Are you planning to have a party on your upcoming birthday, wedding anniversary or the cracking of a business deal? Drinks comprise a most important part in these parties as without them there is no charm and vigor. But what if the drink gets totally warm without the perfect blend of ice in them. A lot of ice trays are available on the market that creates ice balls and cubes for your drinks. Given below are top 10 reviews of the best ice cube trays of 2018 that you can simply buy to add extra fizz to your drink.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Ice Cube Trays

Arctic Chill Large Ice Cube Tray

Arctic Chill Large Ice Cube Tray - 2 Pack - 2 Inch Cubes

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A great model with lid that will simply keep your drink chilled and superb to taste. Unlike the other models, the Arctic Chill have the strength and feel that keeps the drink as fresh as it was four hours before thus retaining its texture and flavor. As the tray is made up of silicone it doesn’t leak or stain the freezer. This option is really safe and free from BPA. The best thing is that it is FDA approved and gives a unique experience. You can easily clean the tray with the dishwasher.

Silicone Ice Cube Tray by FREEZERS

Perfect Size Silicone Ice Cube Tray

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If you are looking out to chill the drink without letting your experience die out then you can easily try out the ice cubes that are prepared through this model by Freezers. It will give you a perfectly sized cubes that will give you a blissful experience. The ice cubes are safe to use and are quite hygienic. Also, there is no after taste of ice with this option prepared from the tray.

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold - Black Flexible Silicone Ice Tray

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One of the best ice ball mold for perfect ice spheres, it comes with lot of perfection that will help in providing good quality of ice molds. The best thing about them is that they don’t melt fast as compared to the traditional ice cubes. Also since it is a silicone ice ball maker it doesn’t break like a plastic tray which is quite unique in its feature. It is perfect for cocktails to make a whiskey glass and for scotch as well as birthday parties for adding ice balls in your drink. They are dishwasher safe and are very easy to clean and use.

OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips No-Spill

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One of the best models that come with the silicone lid that will automatically freeze the tray before getting it freeze.  The handle is quite comfortable that gives out a proper gripping to the tray in order to carry it. Also, the tray can easily absorb the various odors of the freezer. The top rack is also dishwasher safe and gives round cubes. It can easily stack and can give a proper storage to the freezer.

Heart Shaped Silicone Tray

9 Inch Unique Twelve Heart Shaped Tray

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The best thing about these silicone trays is that it gives beautiful heart shaped cubes which will really make your day if you are on a date or enjoying your marriage anniversary. Red is symbolic of true love and purity that you can experience with these high quality ice trays. The silicone material also gives it complete stiffness and binds it together so that there is no amount of disturbance to the consumer.

Premium Ice Ball Maker Mold by Bar Brat

Premium Ice Ball Maker Mold by Bar Brat

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These sphere ice molds will help you become the coolest host for your party. With slow melting point, you can now easily freeze anything that you are looking out for a perfect gift. It is safe for the food and will not create any crack like the plastic trays. Also, it doesn’t create any amount of leakage and organizes the refrigerator in a proper manner. With the high quality silicone ice mold, you are able to get the perfect ice balls for different kinds of drinks. The best thing is that if you are not satisfied then you can simply ask for a money back policy.

Arctic Chill

Create Extra Large 2.5 Ice Spheres - 4 Pack

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With the spherical mold, you are able to get the coldness of the drink 10 times much more as compared to the other cubes. You can enjoy them for hours. Unlike the other ice cubes that get settled down within the base, it can float thus giving the feel of coldness all around. It is free from BPA and is also FDA approved. You can very easily get them washed with the help of the dishwasher and the best feature about it is the extra large cubes that one can easily get.

Extra Large Tray

Extra Large

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The big ice cubes that come with a 2-year warranty are eco-friendly in nature. They are really good for whiskey and other alcoholic drinks to make them cool and great. They are a dishwasher safe and can give an easy to remove 6 cubes experience. You can get chunks of ice in the shape of square and round.

Large Mold

Large Mold - Makes 4 Jumbo 2.25 Inch Big

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This top- rated ice molds comes with the extra large size of the ice cubes which makes it a healthy choice to use them in a perfectly balanced manner. They are very safe to use and have received a great amount of customer rating. It is easily washable and remains free from any kind of toxins or harmful products. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can easily give you a replacement if you are looking for one. You can easily buy it from the market.

Combo Large Square & Round Mold

Combo Large Square & Round Ice Cube Mold Silicone

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With this custom ice molds that will give both the square ice molds and the round one, you can easily enjoy your drink with the superior quality of experience. You can easily keep your beverage cold through using the brand at best price. It is one of the best flexible ice cubes tray through which can design as many number of shapes of ice cubes as you are looking out. It has received quite a good review from the customers.