Powered PA speakers are one of the best sound accessories for musicians. These speakers work in close association with an amplifier to produce the desired sound. They boost up the overall sound quality of live concerts, particularly those of rock bands and DJ programs. There are a number of factors, including portability and sound quality that determine the choice of a particular PA speaker. Here are the ten best powered PA speakers 2017 on the market to choose, according to customer reviews.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Powered PA Speakers

PRORECK PARTY 15 Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set

PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set

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This is a top-rated powered PA loudspeaker that comes with an integrated stands. There are two wheels for easy transportation of the speakers. It is a 2000w speaker which has several other accessories in the package, including USB cable, SD card reader, Bluetooth remote control and FM. It is an affordable product with four LED lights and is priced at $310. It has a 15 inch woofer with updated features and produces classy sound. The speaker has an in-built equalizer and offers excellent MP3 volume control features. It has got a good rating and is a good product to buy from the market.

Rockville RPG122K Dual

PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set

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If you look out for a 500w speaker with 12 inch woofer that comes under 500 this is one of the products that you might find interesting. It is a top-rated product and is manufactured by a noted brand. It is black in color and has got decent looks, besides being portable. The base response is really awesome due to the presence of upgraded aluminum coils. It is a good product that comes within an average budget. The updates Bluetooth facility enables to get connected to phones and other storage devices easily, and you are free from the hassles of cords messing up with the setting.

Mackie THUMP15 Powered Loudspeaker 15-Inch

Mackie THUMP15 Thump Series 15-Inch Powered Loudspeaker

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This is a good powered PA speaker that is recommended for live performances due to the high quality sound. The speaker is powered by upgraded features like integrated precession crossover and transducer time-alignment. The product has a 15-inch woofer and the 1.4 inch titanium dome compressor adds to the sophistication of the device. It is a portable PA system from Mackie that can produce a big sound, especially in live concerts performed by rock bands.

LyxPro SPA-8  8 inch Compact Portable PA System

LyxPro SPA-8 - 8 Compact Portable PA System

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In case you are looking out for a compact speaker at the best price, this is something that you will find interesting. This portable speaker is available under $100 and has an 8 inch woofer. It has integrated features like Bluetooth, MP3 selection, a slot for SD card, XLR microphone unit, besides other updated features. The product is known for its good quality sound and it is light in weight in comparison to other products. You can use this lightweight speaker for live concerts, DJ programs and so on.



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This is a high-quality powered PA monitor with two-way sound reinforcement system. The 1000w speaker is ideal for professional use. The compact design of the concert speaker makes it easy to handle. The device can deliver excellent grades of sound, even when the pressure level is high. This product from Behringer is ideal for live sound and has deep acoustic and bass powers. The exponential horn is large-format and it comes with ultra-wide dispersion features, which allows the sound to travel far and loud.

PYLE-PRO PPHP1537UB Bluetooth Speaker System

PYLE-PRO PPHP1537UB 15-Inch 1200 Watt 2-Way Powered Bluetooth Speaker System

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If you look out for a budget PA speaker within $200, you can check out this device. It is a small speaker with pro audio features. It produces a refined grade of sound and is ideal for rock band performances. It is powered by sophisticated features like remote control and record function. The active loudspeaker has all the necessary accessories like USB, SD card readers and it is backed by a 15 inch woofer. It is a 1200 watt gadget with a 2-way sound system.



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This active monitor speaker has a sophisticated class D amplifier technology that helps it to produce a refined sound quality. It is available under $200, at a reasonable cost and comes from one of the best brands. It has an integrated sound processor that adds to the speaker’s protection, besides allowing the vocal speaker to have a good control over the sound. Being one of the best products on the market, it has mostly positive consumer reports. The sonic performance of the speaker is superb and being lightweight, it is easy to be carried.


PRORECK PARTY 12 Portable 12-Inch 600 Watts 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set

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In case you are on the hunt for a cheap powered PA speaker, you can use this product. The pair of speakers is available under $250 and comes with all the integrated features like Bluetooth, USB connection and an SD card slot. It is a 600-watt set with a two-way sound system. The audio speaker has an impressive review and is powered by 12-inch subwoofers. The speaker has sophisticated features like master volume control, digital display with LCD, treble and bass controls, besides having inputs for unbalanced as well as balanced microphones. The speaker offers a limited period warranty and is one of the most popular products on the market.



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This is a high end PA speaker that is available under 1000. The integrated sound processor present in the gadget ensures complete control over the sound quality. It is a high powered 220-watt speaker with good customer reviews. This speaker has a wide range of applications, including live and playback purposes. The active speaker produces incredible sound quality and being lightweight, it can be carried to the venue quite easily. It is a self powered speaker with a switch mode built internally, which reduces noise.

JBL EON615 1000W

JBL EON615 1000W 15 2-Way Powered Speaker System

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This active stereo speaker is one of the best products on the market. It can be used for a vast range of purposes, including mobile DJ sound system, concerts and live programs. The 1000 watt powered speakers for DJ comes with an advanced Bluetooth technology and the enclosure settings in this gadget have been optimized, so that it produces a classy acoustic resonance. The enclosures have been mechanically shaped to upgrade the sound quality of the speaker. It is one of the best features that bridges the price-quality rift.