Buying the best massage oils doesn’t just mean looking for something that smells great and feels light. There are many choices out there that provide more than just a relaxing scent and a warming effect. There are varieties of sensual massage oil, erotic massage oils and warm massage oil that stimulate the senses in other ways while also providing beneficial nutrients to the skin and extremities. If you’re looking to purchase the best brands at the best price we’ve listed our Top 10 picks of 2018 based on customer reviews and ratings that will fit your budget.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Massage Oils

Art Naturals 100% Natural

ArtNaturals Premium Fractionated Coconut Oiil

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Natural productl like Art Naturals easily makes it to our top 10 because of its many pluses. For one, plant-based oils like this can be absorbed much easier in the skin. Its base is fractionated coconut oil which provides multiple health benefits like antibacterial properties and antioxidants that protect and heal the skin. It’s a good unscented oil that can be combined with other scented otto to work with your preferred scent and combine the health benefits you would like to include in your massage/beauty regimen. With all these advantages it’s easy to see why Art Naturals is a top-rated oil for massage.

Invivo Essential Fractionated Coconut Oil For Relaxing Massage

Invivo Essential Fractionated Coconut Oiil USA

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This organic oil is made of 100% Coconut Oil and is therapeutic grade. Many customers have commended it for being very light on their skin and that they immediately feel its moisturizing effect as soon as they used it. Being all organic, it is kid-safe and it doesn’t stain linen or clothes. It’s easy to dilute as well with other essential substances you may be using. It also comes with a free dilution guide and eBook so you can’t go wrong with mixing. Invivo Essential is good quality oil that comes at an affordable cost and has been proven to be healthy and light based on reviews by customers. It’s proof that cheap oil doesn’t have to feel cheap on the skin.

Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil

Molivera Organics Sweet Almond

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When it comes to organic beauty products, Molivera is a trusted brand. And they deliver the same premium quality in their goods with their Sweet Almond product. It is non-greasy, very light and users have all raved about great results when used on their face and hair. Consumers have noted how Molivera worked better in comparison to other ones that they’ve used, including a review from a customer who had acne problems. Molivera’s Almond Oil is processed through cold pressing which ensures that it’s natural healing and healthy properties are retained through the extraction process.

Brookethorne Naturals Best Oil for Couples

Brookethorne Desire Sensual Massage Oiil

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The best massage oil for couples should be one that works for both male and female skin and textures. Brookethorn is one that works so well for both. Many couples who use it at home and even therapists who use it with customers highly recommended Brookthorne Naturals. This product has a light vanilla scent for an aphrodisiac touch and is made from an all –natural mixture of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grape seed Oil. It is well absorbed by the skin but also has just the right texture and feel to last a long sensual massage without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

Brookethorne Naturals Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

05. Brookethorne Naturals Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Some cheap scented oils tend to have a strong scent that hurts the nose rather than relaxes. You’d imagine this one with a combination of the scents of Lavender, Marjoram and Peppermint would confuse you, but you’ll be surprised to get just the opposite. A lot of customers agree that it smells great. With the combined benefits of calming Lavender, pain-relieving Majorjam and itch-relieving/muscle-relaxing Peppermint oils it’s easy to add this product to your favorites. It is hypoallergenic, smooth and non-greasy but lasts a good amount of massage time before it is absorbed by the skin.

Weleda Arnica, 3.4-Ounce

Weleda Arnica Massage Oiil

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When you’re trying to get relief from sore aching muscles, you’ll want product that has a warming effect. You’ll find strong scented eucalyptus and menthol at the drugstore but what the Welede Arnica oil offers is more than just pain relief but soothing aromatherapy with the scent of Lavender and Rosemary. This product is made from a well-blended mixture of Arnica Flower Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil and Olive Fruit Oil that doesn’t just provide pain relief but also provides enriches the skin with Vitamin E. Many customers have said it has successfully provided them relief from both joint and muscle pains.

Kama Sutra Oils

Kama Sutra Massage

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As the names suggest in sensuality, this product definitely lives up to that. A set of Kama Sutra comes in 5 varieties of scents for a heated, passionate and sensual massage namely: Soaring Spirits, Pleasure Garden, Serenity, Healing Blend, and Sweet Almond. Each scent touches the senses in different ways and sets different moods so you get to choose to have a different experience every time you use it. So far, there hasn’t been one stand-out fragrance from the options, customers have had a mix of different favorites. But they all agree that it is good quality, smooth and non-greasy and have all enjoyed using these products.

Honeydew Aromatherapy Oil

Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil for Massage Therapy

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Who says you can only enjoy aromatherapy massage without added benefits? Well, honeydew is definitely out to provide you optimal health advantages out of your massage through their aromatherapy oils. With the combination of pure Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, and Jojoba Oil, Honeydew’s oils offer more than just a relaxing experience but a detoxifying, rejuvenating, moisturizing and vitamin-E enriching massage all in one. For a very good price you can get the quality of premium brands with Honeydew aromatherapy product. Customers have given it a high rating for both its health advantages and its high quality non-greasy feel.

Majestic Pure Fractionated 16 fl. oz.

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Ooil For Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

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No color, no scent, and no greasy feeling. This one may sound simple but it feels clean and pure made from fractionated coconut oil. With its simplicity, you also get more flexibility. It allows you to mix all the health benefits of coconut oil with other essential ones you like while also supporting the absorption of these other oils you choose to mix because it is carrier one. It is light and safe enough to use on the face and hair and requires only a small amount to enjoy its avail.

Fox Envy Scented Oil for Men and Women

Fox Envy Massage Oiil or Men and Women - Orange Blossom Scent with Rosemary

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Looking for a high quality massage oil to share with your partner? Fox Envy’s got the right blend of oils and ingredients that just makes your sensual couple massage extra special. Its scent brings on just the right mood with a light Rosemary Orange Scent featuring a healthy mix of Coconut, Jojoba Oil and French Lavender Oil. You can get relief from aching muscles while you get extra skin care from its moisturizing and skin conditioning effects leaving you both relaxed and rejuvenated after every massage without any annoying greasy feeling.