Car owners from across the world are becoming dependent on Bluetooth OBD2 scanners to fix common problems in their vehicles. In most of the cases when your car shows up problems in the control and power systems, you need to visit a service center but when you have a good OBD2 scanner in your car, you can get access all by yourself. Here are the top ten OBD2 scanners 2018 on the market that you can choose from.

Comparison of the Top-Rated OBD2 Scanners

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool


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This is one of the best OBD2 scanners and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It is a good device that you will get under 100$. The device has been developed by trusted engineers, and you will find the code scanner useful when you buy it. In this device, there are two mechanisms in the forms of BlueDriver Sensor and BlueDriver App that work exclusively to detect problems with the engine or other areas of the car. The analyzer also provides verified data about 4.3 million vehicle fixes.

ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth


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You will find this Bluetooth OBD2 connector adaptable for iPhone, iPad & Android. You will get seamless vehicle diagnosis when you have such a device with you. The best part of the top-rated product is that you can leave the device in a plugged-in condition, and even if you do so, it will not drain out the battery of the car. It is an affordable product and comes at a low cost. It is compatible with all cars that have been manufactured after 1996.

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices


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This is a powerful engine scanner that is supported by your smartphone. You can convert your phone to a mechanic’s kit when you have the device in your car. It has a positive rating in the customer reviews and you will get a warranty of two years from the manufacturers. It provides detailed information on all the necessary aspects like temperature, balance rates and other aspects of the device. The diagnostic tester is easy to handle and is compatible with a vast range of devices.

Innova 3100i Diagnostic Code Reader


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You will find utmost customization when you use this Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool for INNOVA 3100. There are different colors of LED lights like red, yellow and green those indicate different conditions of the motor. It has an overall positive review and it offers a number of features. The freeze frame reveals different data like engine cooling temperature and fuel trim. This particular Bluetooth wireless OBD2 reader is a useful car diagnostic tool and can read codes of other vehicles like Toyota and Honda as well.

Autel AL619 AutoLink ABS/Air Bag + OBDII Scan Tool


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This is one of the most popular devices and is recommended for cars that have been manufactured after 1996. You will get all the generic information about codes from this device. It is a bit costlier in comparison to other devices but you will get the right value for your money when you avail the product. You will get live sensor data from the diagnostic scan tool and it also reads, stored and shows data about the codes and errors.

Ancel AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner


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This is one of the best professional car diagnostic tools that come within your budget. It has great features and it can scan the engine really fast. The code reader for check engine comes to you at an affordable price, within the budget of most of the users. The auto scanner comes from one of the best brands and you will get all the information on the LCD, which is made large and clear for the ease of the users. You will get utmost satisfaction when you use it.

Veepeak Mini Bluetooth OBD2


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This is a leading OBD2 Bluetooth adapter that comes from a reputed brand. It is a good quality device that comes at a good price and there is a warranty of one year that you will enjoy when you buy the device. It is one of the most efficient code readers that you will come across on the market today. The device is compatible with most Asian, American and European vehicles, and you will be contended with the services.

Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner


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This auto diagnostic tool is one of the best devices to choose from the market today. It is a good handheld scanner that provides information on the transmission, both of ABS and SRS variety from the engine. It supports all the ten test modes that the OBD2 scanners have and you can see the freeze frame data when you have the transmission and engine scan tool in your car. You will get complete information on the engine condition and airbags when you have the device.

OBD MATE OBDII OM123 Car Vehicle Code Reader


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You will like this cheap OBDII scanner that has a lot of positive consumer reports. The automotive scanner works well on all cars that have been manufactured after 2000 and you can see the data on your smartphone or computer. It is one of the best diagnostic software for cars and there is a hard memory in the device that shows all the required definitions and provides you with the support you fix your car. You can easily assess the cause of engine problem by the lights in the code reader.

Goliath Industry Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader


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This is a popular OBD2 scan tool that can reveal all the relevant information on the engine conditions of cars and trucks in the USA. The diagnostic code scanner customized for iOS, Android and computer devices and comes to you at a cheap price. It is easy to use and when you get in touch with this diagnostic machine, you will find a seamless solution to all the hassles related to car engines. It works on all types of cars, and you will get a thirty-day money-back guarantee if it fails to live up to your expectations.