Are you standing on a wobbly stepladder trying to trim your taller bushes and hedges? Not only is it unsafe but you are not being as productive as you could be either. The best long reach hedge trimmers are a safe and efficient solution for any tall hedge trimming task. In this article we will take a look at 5 high quality extended hedge trimmer models in 2018 and also give you some helpful advice on what to focus on when looking to buy a new product. Here is what we feel are 5 superior pole hedge trimmers:

Comparison of the Top-Rated Extendable Hedge Cutters

GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX Extendable Hedge Trimmer

GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX 40V 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimer

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GreenWorks is a well-known name when it comes to lawn care products and models like this top-rated longreach hedge trimmer are the reason why. It comes powered by a large sized 40V lithium ion battery that will give you up to 50 minutes run time. This extendable hedge cutter will help you reach up 6 feet over your head to trim your hedges. What a nice feeling it is when you use this extending hedge cutter to not need anything to stand on to get to your taller bushes and shrubs. Its 3 position pivoting head also allows you to trim at an angle that is comfortable to you. The blade on this trimmer is 20 inches wide and can handle cutting branch thicknesses up to 5/8 of an inch. Great features like these on this model are what make GreenWorks products some of the best brands to buy.


  • 40V Cordless freedom of movement
  • 3 position pivoting head
  • 20-inch cutting blade
  • Extends your reach 77 inches
  • Up to 50 min runtime
  • Cuts up to 5/8” thick branches


  • Can’t see the battery level meter if sunny out
  • Can feel bulky at times since it weighs almost 10 pounds

With everything that is included on this product, it’s definitely one of the best pole trimmers you will find in the lawn and garden marketplace.

Black & Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker LPHT120 18-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Hedge Trimer

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If you are looking for a good cordless long reach hedge trimmer you will want to take a closer look at this well-designed model from Black & Decker. It combines power with cordless convenience to help you get even your tallest hedges trimmed easily. It will help you reach up 6 ½ feet over your normal standing height when you are trimming your hedges. Black & Decker LPHT120 also uses an 18 inch long, low vibration dual action blade to easily trim branches up to 7/16 of an inch thick. This tool also has one of the best price points of any quality cordless models you will find.


  • 6 1/2 foot useable length
  • 20V Lithium Ion cordless power
  • Trims branches up to 7/16-inch thick
  • 18-inch long cutting surface
  • Vibration reducing technology
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Battery life is limited
  • Not great on thick hedges

Just because you can get this nice tool from Black & Decker for a low cost don’t mistake that for meaning it is a cheap telescopic hedge trimmer. Customer reviews rate this product very highly a large majority of the time.

Earthwise CVPH41018 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH41018 Pole Handheld Hedge Trimer

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Here is a model that can be used to get your taller shrubs and bushes looking good or can be broken down and used as a simple handheld tree trimmer. It’s a very versatile design that Earthwise has come up with here. When used with its strong fiberglass extension pole this extending hedge trimmer will give you an additional 6 feet of length to work with. That is enough to easily reach even the tall hedges that are found throughout your landscape. Earthwise CVPH41018 has a large size 18-inch trimming blade and it can handle cutting branches that are up to ¾ of an inch thick.


  • Affordable price point
  • Extends to 6 feet
  • Can be used as a handheld trimmer too
  • Lightweight and strong fiberglass pole
  • 18-inch trimming blade surface
  • Cuts up to ¾” thick branches


  • Cord can limit working range
  • Slightly heavy at 11 pounds

Even though this electric pole hedge trimmer will feel a little bulky after extensive use it’s still a very budget friendly brand for all that you get from it. It’s also a highly recommended model by those who have used it.

Sun Joe SJH902E Telescoping Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH902E Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimer

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Sun Joe is a popular name among consumers as far as house and lawn power tools are concerned and products like this very good quality extended reach hedge trimmer are the reason why. This model will nicely allow you to add an additional 7.9 feet in length to your hedge trimming ability. With 4 amps of power it makes short work of trimming branches up to ¾ of an inch thick with its non-jamming, dual action 21-inch blade. Sun Joe backs this extendable hedge trimmer up with a very generous 2-year limited warranty also.


  • 7.9-foot length
  • 21-inch dual action blade
  • Ideal for cutting branches less than ¾ of an inch thick
  • 4 amps of corded power
  • Multi-angle pivoting head
  • Lightweight 7 ½ pounds


  • Cord can limit working range
  • Slightly heavy at 10 pounds

With this lightweight model, you get nonstop corded working power at under $100. That is a great price considering reviews by customers rate the tool very favorably.

GARDENA 8882-U Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

GARDENA 8882-U Telescopic Hedge Trimer Highcut

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Here is a very interesting product design from Gardena. It is definitely one of the most highly adjustable tools we have come across. The features built into it make it easy to handle and comfortable to operate. Gardena 8882-U uses powerful 48V Lithium Ion batteries to help you get your tall hedge trimming done quickly and easily. It will give you up to an additional 6 ½ feet of reach as you trim your tallest hedges and its cutting head can even be placed at one of the several different angles while doing it. Although this model can be a little bulky and top heavy when fully extended, it has many other features built into it that will compensate for that. This includes the fact its cutting head cannot only be rotated into any position along a 90-degree angle but the cutting head can be tilted in several different positions also.


  • 90-degree head rotation
  • Fast cutting precision engineered blades
  • 6 ½ foot length
  • 48V lithium Ion power
  • Tilting head design
  • Comfortable, long length hand grip


  • Takes multiple passes to cut thicker branches
  • A slightly heavy 10 pounds

In comparison with other models, its 48 volts of power seems to cut better than those with less battery power. That is why we feel these good telescopic hedge trimmers are well worth the little bit of extra money you will spend on them.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide/Key Features Review

Here are some important characteristics to focus on when looking to purchase a new long reach hedge trimmer:

  • Trimmer height

You should measure the height of your tallest bushes and hedges to see how high you will need to reach up to get them trimmed. The when you are looking at which model to choose you can then compare the height they can extend to with your height requirements. Also, note that a telescopic type extension pole on a long reach hedge trimmer is nice because you can adjust them to the exact height you are currently working at.

  • Cutting surface length

It does not matter how high your lawn power tool will go if its cutting blade is not wide enough. Your task will still be a chore if your telescopic hedge cutters have a short blade length. So look for a model that has a blade length of at least 16 inches. This will greatly reduce the time you spend on your gardening tasks.

  • Weight

Most people either casually glance at the weight when shopping one or don’t consider it at all. That would be a mistake, especially if you have many hedges to trim around your home or you are buying it for professional use. The heavier your new tool is the faster you will get tired when working. So we recommend you note the weight of any model you are thinking about buying.

  • Corded vs Cordless

There is always some debate on whether to choose a cordless, corded or a gas powered model when shopping for one. Corded ones give you more power and unlimited working time but the cord can restrict your movement and range. Improvements in battery life, increased battery power and freedom of movement are making cordless long reach hedge trimmers more popular than ever but they tend to be more expensive options too. A gas pole hedge trimmer is powerful but heavy and is best purchased for nonstop commercial use.