If you love to have cold drinks that are filled with chilled ice cubes then you must buy a good quality ice bucket. An ice bucket not only benefits you in keeping the ice for a longer period but it also let you serve your friends and relatives with some chilled drinks. Today, there are so many different best brands of ice bucket that are available which differ on the basis of features, cost, shapes, sizes, and material used. We know that buying a superior and stylish ice bucket is the need of every person and it is quite difficult to find the best product among the accessible options. Thus, after reading the following top 10 best ice buckets for 2017 reviews, you will surely get your answer in the end.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Ice Buckets

Oggi Ice Bucket with Flip Lid

Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket

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This is a large ice bucket which comes with the acrylic flip top lid. It easily keeps your ice in the chill and the clean state. An ice scoop made up of stainless steel material is also given along with the pail. This product is also a double wall bucket which you can simply use at the home bars or for the parties. The dual wall construction of the bucket offers protection against the heat which makes the ice remain cool for the longer period.

Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs

Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

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The Oggi stainless steel ice bucket comes along with the tongs. This high-quality ice bucket also possesses the side rings so that you can move it easily from one place to another when it is full. The dual wall keeps your drinks cool for the longer time. With the help of the tong, you can effortlessly hold the ice. It also comprises of the advanced designs and trendy finishes which enhance the pail’s overall beauty. However, it is also recommended that not to use any abrasives while cleaning the box.

OXO Good Grips Double Wall

OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket

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This is a top-rated ice bucket that is affordable to purchase. It has a detachable sauce tray which is kept inside the pail for keeping the sauces cool and safe. You can carry the insulated box easily with the help of the useful handle. The nylon tongs which has the sharp teeth for grabbing ice can also hang at the side of the bucket. Its inner reservoir holds the melted water far from the ice cubes.

Insulated Ice Bucket by Fortune Candy

Ice Bucket,Insulated Stainless Steel Double Walled Ice Bucket

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This is a metal ice bucket which is manufactured by one of the best brands. You can use it for parties, at clubs, and in the restaurants. While buying this insulated ice bucket, you get a stainless steel bucket, matching lid, and the tongs. According to the customer reviews of an ice bucket, this is a cheap ice bucket to choose. The brushed stainless steel material of the product resists the formation of any type of fingerprints. It is very easy to clean the pail in the dishwasher.

Winco WB-4 4 Quart Wine Bucket

Winco WB-4 4 Quart Wine Bucket

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This is a good ice bucket which can be bought at the best price easily. It is manufactured by the trustworthy and reliable brand for more than the period of 20 years i.e. Winco. In comparison to the other products, this is a good quality bucket which can suit any person’s budget. The dimensions of the pail are 8.6 x 8.6 x 8.4 inches and it weighs around 12.6 ounces. As per the consumer reports this product has also got a good rating.

Oggi Vinyl Ice Bucket

Oggi 7310.3 Vinyl Ice Bucket, Black

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The next name on our list is of Oggi vinyl ice bucket which can be used for bars or at the big gatherings. It comes with a lid as well as stainless steel accents that well-match the décor of any place. The sides of the pail are made up from the vinyl and chrome material which offers it more stylishness. The capacity of the product is 2.8 liters and it weighs around 2.4 pounds. But you should remember that it can wash with your hands only.

Godinger Dublin Crystal

Godinger Dublin Crystal Ice Bucket

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If you are looking to buy an ice bucket for drinks and for a beer then, the Godinger Dublin crystal ice pail is a good choice. It is manufactured from the non-lead crystal material which not only looks beautiful but also serves your guests with ample amount of ice. This crystal bucket is one of the best products from the renowned Dublin collection of crystal stemware and barware.

Bormioli Rocco Glass

Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket with Tongs

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This is a glass ice bucket which comes with the pair of tongs. It has the total capacity of 30-1/2-ounce which is quite enough. This is a dishwasher safe product which is manufactured in Italy. You can also give it to your friends or relatives as a gift. As per the review of one customer, this bucket works amazingly while using in the big gatherings or parties. It weighs around 1.7 pounds which is not too much for carrying the product.

Rubbermaid Plastic Ice Bin

Rubbermaid Ice Bin

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This is plastic ice buckets which can hold the four complete trays of the loose cubes. Due to the compact design of the bucket, it takes very less space while storing. The total dimensions of the pail are 12.25″ x 6.125″ x 5.5″ and it weighs around 6 lbs. The material used in manufacturing the product is high-quality plastic which is very durable to use for long term.

Prodyne Acrylic Bucket

Prodyne G-2-C Two Bottle Bucket

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The last name on our list is of Prodyne Acrylic Bucket which comes with easy-to-carry handles. It is manufactured with double molded process for safe and secure use. It works amazingly for wine and champagne. You can hold the two bottles of the cold drinks in it. It is obtainable in different colors on the market. This leading wine pail has an elegant design, amazing looks and complimented colorful surface which can mesmerize any person towards it. The dimensions of the product are 8 x 10.5 x 7.8 inches and it weighs around 1.6 pounds only.