10 Best Instrument Cables for Bass Guitar

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument CableWe spent some 23 hours repeatedly changing guitar cables to determine differences in sound output on a few solid-bodied bass guitars.

Our verdict, after cycling through affordable low-capacitance cables from reputable manufacturers and some newcomers, is that the GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Cable is the best of the lot. That is the case if you are using a guitar with passive pickups.

This ¼ cable, which is enclosed in a braided tweed cloth jacket, is better than most for improving resonance and, by extension, high-end tones. If you are looking to produce brighter tones on your instrument this is the best bass guitar cable in its price range.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Instrument Cables for Guitars and Basses

#1 Fender Performance Series

Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables

#2 GLS Audio

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

#3 Planet Waves

Planet Waves Classic Series

Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables: Best Bass Guitar Cable

Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables

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This Fender product is perfect microphone ones. They are very good quality products with a small pin to make a solid connection to the microphone wall jack.

If you want to replace those generic cables which you have been using for years then this is an excellent product. You can notice the difference in sound and in comparison with your old models when you start using these sturdy, durable, easy to clean fenders which are worth the price paid.

The cord is thicker. Give a level of change to your music and get the best performance from your guitar with these fender instrument cables.

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Cable

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

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This has a braided cloth covering and looks attractive. This GLS product is solid hardware at both ends and best instrument cable for bass with a jack on the front face.

The cloth covering does not tangle like any cheap GLS cable since these are heavy duty. It becomes easier to spot your cable amongst the others; it has sufficient length and there is no more hissing sound now.

Cables on the stage are no messier with these GSL ones. A high-quality option at the best price and you will love your performances with this pretty one.

Planet Waves

Planet Waves Classic Series

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Well-made cables for practice these have a lifetime warranty. This option makes your pedal board look a little classier.

The length is more than it is mentioned in the product description. This is one of the best brands and it works exactly as described and is at the best price.

No more tone loss, artifacts, hissing sound or coloration with this product. If you have issues with other options such as wire tip coming off then you don’t have to worry about it with this model which connects the microphone perfectly.

George L’s 155 Guage Cable

George L's 155

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Brilliant sound clarity with this low capacitance cable and is designed in red color, sturdy, reliable for the road, stage and studio. It has good length for an upright electric bass guitar.

It sounds great at both low and high frequencies and you get it in a decent budget in comparison with the best brands such as Kirlin, Fender, Ibanez, Monster, Whirlwind and much more.

Hosa GTR-210 Cord

Hosa GTR-210

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If you buy this one for its cost then you will be impressed with its quality. It is a fixable instrument cable with metal ends at the soldering point which makes it accessible easily.

No more buzzing or humming noise as with other low-cost cables. This is a solid one. Hosa guitar products are made of OFC conductor for enhanced sound quality and last long.

Customer reviews show they are durable. The braided instrument cable is apt for practice also when you don’t want to spend big on this if you are a beginner.

Mugig Guitar Professional

Mugig Guitar

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Tried a lot of best instrument cables for your guitar and is a fake sound still bothering you? Try this Mugig product which is an affordable one for demanding work.

A professional model with a tweed jacket, flexible and can be coiled up really small making it easy to carry and store as well. A well-recommended model for guitar pedal and guitar speaker.

You will be amazed at its durability and easy handling. Once you buy this, you will be tempted to buy a couple more of these professional ones for bass.

Fender Instrument

Fender Instrument

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If you are fond of tweed and like Fender then go for this one. Black, lovely, long cable with one straight and another right angle jacket fits in perfectly to the microphone.

That is why most fenders are called microphone cables. They work great with all American made guitars too.

This is a braided cable and looks attractive amongst all your other models. It has extra pliability for better kinking. The price is for the name Fender that you pay as it has the best consumer reports.

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Kirlin IWB-202PFGL-10 feet

Kirlin IWB-202PFGL-10_OL -10 feet

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One of the most popular brands, Kirlin has the best bass guitar cable reviews. Fast and flexible, right-angled jack on one side for strain relief this is a quality cable to choose.

It has a built-in Velcro strap which makes it easier to stow. For minor adjustments, the connector barrels can be unscrewed easily.

If you are on a guitar cable shootout then Kirlin is the best brand to replace with all your old messy options. No more scary wires around. The price paid is worth the lifetime warranty.

KIRLIN LGI-202 10-Feet Straight to Right Angle

KIRLIN LGI-202-10_BK 10

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Tall, dark and handsome is how one can describe this 10 feet cable in black. This is a very sturdy product with one straight and another right angle jack which fits perfectly into the instrument.

Excellent for home play and the price is good for trial and error usage. There is a nice long reach of the angle connector for resected jacks. Every aspect of this product is excellent for a decent price.

One of the best brands, Kirlin has been delivering worthy products which are durable too for the cost paid.

GLS Audio 20 Foot – Right Angle

GLS Audio 20

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A top-rated brand, GLS makes the best instrument cables for guitars and basses. After using some of the recommended brands like a Monster, Fender, Hosa etc. you will appreciate GLS for its quality, looks, heavy duty and its packaging.

It comes with two Velcro straps to tie up the cable after use making storage hassle free. There is a protective rubber sleeve with which you can pull the required length and drop it. Once you buy GLS at the best price, you don’t have to think about buying better options.