10 Best Projectors for Outdoor Movies

Meyoung TC80
When you have a white wall in your house, or maybe a projector screen, you definitely lack a good projector. The Meyoung TC80 is not only a good home device but also the best outdoor projector.

We’ve checked all the top-rated projectors by clearly paying attention to all the pros and cons. Eventually, we’ve spent around 45 hours on doing our research. Surprisingly or not, but there was no other projector better than this one.

It provides super rich colors and clear image. Plus, it ensures a high-quality resolution. It is perfect for connecting with a variety of HDMI devices, such as laptops, PCs, tablets, DVD players, and even smartphones.

With this high-quality device, you can create your own home and outdoor cinema.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Home and Outdoor Projectors

Epson VS2407090
Meyoung (GP70 Black)5080
Corprit A1 LED LCD1060
Ogima Bl20 HD 2600Lumens5080
GooDee Video Projector 200″00
Meyoung TC808090
Optoma HD142X8080
iDGLAX iDG-787W7080
ViewSonic PJD5555W590
Epson Home Cinema6090
DR.J (2018 Upgraded)10090
Epson Home Cinema 30205080
ViewSonic PA503W8090
BenQ HT2050A6090

Epson VS240: Best Outdoor Projector

Epson VS240

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The Epson VS240 has an SVGA resolution of 800×600 for standard presentations and graphic displays. This best projector for outdoor movies is available on the market for under $300 which is a good buy.

The model uses a 3lcd and 3-chip technology for 3 times better color brightness. It is compatible with other devices like the laptops to watch videos and making it home cinema. It is very easy to assemble and use this model.

Ogima Bl20 HD 2600Lumens: Good for Backyard Movies

Ogima Bl20

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The Lumens HD is as small as an iPad. It is portable and supports multimedia function along with HDMI connector.

There is an in-built high-quality stereo sound which acts as a home theater system for watching movies and playing cartoons for the kids.

A good outdoors projector like Lumen gives high-quality movie experience as it has an 800*480 pixel resolution. The image can be turned around for 360 degrees and the LED has Smarteco lamp care technology.

Micro Projector Meyoung HD Movie Portable

Meyoung HD Movie Portable

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The micro model by Meyoung is an international inexpensive projector.  This is a home theater projector which works with all devices like iPad, iPhone, laptops and televisions.

There is an inbuilt TV tuner card that allows us to watch the programs using the projector. The native resolution of the projector is 800×600 dpi.

This projector can be connected to gaming stations like XBOX and PS3 for a better experience. The review of this projector is that this is a good product.

Outdoor Cinema Theater By Corprit

Corprit Portable LED Projector

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The Corprit device is used for outdoor projection. It is suitable for family entertainments and can also be used as a kid’s assistant for interactive children’s games. This is better than the outdoor movie theaters.

This best backyard projector has a 5V/2A power supply requirement which you can provide using your mobile power bank also while camping or for use in a backyard.

The model also reads micro SD card and USB devices. HDMI and AV ports are also available for convenience.

GooDee Video Projector 200″: Cheap Model for Outside Use

GooDee Video Projector 200

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The GooDee Video Projector 200″ is a mini projector which does not use a direct LED source which is harmful to the eyes. This makes the GooDee be safe for the kid’s video or movie nights.

The projection size starts from 37 inches to 130 inches. Being one of the best home theatre projectors, GooDee is a favorite for movies, football games, and kid’s movies. Being small and compact this model connects easily to the other devices.

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Meyoung TC80 Multimedia Home Theater

Meyoung TC80

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The Meyoung multimedia model is a great projector for outdoor movies. An innovative cooling system is used with this product with minimum fan sound.

The resolution is 800×600 and 1000:1 contrast ratio. This mini device is portable and can be connected to various devices without any issue.

The portable mini Meyoung 1200 comes with limited parts and labor warranty for one-year. This is ideal for home use to watch a video or play games.

Optoma HD142X:  Ideal for Watching DVD

Optoma HD142X

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The Optoma HD142X is an affordable projector with awesome specifications. The contrast ratio is 23,000:1 with a brightness of 3000 ANSI Lumens.

This mini device can project an image of dimensions – 66 inches from a range of 8 feet and 107 inches from a range of 12 feet.

This model comes with 2 HDMI ports, 3.5mm audio jack with 3D sync and USB service. There is a one-year limited parts and labor warranty and the lamp has a 90-day warranty for it.

iDGLAX iDG-787W Portable Projector For Home Theater Movie


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The iDGLAX portable model is ideal for Home Theatre experience as it is compatible with all devices like laptops and even gaming consoles like XBOX and PS3. This is not a cheap projector.

This has 2 inbuilt speakers and has a native resolution of 640×480. The aspect ratio is 16:9/4:3 with a contrast of 800:1.

This device is ideal for watching DVD best price at home without any hassle. The option of using various inputs is definitely an advantage. The set up is really easy and straightforward.

ViewSonic PJD5555W 3300 Lumens

ViewSonic PJD5555W

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The ViewSonic PJD5555W is a 1080p 3D experience projector that can be used at home with a contrast ratio of 25,000:1. The product has a keystone correction option with no lens shift.

There are 2 HDMI ports available along with USB service. The 3.5mm audio is a standard port along with the 12V trigger.

The 3D sync option is an added advantage to watch the HD resolution movies on DVD best price assured. It comes with a standard one-year warranty on the parts and labor and the lens has a 90-day warranty.

Epson Home Cinema 5030UB

Epson Home Cinema 5030UB

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The Epson Home Cinema can be used as an at home and outside projector as well. With a contrast ratio of 600,000:1, this best outdoor projector screen is a definite value for money purchase.

The white brightness is 2400 lumens and the color brightness for a film is 2400 lumens. This product can project an image of 82 inches from 8 feet distance and 122 inches from a 12 feet distance.

There are two HDMI ports, 1RS-232c and 1 composite RCA port. Along with this, there are 3 RCA (component) and 1 VGA D-sub which is a 15 pin input for computers.

This device has a two-year limited warranty along with 4,000 hours normal mode on the lamp.

DOACE P1 HD with Portable Screen


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DR.J (2018 Upgraded)

DR.J (2018 Upgraded)

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Epson Home Cinema 3020

Epson Home Cinema 3020

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ViewSonic PA503W

ViewSonic PA503W

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BenQ HT2050A

BenQ HT2050A

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