LED flood lights have been on the market for quite some time and are known for their cost efficiency and functionalism. The power saving lights last longer than the ordinary bulbs. These lights come with a number of features like motion sensor and resistance against water. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best outdoor LED flood lights to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Outdoor LED Flood Lights

100W LED Outdoor Flood Lights

100W New Craft LED Flood Lights

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If you are looking out for 30w LED lights fixture, you can buy these bulbs. These 100w lights provide a rich bright light. In case you need a waterproof flood light, this product will cater to your requirements. Bright and efficient, it can cut down your electricity bill by 80%. The 120-degree wide-angle beam spreads the light over a wide area, providing a better light coverage. These lights are embedded with rubber rings and this prevents water seepage. It is a good quality product that comes under $20.

LEDMO® 50W Waterproof Lights for outdoor

LEDMO® 50W LED Flood Lights, Waterproof IP65 for outdoor

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These 50w lights have a low wattage, and you can use it as a 250-Watt bulb equivalent in your home with these lights to save power. These are waterproof lights ideal for outdoor conditions. With a longevity of more than 50,000 hours, these LED bulbs offer the best value for your money. The bright flood lights come with a warranty of one year and have a good rating from the customers. The mechanism for dissipation of heat in this bulb makes it durable. The product has all the desired features, coming at the best price.

Warmoon LYD-FL-GY01 10W

Warmoon LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor Waterproof Flood Light

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If you are looking out for daylight motion sensor LED bulbs, you can try out this product. These bulbs can detect the motion of humans and animals around them and automatically gets activated. This helps you to save a considerable amount of cost. Being low power-consumption bulbs, they can save 70% of the electricity cost. One can use them as a security flood light. The 10-watt LED powered lights to have a warranty of eighteen months unlike the 12v one. These are brighter than the ordinary bulbs and have a longer life.

Warmoon LED Motion Sensor Flood Light

Warmoon LED Motion Sensor Flood Light

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If you need 20w daylight white lights, these LED lights will be of optimum use. They come with advanced features like motion sensor and resistance to water. It is produced by a reputed brand and is known to be one of the most popular products on the market. Apart from an eighteen-month warranty, you will also get good customer service in case of any malfunctioning. You can use these high quality lights both in the indoor and outdoor areas of your apartment or office.

LLT LED Security Floodlight

LLT LED COMPACT Floodlight with Arm SMD

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These are energy-efficient and powerful LED lights that come at a low cost. You can incorporate these lights in the outdoor areas to save your electricity bills by 70%. The fluorescent lights are recommended for wet locations and have good customer reviews. Apart from these, these lights remain functional across a wide range of temperature, between-4 degree to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The 10-watt lights have positive consumer reports and come with a warranty of 2 years. It has a lifeline of 30,000 hours and is one of the best products on the market.

Warmoon 20W RGB Flood Lights

Warmoon Outdoor LED Flood Light, 20W RGB Color Changing Waterproof Security Lights

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In case you need a good quality RGB LED flood light, simply buy this product for outdoor use. These are color changing lights that you can avail at an affordable price. As they increase the scenic beauty of the place, they can be used in outdoor areas like gardens, landscapes areas and hotels. You can also use the floodlights for home. In comparison to others, these lights have a more extensive use. These are 20-watt lights, waterproof in nature. However, the lights should not be submerged in water.

Warmoon 30W Super Bright

Warmoon Outdoor LED Flood Light, 30W RGB Color Changing Waterproof Security Lights

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These are top-rated bulbs with remote control and water-proof features. It remains functional even when the voltage fluctuates. The LED lights are ideal for outdoor use and are brighter than the normal ones. The four basic colors in this lamp are red, green, blue and white, which can produce 16 different color shades. These are waterproof lights that come with a warranty of 18 months. You can use the high power led flood light in gardens, hotels and other areas. These lights come from the best brands and considering the price, it is wide to choose them from the lot.

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden

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These solar flood lights are of superb quality and provide the right value for your money when you buy them. If you want to slash off your electricity bills considerably, try out these bulbs. The top-rated LED flood lights are suitable for outdoor areas like yards, patios and gardens. They also come with automatic on-off features, sensitive to motion. It has a good review and comes under $40. No wiring is required for the light and it can be installed within a few seconds. It gets fully charged within 6 to 8 hours and the solar panel has a life of 5 years.

Rextin High Power 200W

Rextin Brightest High Power LED Flood Light 200W

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In case you need a good led flood light for extensive areas like a basketball court, you can buy this light. It is a high budget and durable light, priced around $149. These are dimmable lights, resistant to bad weather. There is no harmful radiation like mercury or UV rays from these lights. These lights are perfect for lighting up dark alleys, parking lots and dark entrances. The aluminum case cover is thickened and tempered glass is used in the bulb to make it durable.

30W LED Flood Lights Fixture

30W LED Flood Lights Fixture, Lantoo Super Bright LED Flood Light Outdoor, 110V, IP65

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If you need a cheap led flood light, you can avail this product under $20. These lights have an extreme life-span, lasting for 50,000 hours. There is a 2-year warranty for the product and you will also get a 30-day money-back facility when you get the product. The good led flood light has a flexible installation process and it is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use. You can position the lights in almost every possible angle to optimize the output in terms of coverage and brightness. These lights can cut your electricity bills by 80%.