In our leisure time, most of us like to listen to radio programs, favorite music or news. But we can enjoy all this without any kind of interruption while listening. That’s why today the popularity of the portable radio headsets has been increased. It not only lets you enjoy your beloved and personal music but you can customize the songs the way you like in it. You can hear the songs, enjoy FM radio and listen to the news programs at any place you want. You can use them for the longer time with the help of the inbuilt source of battery power. The below are the top 10 best portable radio headsets reviews of 2018 which we have prepared after doing some in-depth research and study:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Headphones with Radio

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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It is a high quality portable radio headset which is a complete solution to the wireless communication. This brand is known for its stylishness, perfection, and the innovative techniques. The manufacturer of the product gives one year warranty period at the time of buying to their customers. On Bluetooth, you can hear the music for around 40 hours and if you want to use the headset for talking, then the standby time is 45 hours. It takes around two hours to get charged completely.

GranVela A809 Lightweight Headset with Built-in FM Radio

GranVela A809 Lightweight Foldable Stereo Headphones Adjustable Headband Kids Headsets with Built-in FM Radio

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It is a top-rated headset radio which can continuously play the music for 18 hours. The main benefit of this small FM radio is that it can get the charge fast in three minutes that’s why you can use it for at least one hour without any issue. The ear pads of the product are made from the soft leather material for hearing the music for the longer duration with full comfort. It delivers you very clear sound along with the perfect bass.

Rock-N-Grv FM Radio Headphones


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It is a good AM/FM headset radio which let you enjoy your life in a trendy and dynamic style. This radio headphone has different modes which you can choose with the help of mini control buttons easily. A microphone is also given on the headphone thus you are able to  answer your calls on your mobile phone in a convenient way. Besides this, you can listen to your favorite playlist with the help of the Bluetooth feature as well as the cushioned earbuds in the headset.

Sony SRFH4 Analog Tuning AM / FM Headphone Radio

Sony SRFH4 Analog Tuning AM FM Headphone Radio

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If you do not have much budget to purchase a portable radio headset and looking for a cheap headphone with built-in radio then, Sony SRFH4 is a perfect option. The device is made by the Sony Company which is one of the trustworthy and best brands on the market that is renowned for making some innovative and useful electrical products. Sony SRFH4 has a very stylish design along with the lightweight benefit. The manufacturers have also provided a dual adjustable headband so that the user can get good comfort and constancy.

Safety Works 10121816 MP3/AM/FM Digital Radios

Safety Works 10121816 MP3 AM FM Digital Radio

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These radio earphones let you search your favorite FM and AM stations so that you can save them easily. It comes with the two AA batteries along with the supplementary line cord and you can replace them whenever required. This noise canceling headphones with radio also has exceptional audio characteristics which you might not find in the other similar models. Besides all these features, a useful in-built digital clock is also given for the user’s convenience.

Sony SRFHM55 Sports Walkman AM/FM

Sony SRFHM55 Sports Walkman AM FM Stereo Headphone Radio

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According to the different reviews by customers, Sony SRFHM55 is waterproof portable radio which you can buy at the affordable cost from the market. In comparison to the other models, this device offers you a very good quality sound. It has a drift free and accurate digitalized tuning feature which is like by most of the buyers. The main highlights of the headset are battery life indicator, built-in digital clock as well as the cordless design. You get one year warranty on the parts of the product from the company.

Sony SRF-H3 Walkman

Sony SRF-H3 Walkman AM FM Stereo Headphone Radio

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This model consists of the flexible helical antenna along with the light reflector thus you can easily use it during the night-time. It is also available at the best price on different online shopping websites easily. You can use it while exercising or running. The dual headband of the headset gives you a very comfy fit at the time of jogging too. The total weight is only 6.4 ounces. There are lots of customer reviews which show that Sony SRF-H3 has got the good rating from the buyers.

PIXNOR Portable FM Stereo

PIXNOR Foldable Wireless Headphone Portable FM Stereo Headset Radio

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If you are searching for a good listening portable radio headset then, PIXNOR Portable FM Stereo Headset Radio is a highly recommended product to choose. It comprises of the robust PVC as well as 180-degree flat surface so that you can wear it comfortably on your head. It has memory foam in it to support the good sound isolation and shock absorption at the time of hearing the music. It weighs only 7.2 ounces which are quite good.

RadioShack Headset

RadioShack AM FM Stereo Headset

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These are the radio shack wireless headphones in which you can hear your favorite AM/FM channels without carrying any separate radio. You can use this device for listening to the MP3 player or any type of audio gadget which can get attached to it with the help of the 1/8″ audio cable. It comes with the twenty preset stations for your convenience. With the help of the digital tuner, your radio stations get automatically tuned. In a review, one person has said that all the controls of the headset are situated on the earcup which is quite beneficial.

RadioShack Sport

Sport AM FM Headset

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This radio headset comes under $100 price range. It provides you a complete freedom while listening to your favorite radio channels. All the controls of the product are located on the earcups therefore you can play or adjust the channel which you want easily. An in-built antenna is also provided for the more signal strength of the radio. The earpads are cushioned with the foam so that the user feels more comfortable while using the headset. The eight of this one is only 8 ounces.