The Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 – Reviews in 2018

Gaming Chairs

For regular gamers, sitting posture is one of the most important aspects of gameplay. Games often take a lot of time. If you tire out quickly, you cannot enjoy the game. Many people do not understand the need to invest in a gaming chair.

We will look at durable and the best gaming chairs under $200. They are guaranteed to bring maximum comfort to the gamer.

GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair under $200

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair Game Racing Ergonomic

It is a beautiful and ergonomic gaming chair. It has cushioned lumbar support, metal frame, and removable headrest pillow. This option has an attractive pattern and design.

It has a 90 to 170 degrees adjustable backrest. It also has many positive reviews. You can spend hours gaming in this model and yet be comfortable. It provides ultimate support to the user.

It is among the top-rated gaming chairs under $200 recommended by professional gamers. Give this model a try, if you are looking for maximum comfort.

Devoko Racing Style PC Chair with Headrest & Lumbar Massage

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing

This is a good racing style chair. It is designed especially for gamers who work long hours, making game reviews. It gives you a perfect fit. It also is easy on the eyes, with its exquisite design.

The backrest is curved and high. The armrest is freely adjustable. This model gives you value for money. The product also massages and relaxes your body while you work.

This ergonomic computer chair has a lot of positive reviews online. Many gamers swear by it. This option is especially good as it is pocket-friendly too.

Furmax High Back Swivel Computer Chair with Footrest

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair

This product not only has a comfortable headrest or armrest, but it also comes with a footrest. It gives you total comfort and relaxation while you game. This option is thickly padded.

It comes with a bucket seat that guarantees super comfort, giving you at least 180 degrees recliner. Such high adjustability gives you the ability to work all day without sweating. This chair can be used anywhere from home to offices.

It is not only for gamers but also for people working long hours on the computer. This ergonomic computer chair is cheap too, as it is just under $200.

Homall Executive Bucket Seat Office Chair under $150

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair

The superb design of this product just makes you want to sit on it all day long. It has soft and durable padding, soft lift armrests and comes with a footrest, that gives you comfort. You can spend hours on this product, yet be fresh.

It has a 360-degree swivel feature that gives you loads of room for comfort. Available for just under $150, this stylish and classy chair is easy on your pocket.

This option will certainly give you a winning mentality because you are comfortable and relaxed while you knock off competitors.

Merax Racing Chair (Green)

Merax Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair

For those who love green, this is a good racing style chair that you would love to use. Its unique design and upholstery are designed to give you ultimate comfort. It is deep padded.

It naturally fits you regardless of your body shape. It is cushioned throughout to give you that relaxed feeling while you spend those long hours gaming. Though packed with features, it is quite affordable, durable and of course, gives you value for your money.

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RESPAWN-110 Reclining Comfortable Leather Chair (RSP-110-BLU)

RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

This model gives you an ultimate experience in gaming. Its design and upholstery provide relaxation and comfort for those long hours of gaming sessions. It is padded and has an extendable footrest to give total comfort.

It also has lumbar pillows and padded armrest giving you 360-degree comfort. Another key feature is its four-dimensional adjustability with a 360 swivel rotation. This model is super affordable and durable.

WENSIX Gaming Chair Recliner for PC with Adjustable Backrest

WENSIX Ergonomic High Back Computer Gaming Chair

This is top-rated PC gaming chair under $200. It is a must-have for PC gamers. Both the body and brain get exhausted after a long day of work or gameplay.

Sitting upright on an uncomfortable chair could cause various issues like back strain and sprain, neck pain and arms ache. This option solves the problem of fatigue.

It gives you a 360-degree swivel, removable pillow with headrest, lumbar cushion, adjustable footrest, and a high back design. All these features make sure your body is relaxed even after working long hours.

This product comes in six different attractive colors. It is also affordable at just under $200.

Ficmax Racing Seat Desk Chair with Headrest Pillow

Ficmax Purple Gaming Chair High-Back Ergonomic Computer Chair

For gamers who just want to laze around and the game or just want to relax after long hours of gaming, this is just the ideal choice for you. Its super comfortable lumbar cushion a wide chair back and an electric USB connect massager.

It gives you that professional design and attractive appearance making it suitable for spending those long hours gaming. This ergonomic computer chair is cheap too, under $200. Get this option to experience ultimate comfort.

Kinsal Large Size Gaming Chair

Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Large Size Gaming Chair

This chair is available in four distinct colors. It is also very affordable, under $200. It gives you the ability to fully extend your back in order to rest your neck and shoulder, while gaming or taking a break.

It is professional, classy and designed to give you comfort and support all day long. Even after a long day at work, you feel refreshed and ready to work even another shift. This largely sized gaming chair accommodates you, irrespective of your body shape and size.

ELECWISH Racer Computer Chair

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

This is a good racing style chair. Apart from the race-like look of this model, it has a soft and comfortable neck pillow with a well-balanced cushioned backrest for total relaxation.

This is beautiful, comfortable and surprisingly affordable. Get this racer computer chair if you are interested in buying a durable and comfortable chair under $200.