It would be easier if our phones had an infinite battery life. Then we could leave our homes for hours, be on our phones and not worry about recharging them. But no technological device is perfect, right?

Luckily technology also gives you a way to recharge your multiple devices’ batteries when you’re not at home. You need a portable power bank.The best portable chargers are exactly what you need when you leave your home. Review them all and pick the one that’s most impressive and appropriate to your lifestyle.

Top-Rated Portable Chargers

Anker 20100mAh Ultra High Capacity Power Bank (TOP Choice)


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This Anker model is one of the best-rated power banks in the market. This item weighs only 12.5oz yet it has the power to fully charge your phone.

Many honest reviews regarding the Anker model concluded that the small item can power an iPhone7 seven times and the Galaxy S6 five times on a single charge. The two 5V 4.8A ports provide optimum recharge capacities that contribute to fast charging.

When the Anker battery eventually drains you can charge it within 10 hours with a 2A charger.

The PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies achieve the high-speed charging you need:

  • PowerIQ technology: The power pack identifies the different connected devices and ensures optimum high-speed charge is delivered to all.
  • VoltageBoost: The VoltageBoost ensures all gadgets have high charging speeds, no matter the length of the cables.


  • Fast charging: It can take only two hours for your cell phone to have a full charge.
  • Accurate LED lights: The LED lights indicate how full the battery is.
  • Automatic shut down: When the unit is not in use it’ll shut down to save battery.


  • Long recharge period: The battery packs can take up to a day to recharge.
  • Loose charging port: Sometimes you need to fiddle with the cord before it charges.
  • Bulky: The battery pack is larger and heavier than some other models.

RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger (Best Value)


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Pick the RAVPower if you want the best value external charger in terms of size and charging capabilities. Let’s review why it could be the best option for you.

This top-rated RAVPower model allows you to charge three Smartphones or tablets. The impressive 5.8A total output guarantees that each Smartphone and tablet receive equal output supplies for short recharge times.

The 22000mAh capacity powers these brands’ batteries on a single charge:

  • iPhone 5s and 6s up to nine times
  • Galaxy S8 up to five times
  • iPad Mini three times

When the power pack finally drains you can recharge it within 10-11 hours. This good battery pack was built to be durable:

  • Surge Protection IC: Monitors the charging current, adjusts the voltage and provides circuitry protection.
  • Battery-Protecting NTC: Monitors the battery temperature and protects it from overheating which could waste energy.
  • Rugged Construction: The case is made from a fire resistant thermoplastic alloy.

The Panasonic IC Chip built into the unit is impressive. It’s an advance management chip with a 10 layer protection for a safer, stable and powerful current conversion.


  • Compatible with other devices: Your camera’s battery can recharge.
  • Good design: The RAVPower is lightweight and slim making it easy to travel with.
  • Good battery backup: The RAVPower battery doesn’t deplete quickly.
  • More than one recharge method: You can recharge unit with a wall charger or solar panel.


  • The unit overheats: When you use the unit for hours it heats up to the point where it’s uncomfortable to touch.
  • Inconsistent charging supply: Some devices are quick to recharge while others are very slow.
  • Recharge time is long: It can take over a day for it to recharge.
  • Wall charger sold separately: You need to use your own or purchase a compatible charger.

Poweradd Pilot 4GS Dual 3A Battery Pack

Poweradd Pilot

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The Poweradd’s design is something you’ll love if you go backpacking. The unit is small so it doesn’t take much room in your bag. Your new portable charging station makes it easier for you to take pictures of your journey without the risk of your phone dying.

The casing is durable as it’s made of aluminum and has an anodized finish. The anti-fingerprint design leaves the surface clean. The Poweradd was specifically made for all Apple products. You can charge any two devices at the same time. The total output is 3A so both devices get a supply of 1.5A each.

This backup is best for Apple products. The Pilot 4GS provides:

  • 4.5 charges for an iPhone 6/6s
  • 2 charges for an iPad Mini

The Pilot 4GS has the best protection system. The grade AAA and the LG Li-polymer cell premium chips create the multi protect system which helps with:

  • Overcharge
  • Overdischarge
  • Overvoltage
  • Overcurrent
  • Short circuit protection

The Poweradd will shut down if a short circuit or overload output occurs when it’s charging your devices.


  • Compatible with other devices: You can charge other branded devices and wireless headsets too.
  • Top recharge time: It powers devices quickly.
  • User-friendly: It’s simple to use the device even without reading the instructions.
  • Long lasting battery: The Poweradd can last up to three days even when used continuously.


  • No quick charge time: It takes longer for it to recharge.
  • Power cord design flaw: The cord is not quality made and can break within a couple of uses.
  • Heavy: It is heavier than advertised.
  • On/off button flaw: The on/off button may stop working and there is no other way to turn the device on.

Anker Astro E1 Candy-Bar Sized Ultra Compact Stick Charger

Anker Astro E1

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The Anker portable USB charger can only charge one device. The charger stick is compact which makes it easier to carry and charge your Smartphone in your pocket or bag. This model features an exclusive PowerIQ technology. It detects the Smartphone or tablet battery to supply the best output for it to recharge quickly. The maximum output is 2A which is sufficient for one device.

This model has an upgraded 6700mAh capacity. It can offer two full charges for most iPhones and Android Smartphones even when you use your original USB cable. You can recharge more than just your Smartphones and tablets. This high capacity stick makes it possible for you to charge laptops while you’re on the move.


  • LED indicators: The three LED indicators inform you how full the Anker battery is before it needs to be recharged.
  • Good battery life: The Anker unit can last over a week on a single charge.
  • Lightweight: It’s easy for you to carry in your hands, pockets or bags when your travel.
  • Durable USB ports: The ports are sturdy and won’t loosen easily no matter how often you connect & disconnect the cable.


  • Not power adaptor. You must use your own adapter as Anker sells it separately.
  • USB cable flaw: The USB cable that arrives with the backup bank may not charge your device.
  • Charge times vary according to the device: Laptops and tablets take longer to charge

GETIHU Portable Ultra Slim Power Bank for Mobile

GETIHU Portable

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The top 10000mAh charger has two USB ports for you to connect most mobile phones. With one single charge, you can power up your different phones up to three times. The two ports have different amp power. One is a 2.1A and the other is 1A. You can charge two devices simultaneously and 1.4 times faster than an ordinary adapter.

The GETIHU is built with a cool LED flashlight. This feature is best when your travel or camp in case an emergency occurs and you need to see in the dark. The intelligent power manage IC protects your devices from over-charge, discharge, voltage and short circuit accidents.


  • Slim design: The external backup fits well into your pocket.
  • Fast charging: Depending on the device it can fully charge it within two hours.
  • Unique USB cable: A USB cable with an additional flashlight arrives with the package. This flashlight is bright compared to the one built into the unit.
  • Flexible pouch: The power bank’s pouch is big enough to hold it and the mobile phone.


  • Inconsistent charges: Sometimes the GETIHU won’t recharge a device to 100%.
  • Inconsistent performance: The unit charges some devices faster than others.
  • No LED indicators: There is no way of telling how much battery the unit has.
  • Ineffective flashlight: The flashlight is tricky to turn on and off & it’s not too bright.



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The 24000mAh back up pack is the biggest in its class as it can power four mobiles or smart devices simultaneously. It charges any connected device more than six times.

The KENRUIPU has a unique design compared to other power banks. It has a digital LCD screen which gives an exact measurement of how full the battery is. The KENRUIPU is packaged with its own compatible charger for effective fast recharge.


  • Consistent ports: Each port receives an equal amount of amps so devices charge quickly.
  • Unique design: The KENRUIPU model has a built-in bright flashlight.
  • Accurate readings: The LCD screen shows accurate readings of the output supply to the connected device.
  • User-friendly: Operating the LCD screen is straightforward.


  • Long recharge time: At best it takes a full day to recharge the KENRUIPU.
  • Bulky design: The unit is heavy and large to carry.
  • Drains quickly: The power bank’s battery drains significantly after it charges your device one time.
  • Non-quality materials: The unit can scratch and dent easily.

Puridea 10000mAh S2 Blue External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG and More

Puridea 10000mAh

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What makes the Puridea a great buy is that it has the most color options to pick from. The Puridea is a truly stylish accessory. It measures only 13mm making it easier for you to carry in pockets and bags. The 10000mAh battery charges devices up to three times. It has a long battery life which makes it easier to keep your cell phones full when your travel.

You can connect two devices and both will receive a total output current of 3A. The item can identify the type of gadget connected and delivers the best output supply. The unit automatically powers off when your phone’s battery is full. This protects the external backup from overheating and makes it more energy efficient.


  • Long lasting battery: The Puridea can recharge devices up to six times.
  • Good design: The lightweight and small size make it easy for you to place it in your pockets.
  • Durable body materials: The case is made of a hard plastic and rubber. It can withstand rough use.
  • Built-in flashlight: The flashlight is bright.


  • Can still overheat: You may need to use the unit sparingly as it can overheat and burn internal components.
  • Inconsistent charging speeds: The unit can charge the phone quickly for a couple minutes then continues slowly.
  • Poor internal construction: The unit can swell up because of overheating which affects the performance and is unsafe to use.

Mophie Powerstation 5X Dual USB Charger for Smartphones and Tablets

Mophie Powerstation

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The Mophie Powerstation offers five times additional battery life compared to other portable charges. You can now power your two connected devices two to three times more on a single charge compared to other portable banks.

It features an ultra slim design. It’s lightweight and compact to carry in your pockets or bags. The size doesn’t impact on its durability because it has an anodized aluminum finish. This product has built-in LED indicators to inform you of the battery level and charge status.

This model works well with the Mophie Bluetooth mobile app. The app lets you monitor and manage the battery life of the phone & Powerstation. You receive notifications when the battery is low and charging is complete.


  • Fast charging: The Powerstation charges both devices quickly.
  • Long lasting battery: The Powerstation can last a couple of days without any recharge.
  • Quick recharge time: It takes four hours to fully recharge the item.
  • Safe to carry: It doesn’t overheat when you use it for hours on end, making it safe to hold in your hands while you’re on your phone.


  • Misleading design: The Mophie Powerstation is larger than expected.
  • Not entirely user-friendly: You may need instructions to teach you how to work the unit. However, no instructions are packaged with the power bank.
  • Unreliable battery: The battery can swell up which results in it being useless.
  • Short lifespan: Within months the Powerstation can stop working.

Hokonui 10000mAh Fast Charging Wireless Power Bank

Hokonui 10000mAh

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If you’re tired of carrying USB cables then pick this wireless power bank. You need to only place your Smartphone on the Hokonui and it’ll start charging wirelessly. If you have two devices that need charging you can connect a USB cable to the portable power station. You can use the wireless component and the USB ports together.

The unit has a multifunction case design as it’s:

  • Anti-slip
  • Shockproof
  • Phone stand safely
  • Hands-free
  • Can be used as a car phone holder

The automatic power off shuts down the unit 30 seconds after you disconnect your device. This prevents overcharge and discharge, short-circuiting & overheating.


  • Accurate digital screen: The readings inform you of how much current and voltage you have.
  • Long battery lifespan: You need to only recharge the Hokonui once a week depending on usage.
  • Compatible with most phones. Apple, Android phones and other devices have the same charging time.
  • Detailed LCD readings. The LCD screen displays the output voltage and current values.


  • Ineffective wireless charging: Your devices are powered faster with the USB ports rather through the wireless.
  • Not fast charging: It charges your phones at the regular common speed.
  • It can discharge: With no gadget connected the battery can still drain itself.
  • Slippery surface: The phone can slide off the unit which increases the risk of damage.

MAXOAK 50000mAh Lots of Ports Portable Charger for Phone & Laptop/Notebook

MAXOAK 50000mAh

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Your cell phones, tablets and laptops can be fully charged when you travel. The MAXOAK 50000mAh has six ports and the output supply to recharge all phones & tablets at the same time. Many reviews show it has an impressive charge time compared to other external chargers. A single charge of this 50000mAh unit powers Smartphones and tablets at least 10 times.

The ports include:

  • One 20V/3A for laptops
  • One 12V/2.5A for digital cameras
  • Two 5V/2.1A for smart devices
  • Two 5V/1A for smart devices.

The DC input of 16.8V/2.5A contributes to a fast charging speed and energy efficiency. 11 kinds of connectors are supplied to ensure most devices are compatible with the portable charger.


  • Charges immediately: The MAXOAK charges the gadgets even when it’s off.
  • Large capacity: Multiple types of devices get charged fast without draining the power bank too quickly.
  • Versatile ports: There is a DC port for older devices.
  • Fast charge times: All devices are charged quickly.


  • Unusual power times: Laptops only get charged when it’s on.
  • Large size: The MOXOAK is too large and heavy to carry by hand for hours.
  • Need to check for compatibility: Not all laptop adaptors are provided with the unit.

ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30000mAh Rugged Charger

ZeroLemon ToughJuice

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The high capacity power bank lets you charge any Smartphone or tablet up to 10 times. Many reviews suggest the ZeroLemon is the best-rated power bank because of its five USB port design. Four are the large type A and one is a type C. The rugged external charger has a tough exterior which gives it the greatest protection against rough usage.

The ZeroLemon lets you charge multiple devices simultaneously which include:

  • MacBooks
  • Lenovo Yoga
  • OnePlus 5
  • Galaxy S8 and S8 plus
  • LG
  • Google Pixel
  • Nintendo Switch 2018


  • Large capacity: The unit is highly powerful to charge multiple devices without the battery draining quickly.
  • Extremely durable: The case can withstand any rough handling.
  • Long lasting battery: After charging multiple devices the ZeroLemon will still provide power.
  • Flap design: The ports have flaps as a cover top to prevent dust accumulation.


  • Heavy Design: The power bank is heavy which makes it difficult to carry.
  • Loose ports: The cables don’t stay connected to the ports sometimes.
  • Long recharge period: The ZeroLemon must recharge overnight.
  • Device incompatibility: Not all devices can connect to the ZeroLemon

F.Dorla 20000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank


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The eco-friendly design of the F.Dorla makes it a great buy. The F.Dorla is solar powered so you can charge it while out in the sun. Review why it’s one of the best gadgets to take backpacking or traveling. The product connects to two devices. You can charge your Apple and Android Smartphones, Apple Watch, cameras and GPS.

There are two LED lights which show you how the F.Dorla is being recharged:

  • Blue: USB charging
  • Green: Solar charging

The F.Dorla is embedded with short circuit and overcurrent protection features. It automatically shuts down when it detects something may damage the circuit. The waterproof feature also protects the internal components.


  • Long lasting charge: The F.Dorla can charge two devices fully and still have plenty of battery power.
  • User-friendly: The design is straightforward and easy to operate immediately.
  • Solar charging is effective: The energy from the sun is sufficient to power two devices fully.
  • Fast charging: Charges Apple and Android devices quickly.


  • Ineffective flashlight: The flashlight doesn’t power up all the time and it’s not bright enough.
  • Inaccurate compass reading: The compass does not point at true north.
  • The battery can swell: If you leave it in the sun the battery gets damaged.
  • Charges better with wall outlet: It takes a long time to recharge with the solar sensors.

Jackery Giant+ 12000mAh Travel Backup Power Bank

Jackery Giant+

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Purchase this travel back up power bank because the built-in flashlight is great for emergencies. Many users love the 2000mAh more capacity. The powerful built-in flashlight is bright enough for you to navigate out of dark places.

The high capacity power pack recharges all devices a maximum of five times before the battery is drained. It offers fast charging for all your connected devices, so you can use them again as quickly as possible. The power pack is made with strong construction materials for added durability and protection for the internal components.

These features make the Jackery safe and reliable:

  • Protection for cell
  • Temperature resistance
  • Overcharge and discharge protection
  • Incorrect charger protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Input overvoltage protection
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Output overvoltage protection


  • Compatible with other devices: You can charge Kindles and cameras.
  • Ideal protection systems: The unit doesn’t overheat when you use it for hours.
  • Sturdy construction: The Jackery doesn’t scratch, crack or chip easily.
  • Flashlight: The flashlight is bright enough to see in the dark.


  • Long charge periods: Takes hours to recharge your phone.
  • Heavy: The Jackery makes pockets and bags heavier to carry.
  • Quality decreases over time: With time it won’t hold a full charge as before.

What to Look for in a Portable Power Bank

This buying guide helps you to know everything important about portable chargers. This way you can compare them all and pick the one you feel is best for your needs.


To make your list shorter you must look at the size of your phone’s battery. Find portable chargers that match that size. The power bank you buy must have at least the same size battery as your mobile phone. This ensures one full charge on your device.

If your phone’s battery size is a nonremovable Li-Po 1440mAh battery the power bank must have that specification or higher.


Capacity goes hand in hand with size. How you use your Smartphone impacts the portable phone charger you buy. The capacity amount determines how many times you can charge your Smartphone. The common capacities are:

  • 1500mAh battery: Mobile phones—one full charge.
  • 5200mAh battery: Mobile phones—two full charges. It charges a tablet to approximately 50%.
  • 10000mAh battery: Mobile phones—four chargers. Tablet one full charge.

The Number of USB Ports

How many devices do you need to charge? This also affects the portable charger you buy. The ports affect the total output current distributed to each device.

You want a power bank with a 3A output and two ports. If one device is connected then it receives the full 3A output. Once you connect the second the output is shared, with both receiving only 1.5A. Look for those with a higher output such as 4A or 5A so all devices charge effectively.


A high-quality charger has these characteristics which ensure great durability.


Efficient battery packs operate at lower temperatures. This leads to less energy used and longer life expectancy.

Over Current Protection (OPC)

OPC protects the circuitry of both devices by preventing too much power entering the packs and mobile.

Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

OVP ensures the voltage is within the means for both devices to avoid damages.

Anker vs RAVpower vs Mophie Powerbanks

A summary review of these best rated external backups is provided for you to compare and choose the one suited for you.

Anker 20100mAh

The Anker 20100mAh is perfect for someone who wants a fast charger back. There are two technologies embedded into the device that makes it possible:

  • PowerIQ Technology: It identifies any device connected and delivers the optimum high speed charged accepted by the battery.
  • VoltageBoost: Cable resistance can affect charging output. The VoltageBoost ensures the charging speeds are the same if you’re connecting the two devices by a long or short cable.

The pocket-sized portable charger PowerCore feature uses the best batteries cells in the market. These ensure your devices receive the highest possible capacity, efficiency and reliability.

The technical features include:

  • Battery size: 20100mAh
  • Capacity: 5 to 7 charges depending on device
  • Amp output: 4.8A output
  • Number of ports: 2
  • Durability: MultiProtect safety system

RAVPower 22000mAh

No matter the different branded devices you own, the RAVPower is a perfect match for them all.

The technical specifications include:

  • Battery size: 22000mAh
  • Capacity: 3 to 4 chargers depending on device
  • Amp output: 5.8A
  • Number of ports: 3
  • Durability: Surge Protection

The RAVPower’s case is great because it’s made with a fire resistance thermoplastic alloy. This material has been used to manufacture cars. The power bank is made with the best construction materials and technology that make it last over 1000 recharging cycles. It has the ultimate protection against output and voltage influxes.

Mophie Powerstation XXL

The sleek and portable charger is more powerful than its other editions. You get seven more charges for Smartphones or two extra on your tablet.

Mophie Powerstation XXL technical details:

  • Battery size: 20 000mAh
  • Capacity: 3 chargers depending on the device
  • Amp output: 2.1
  • Number of ports: 3
  • Durability: Triple-tested to ensure peak performance and safe operation.

The battery goes through a rigorous testing phase to ensure maximum safety and that there are no power surges which can affect both devices.

Final Verdict

Anker vs RAVPower
The Anker is recommended for those who want battery packs that offer a large number of charge cycles no matter the device. The market-leading technologies ensure your devices get charged efficiently.

Mophie vs Anker
Anker has a better total output. This means that when two devices are connected they have equal recharge rates. Both devices will be recharged at the same time.