR, this keeps your camera safer and comes with a decent budget and warranty for beginners.

ZOMEI Aluminum Portable

ZOMEI Aluminum Portable with Ball Head

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A flexible tripod which is highly recommended for professional use as well as personal use from one of the most popular brands – Zomei, this one is lightweight, cost effective and has the best rating. When you start using this device you will feel the difference in your shorts with smoother videos too. This aluminum portable tripod does clicking at every angle easier with the surface plate ball head which can be tilted safely for your cameras. It can be used for binoculars, telescopes, go pro devices and smartphones.