You might have faced problem in watering your garden or lawn. Why just garden, you might also have faced problem in the attempt to clean the car and the motorbikes. So why not buy a multipurpose watering hose and nozzle. The best thing is to buy a hose that is reasonably priced and costs under $25 range. Below you can find 10 reviews of the best garden hose nozzles to buy in 2018, which we have picked after the deep market research.

Comparison of the Top-Rated Garden Hose Nozzles

Garden Hose Nozzle / Hand Sprayer


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This hose nozzle with the high-pressure system is made of solid metal with the enamel finish that you can buy in the market. The metal body of the nozzle makes it’s very robust and strong. The enamel finish gives a polished appearance to the nozzle. Moreover, the enamel finish gives a great protection against rusting. Apart from the durability of the nozzle it also comes with 10 different patterns. Depending on the velocity of the jet the flow of water can be easily controlled. Apart from the sprayer, the grip is also quite ergonomic with the rubber grip. The flow of the water can also be controlled with the help of a flow control knob. This will assist you to control the flow. The 10 spray patterns help to give the water in different ways.

Viking 912600 8-Way Heavy Duty Spray Nozzle


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The Viking 8-way garden model is a heavy duty sprayer with an adjustable hose nozzle. This heavy-duty sprayer with the plastic connector can be used to water plants as well as car washing. The customer review about the sprayer is also quite good. So if you wish to have a multi-purpose sprayer that is quite durable, then the Viking 912600 is one of the best options. The 8-way spray nozzles help to spray water of different patterns. So it becomes easy to spray water on different objects in the way they like. Using different types of nozzle heads it becomes possible to mix compressed air with the water and atomize it according to the needs.

Garden Hose Nozzle By TAYTHI


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If you are looking for garden hoses that are best in the ergonomics perspective then the gardening hose nozzle by Tayathi is the best that is available in the market. The pistol grip with anterior trigger water nozzle is easy to control the flow. This device also helps to water the plants as well as wash your cars. Even if you have pets then you don’t need to worry because this high-quality nozzle will also help to bathe the pets. The 8 patterns of the head help to spray the water in different patterns. So it does not matter what type of leaves your plants have, it is possible to spray water on the plants with the 8 way sprayer.

Garden Hose Nozzle By Careful Gardener


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This multipurpose water jet sprayer is one of the best budget sprayers that are available. The different patterns that come with the attachment of the garden hose nozzle it is best for watering plants in your garden, watering the lawn, car wash and showering pets. This sprayer comes with 9 ways spraying with easy flow control settings and durable soft touch grip. The ergonomic trigger makes the operation easy. Additionally, the leak-proof design helps to prevent the loss of water. The bright color of the nozzle helps to detect it amidst the grass.



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The 9-way changeable fitting size nozzle helps to spray water in different patterns. The most impressive fact about the nozzle is the aluminum body of the sprayer. This makes the sprayer durable and heavy duty. The extra gasket of the device prevents the water from leakage. It can also be used to clean cars and water the garden. The ergonomic design with comfortable rubber grip provides great comfort when spraying water. Additionally, the beautiful sleek design gives the visual appearance of the device. This model helps to keep your car as well as your garden in good condition.

Nelson 50503


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The Nelson 50503 is a high-pressure nozzle that can also be used by professional firemen. The die-cast zinc body of the nozzle makes the sprayer quite durable. One of the most impressive facts about the sprayer is the ability to control the flow up to 250 psi. The grip guard insulation of the grip helps the operation of the device very easy. The adjustable spray pattern makes it possible to control the flow of water in different patterns. High-pressure water flow makes it possible to send water jet to longer distance.

Dramm 12380


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This is one of the unique models with good quality. This is due to the heavy duty brass handle that helps to control the jet of the water pressure. The high velocity of the jet helps to control the flow and clean different things such as walkways, gutters or patios. The different spray pattern with water spray helps to spray the water in different ways. Twisting barrel system helps adjust the velocity of water flow through the nozzle. With the high velocity of water flow, it becomes possible to water the garden. It also helps in cleaning gardens.

Crenova HN-03


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This good hose nozzle spray is the best for tough cleaning and sprays jobs. So if your car or motorbike has stubborn and deep stains then this is the best nozzle available in the market. With the affordable cost of the nozzle, anyone can have this in their home and use it for different purposes and work. Despite having the increased water flow system, this nozzle is absolutely leak proof. Moreover, the flexible design helps in easy operation. The nozzle can also be used as fire hose nozzle. The rubber coating of the nozzle makes the grip easy in operation.

SprayTec 9 Pattern


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Spraytec is a brand that is famous for its best hose nozzles manufacturing and so is the most recommended nozzle. The 9-way pattern has been able to receive good customer reviews and is available to for best price in the market. Despite being a top-rated nozzle it comes at an affordable price. Spraytec is the good brand name among the best brands spray manufacturers. The nozzle comes with a pistol grip that can be used for power washing of car and watering of the garden. The plastic connector makes the device easily operational.

OUTBACKTUFF Cannon Metal Hose Nozzle Sprayer


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This metal sprayer is one of the most popular and strong sprayers in comparison to the other sprayers according to the consumer reports. This is quite a good hose nozzle sprayer that is able to spray water at a high pressure of 250 psi. The metal body of the nozzle makes the sprayer tough and powerful. This high-pressure water sprayer is the perfect washer. It is also good for cleaning garden nurseries and zoos and different outdoor needs. The sprayer can also be used for watering the garden with a few attachments.