There are so many people around the world who do not like to carry the umbrella due to the inconvenience which it causes. But you can’t totally rely on the weather forecast department every time if you do not want to get wet in the rain. Thus, to solve this issue of inconvenience the portable rain umbrellas are manufactured by famous best brands. They are compact in size which can easily survive the severest storms. You can also carry them in your handbags easily for outdoor. The following list of top 10 best portable rain umbrellas 2018 reviews which will help you in buying the finest product:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Portable Rain Umbrellas

EEZ-Y Rain Umbrella

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

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The EEZ-Y travel umbrella is a top-rated portable rain umbrella which keeps you dry in any kind of circumstances without forgoing safety to portability. This small umbrella is collapsible to 11 inches of the size which makes it lightweight to carry. It comes with the double canopy construction which does not allow the edges to fold up in the case of any strong wind. It is available at the affordable cost on the market. Toughened metallic shafts, as well as the nine secure fiberglass ribs, are used while manufacturing this brolly.

Crown Coast Portable Umbrella

Crown Coast Umbrella Windproof

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It is a high quality portable rain umbrella which can be used by men as well as the women. It is manufactured from the heavy duty material which makes the folding canopy complete stormproof. A useful feature of automatic open and close is also given for the convenience of the user. The technology of windproof flex memory is utilized while framing the product so that it does not break out while flipping outside. The water greasy 100% polyester is used while making the canopy of the parasol.

Kolumbo “Nonbreakable”

Crown Coast

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It is a good portable rain umbrella which comes in the mini size. It simply protects you against the winds and the rains. If you are looking to buy a portable rain umbrella for frequent traveling purposes then, this will be the best product to choose. This windproof folding canopy is manufactured from the strong and durable material. It gets opened in very less time which makes you feel relieved when you are carrying lots of things in your hands. This product is hand tested for checking its performance.

Benkii Travel

Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib

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It is a cheap portable rain umbrella which is manufactured by the famous brand “Brenkii”. This wind resistant umbrella can easily protect yours from the winds running at 60 mph speed. It consists of durable and strong construction which allows you to carry this compact model on long trips. If you are looking to purchase a parasol which is available at the best price on the market then this is the highly recommended product. The manufacturers of the umbrella provide the lifetime warranty to their buyers.

Golf Umbrella by Procella Golf Umbrella

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This is a golf umbrella which you will require at the parks. It is waterproof as well as the windproof product which is made up of hard fiberglass channel along with the lightning resistant structure. It opens to a 62 inches dual vented canopy which allows the air to move in and out so that you do not blow up. This large umbrella is very difficult to break in the worse circumstances of the climate. Due to the big size, it can comfortably cover two people at one time easily.

Repel Easy Touch

Repel Windproof Travel

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In comparison to the other models, this one dries instantly due to the dupont Teflon coated canopy. It comes with the feature of automatic opening and closing. The total weight of the umbrella is 15 ounces which make it a lightweight product to carry along with you. According to the customer reviews of a portable rain umbrella, this product can easily suit any person’s budget. You also get the lifetime replacement guarantee along with the umbrella which is quite beneficial.

GustBuster Automatic

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf

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It is an automatic umbrella which is made from 100 % Nylon material. It needs very less time for the opening and closing. A dual protected and lightning resilient fiberglass shaft is used for making this product. Its high-control end cap guards and preserves the attractiveness of the parasol. It is 48 inches in diameter and has the length of 36 inches. According to the consumer reports, this option has got the good rating from the buyers. You get lifetime replacement warranty along with it at the time of buying.

Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight

Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel

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As per a review, this lightweight umbrella can be used for travel daily. It is manufactured from the robust metallic ribs along with a 3-fold chrome-coated toughen shaft. The body of the parasol is rust-free and corrosion-free which helps in protecting against wind and rain both. It is made from the water-resistant material also which keep you dry as much as possible. You can easily keep it inside your duffels and handbags for easy access. The automatic ON and OFF button allow you to keep your one hand free for other work.

G4Free Large Vented Stick

G4Free 62_68 Inch Automatic Open Golf

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It is a stick umbrella which is constructed with the help of the good quality and tough stainless steel material. Its ergonomic design benefits in the easy EVA grip on the handle. You can use it with the help of your single hand for the opening and for the closing you have to pull it back. It is a windproof product with the dual design of canopy which certifies that your brolly will never get upturn even in the nastiest circumstances.


McConnor Automatic Travel Rain

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It is a folding umbrella which comes with one button for opening and closing. It is an efficient product to buy which have an elegant look. When you close this umbrella, it gets slimmer and lightweight than the dual canopy. The safety lock given in the product ensures that the parasol does not get open in the bag by any mistake. The rubber handle allows you to give non-slip grip at the time of rainy or windy days.