Vocal microphones used in live events can really infuse the programs with energy and vigor. In a nutshell, they allow the performers to be ‘heard’ completely. The clarity of the sound, the bass and the overall quality determine the grade of performance. The variety of such microphones on the market is diverse, so check out the ten best mics for live vocal 2017, based on customer reviews.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Live Vocal Mics

Singing Machine SMM-205 Dynamic Microphone

Singing Machine SMM-205 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

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This is a unidirectional dynamic microphone that comes with a ten-foot cord. It comes with the Karaoke accessories and does not require any battery to be operated. The top-rated product has high sensitivity and its frequency response is quite high. This is one of the best live vocal mics and has got impressive consumer reports. It is priced under $10, hence it is available even if the budget is low. It also has a shiny body, the silver and black color contrast pulls the eyes.

Cobalt Co7 Vocal Mic

Electro-Voice Cobalt Co7 Premium Vocal Mic - Buy 1, Get 1 Free

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If you need a versatile microphone for live performance, you can opt for this one. This Vocal mic produces good quality sound when you use them in liver performances. People prefer this device for its hassle-free tackling, clarity of sound. This is actually a pack of two microphones for vocal and comes to you under $60. The product also has a limited period warranty and the customer reviews reveal that the popularity of the product lies in the refined sound quality that it produces. If you are willing to buy a high-end microphone, this is one of the recommended products.

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Mic

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

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In case you need a cardioid microphone for live singing at a reasonable cost, you can buy this Sennheiser product. It is a dynamic microphone that is incorporated with feedback rejection features. The warm and ambient sound quality helps the performers to be completely heard. It is one of the most popular products on the market that comes with sound presence boost features. The microphone comes from one of the best brands and is easy to use. It produces rich and well-defined sound. The handling noise is low, too, making it one of the most compatible gadgets for live performances.

Nady MSC-3 Stage Microphone

Nady MSC-3 Center Stage Microphone

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This is a versatile microphone with a condenser mic and can be used for recording, public addressing, speeches and rehearsal. It comes with a tripod stand, clips and a 20-foot long cable. It comes as an entire package and is priced under $50. The stand has folding legs that facilitate easy portability of the gadget. It comes from a good brand at a good cost. The switch for on and off buttons is present on the handle of the microphone. You can use the voice mic even in noisy environment. It is boosted up by the cardioid pattern, which makes it tailored for professional purposes.

Shure SM58S On/Off Switch Microphone Bundle

Shure SM58S Vocal On_Off Switch Microphone Bundle

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Shure brings you a sophisticated vocal microphone with cardioid polar pattern and dynamic cartridge. It is a good microphone for singer and comes to you at the best price. The frequency response of this microphone ranges from 50 to 15,000 Hz. It can be used for recording, for home studio, or live performances. The high quality gadget has an inbuilt filter hat reduces the pop sound to zero. Considering all these benefits, it is wise to choose the microphone. It can also be used as a compatible studio microphone and has more versatile applications in comparison to others. It comes as an entire package with a polishing cloth, bag and XLR cable.

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

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If you need a good studio vocal mic with good feedback suppression feature, you can try out this gadget. The microphone comes with electromagnetic shielding and has a sturdy body. It looks quite impressive and is the classy mic for singers. It has got a good overall rating and you can use it as a high-quality home studio microphone as well. It can reduce handling noise to a minimum, due to its well-configured shock mount system. Priced at $19, it is an affordable product with all the necessary features. The pop-filter has two layers and this further helps to minimize pop and breathe noises.

Shure SM48-LC

Shure SM48-LC Vocal Dynamic Microphone

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This is a good stage vocal mic with excellent capabilities to reduce undesired noise to a minimum. The package also includes a storage bag and a stand adapter. The wind noise and loud impacts of breaths are totally weeded out from the system, as the pop filters are sophisticated and upgraded. The shock-mounted cartridge reduces the handling noise to nothing and you can use them for recording vocals at home. In this gadget, the frequency responses are tailored to suit the vocals. The proximity effect is controlled by bass roll-off and brightened midrange.

Pyle-Pro PDMIC58 Moving Coil Handheld Microphone

Pyle-Pro PDMIC58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld Microphone

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If you need a cheap live vocal mic with updated features, this is one of the recommended products for you. The dynamic vocal mic has a positive overall review but the on-off button is absent. It has a sturdy body, mad with zinc alloy and the grill is shaped like a mesh ball of steel. It is easy to use the gadget, which has an XLR input delivering the highest quality of sound. It is one of the most popular products on the market.

Shure PGA48-XLR

Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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This dynamic microphone comes with a fifteen-feet cable and the cartridge design is tailored to ensure that the clarity and frequency of speech remain perfect. This microphone can also be used as a home studio vocal mic. It has a well-mechanized cardioid polar pattern which ensures that no unwanted noise disrupts the performance. This studio mic has got an excellent industrial finish that makes it compatible for professional use. There are three options to operate the microphone, including a fifteen-foot XLR-XLR cable, the same length of XLR-QTR cable and one can operate it without cables.

Electronic Microphone MP-75 For Vocal

TC Electronic Vocal Microphone MP-75 Dynamic Microphone

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Technica offers a superb mic for rap vocal with excellent cardioid features. It comes with circuits for controlling the microphone and this enables one to control all the vocal features using a single button. It is a good live vocal mic and supports off-axis rejection of noise, with superb feedback suppression features. The condenser microphone with optimum output is ensured by a neodymium magnet structure in the device. It is priced under $50 and is compatible for use across all the platforms, including home studios, live performances and professional studios.