Every household has an HDMI cable or five; and for most of us, these ones were thrown in when we purchased other items like DVD players or games consoles. Most of the time, there’s no difference between cheap HDMI cables and those that are much more expensive with fancy marketing. For the vast majority of users, if you’re getting a picture, the HDMI model is transmitting all of the data there is. However, if you’re running the cable over a long distance, or you’re plugging things in and moving them around a lot, quality can really make a big difference. We’ve looked at the best HDMI cables of 2018, including HDMI cable for 4k video and have provided a comparison for you.

Comparison of the Top-Rated HDMI Cables

Mediabridge HDMI Cable

Mediabridge HDMI Cable

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The Mediabridge product supports 4K. These models are hard checked and have a lifetime warranty, which means Mediabridge stand behind the product. They are more likely to last the test of time, which makes them a great option if your caballing goes through your walls – you definitely won’t want to be rewiring that regularly. Do note that only their 50 foot cord is rated for ‘in wall’, although many users have used the shorter cords in walls with no problems. They have several products from 1 to 50 feet, so something for everyone.

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 6 Feet

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable - 6 Feet

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The AmazonBasics HDMI cord is an extremely affordable option; the best price for HDMI cables. The cord has sturdy plugs, and the connectors are gold plated which some argue provides less distortion at the point of contact. It’s 6 foot long and is backwards compatible. It has built in Ethernet, like most HDMI cords which is great for those of us battling to reduce the number of cords in our houses. This cable supports 4K video. AmazonBasics provide a lifetime warranty. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a cheap HDMI cable.

Twisted Veins 3ACHB6

Twisted Veins 3ACHB6 High Speed

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Twisted Veins offer a three pack of 6 foot HDMI cables. You can also buy them separately or in different sized packs. The difference between these and the previous ones we’ve looked at is these have a lovely black and blue braided jacket which provides some protection and also look a bit nicer than plain black cables. The Twisted Veins brand cables are good quality and include gold connectors. This pack also includes a right angle adaptor which is useful if you need to plug something in right against a wall.

SecurOMax 6ft – HDMI 2.0 (4K)

SecurOMax 6ft - HDMI 4K HDR Ready

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These SecurOMax cords have solid aluminum connector housing and more attractive braided cords. They also have 100% copper wiring and a free lifetime replacement guarantee. SecurOMax says these ones are triple-shielded which reduces interference. The connectors are 24K gold-plated. SecuOMax is one of the best brands for cables, and this certainly is a top-rated HDMI cord. Customer reviews say these cords feel sturdy, but don’t bend well. If you need to use them in tight spots, consider getting a right angle adaptor.

BlueRigger – 25 Feet (7.5 M) – Nylon Braided – 4K, Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p

BlueRigger Rugged High Speed - 25 Feet - Nylon Braided - Supports 4K Ultra HD 3D 1080p

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The BlueRigger cable comes in a range of different lengths from 3 foot to 25 foot. It’s a black braided model with blue detailing on the connectors. The connectors themselves are a little bulky, so like with some of the other products we’ve recommended, you may need an adaptor if you need to plug this somewhere with no a lot of space, so you might want to budget for that. The connectors themselves are gold plated. This is a high quality HDMI cable which will cost you under $20.

Aurum Ultra Series – 25 Ft

Aurum Ultra Series - High Speed 25 Ft with Ethernet

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The Aurum Ultra Series is 25 feet long. It supports transfer rates up to 340 Mhz which means you’ll get high speed data transfer along the cable. For most users, this won’t make a difference but if you’re specifically looking for something high speed this might be a good variant. Reviews by customers are excellent, although a small number of users felt there was a quality issue. The Aurum Ultra Series come with a lifetime warranty which you may want to consider when buying an HDMI cable.

Cable Matters 3-Pack, Gold Plated HDMI Cable

Cable Matters 3-Pack Gold Plated High Speed 3 Feet

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These Cable Matters products have a slim fitting. They are ideal where you have multiple HDMI devices to plug in as some cables with larger fittings won’t plug in nicely next to each other. This three pack comes with an added bonus of having color coded ends – one orange, one blue and one red, so you’ll always know what end is plugged to what device. If you’re looking for a good cable that’s practical, reliable and affordable, this might be a good variant to purchase.

Belkin PureAV Cable

Belkin PureAV Supports Amazon Fire TV and other HDMI-Enabled Devices

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This Belkin PureAV Cable is another with a slim fitting. It’s more expensive than some of the others we have reviewed, in part because you’re paying for the well-known Belkin brand. Some review notes the cord hasn’t worked for them with 4K at 60 fps video, though the majority of people have had no problem with it. The item itself is light grey, which is a nice change from the usual black cables we’ve seen, so that might help you to choose between this and another option.

SecurOMax 10 FT

SecurOMax 10 FT 4K UHD HDMI Ready - Braided Cord - Ultra High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet & Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D

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This 10 foot model is another affordable HDMI 2.0 compatible cord. Its reviews are excellent with a 90% 5-star rating on Amazon. SecurOMax’s customer service appears to be excellent; a few buyers received defective products which were replaced immediately. As with the 6ft cable SecurOMax sell, this one has 100% copper wiring and a braided insulating outer later. The connectors on these are gold plated for minimal interference. They come with a lifetime guarantee where SecurOMax will replace the cord if it fails. What more could you want?

Zeskit Cinema Series

Zeskit - Cinema Series

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These ones have a beautiful woven nylon sheath in a silvery grey, with solid connectors. The fabric covering means these cords are almost impossible to tangle, and they won’t kink, which means you’re less likely to damage the cable. They’re very affordable and have excellent reviews. The Zeskit Cinema Series is backwards compatible, supports Ethernet, HRD, 4K video, 3D and HDR.